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Follow the dark path or use the light
Pokémon Hub

Glitch Pokemon FAQ

by KeyBlade999

       /  __________      \ 
      /  / ________ \      \
     /  / /        \ \      \
    /   |_|        | |       \
   /               | |        \
  |                / /         |
  |               / /          |
  |              / /           |
   \            | |           /
    \           |_|          /
     \           _          /
      \         |_|        /

Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver: Glitch Pokémon FAQ

Nintendo DS/DS Lite/DSi/DSi XL.

Finalized on 1:27 PM 4/18/2010.

0. Contents************************************PKMN0*************************

Basic stuff on FAQ
                                      | CTRL+F System Format:  **___#-#**
0. Contents                           | PKMN0
1. Intro                              | PKMN1
2. Legal Stuff                        | PKMN2
3. Version History                    | PKMN3
4. Contact Info                       | PKMN4
5. Wanted Info                        | PKMN5
6. Credits                            | PKMN6
7. Guide Format                       | PKMN7
Glitch Pokémon Stuff
MissingNo                             |
[Diamond, Pearl, Platinum]            |
1. Obtaining MissingNo (Gen. III)     | DPP1
2. Obtaining MissingNo (Gen. IV)      | DPP2
[HeartGold, SoulSilver]               |
1. Obtaining MissingNo (Gen. III's)   | HS1
-                                     |
[Diamond, Pearl, Platinum]            |
1. Obtaining -                        | DPP1-37
Bad EGG                               |
[Diamond, Pearl, Platinum]            |
1. Obtaining a Bad EGG                | DPP1-38
[Pokémon Battle Revolution]           |
1. Obtaining a Bad EGG                | PBR1-38

Fourth Generation Glitches
1. Mystery Zone                       | G4-1
2. Surf Glitch                        | G4-2
3. Tweaking                           | G4-3
4. Acid Rain                          | G4-4
5. Graphic Glitches                   | G4-5
6. Pal Park Glitch (A MUST SEE!!!)    | G4-6
7. GTS Glitch 1                       | G4-7
8. GTS Gltich 2                       | G4-8
9. Black Belt Glitch                  | G4-9
10. Honey Glitch                      | G4-10
11. Egg Nature Glitch                 | G4-11
12. Pomeg Glitch                      | G4-12
13. GTS Glitch #3                     | G4-13
14. GTS Glitch #4                     | G4-14
15. Broken Escalator                  | G4-15

1. Intro*************************PKMN1***************************************
Welcome to my fourth guide as of yet. This is on the mystery of the MissingNo,
a seemingly weird disease that makes everyone want to get it. Well, I guess
you just came to the right place.

Well, now it is the Glitch Pokémon guide now.

2. Legal Stuff*************************PKMN2*********************************
You must e-mail me to use this guide on your site/guide.

Permitted sites:

(c) 2009-2010
(c) Daniel Chaviers (AKA KeyBlade999)

3. Version History*************************PKMN3*****************************
[While it was offically named MissingNo FAQ]
v1.00 - My methods entered, basic guide finished.  2:50 PM 12/22/2009
v1.10 - Found level up stats, displayed method.  2:30 PM 12/31/2009
v2.00 - Holy ****! Many new methods for many games!  7:50 PM 1/13/2010
v3.00 - More games, more methods, more data. Whooooo!  4:56 PM 1/14/2010

[While it was offically named Glitch Pokémon FAQ]
v3.10 - More Pokémon, as I am now extending this.  5:05 PM 1/16/2010
v3.20 - As before, about a dozen more Pokémon; minor errors corrected.
        7:32 PM 1/17/2010
v3.30 - More Pokémon, about seven. Re-edited evolutions of 7g.  
        8:14 PM 1/18/2010
v3.40 - As before. Corrected some stuff and copyright.  8:48 PM 1/23/2010
v3.50 - Yes! All glitch Pokémon found and documented. Next up, glitches!
        Then the e-mail service. Also major re-editing on evolutionary
        chains.  4:19 PM 1/24/2010
v3.51 - Yawn.... Slow day. Just glitch types.  5:22 PM 1/25/2010
Final - Okay, I'm done. All glitches, glitch types and Pokémon, and I've
        started up the e-mail service. The mail will be added in later
        updates, but I'm done with this basic part of this FAQ.
        7:00 PM 1/27/2010
      - Forgot some GameShark codes. Whoops!  5:11 PM 2/8/2010
      - A bit on - and Bad EGG. A few more glitches.  1:56 PM 2/21/2010
      - New MissingNo (??) and Bad EGG methods. Conducting experiment on Bad
        EGG.  5:02 PM 3/4/2010
      - Experiment conducted and successful. Mild edition on Gen. III
        MissingNo (?).  5:29 PM 3/6/2010

[After FAQ division]
Re-Final - Divided up FAQ for each individual generation.  5:49 PM 3/29/2010
         - Some more glitches and the Pomeg Glitch.  1:27 PM 4/18/2010

4. Contact Info*************************PKMN4********************************
Should you have a submission, a question, or something, e-mail me at

5. Wanted Info*************************PKMN5*********************************
~ Better ASCII art for the start. That's all, really.

6. Credits*************************PKMN6*************************************
MadCatz: the GameShark
Those who are hosting this.
Bulbapedia for shining new light on this and other glitched Pokémon. for helping with the ?? form of Gen. III MissingNo.

7. Guide Format*****************************PKMN7****************************
*** divide sections.

~~~ divide games.

>>> divide glitched Pokémon.

/// divide major portions with large blank space.

Glitch Pokémon

       ___  __   __  ___         __          __
|\  /|  |  (__  (__   |  |\  |  /    |\  |  /  \
| \/ |  |     \    \  |  | \ | |  __ | \ | |    |
|    | _|_ ___/ ___/ _|_ |  \|  \__/ |  \|  \__/  []

         __       __
|\    / |  \   / |  \
| \  /  |__/  /  |__/
|_/ /   |    /   |

1. Obtaining MissingNo (Gen. III's)****************DPP1**********************
Unfortunately, you have to import him via Pal Park from the GBA games. Sorry.

[Method for getting MissingNo on R/S/E]
Get on FireRed/LeafGreen then trade to one of these, then import.

[Method for getting MissingNo on FR/LG]
[M] Must Be On

Quick Level Gain (Daycare)

[M] Must Be On

Quick Level Gain (Daycare)

Okay, activate the above codes. Get a Pokémon into the daycare in the game. In
a little bit, an egg will be produced. Grab it, and walk around. HEY! It is a
?????????? (looks like MissingNo!!!) at Lv. 0. It can't be leveled up without
the usage of rare candies as it takes 999999999999999999999999999999999999...
basically INFINITE EXP to get to level 100. If traded to Emerald, it can be
left at the daycare for an instant level 100. At this point, all 8 HMs are
good and is game-safe AS LONG AS SUMMARY ISN'T SEEN! If given Rare Candies, it
rapidly learn Ice Punch, even if refused. Use the Access Fly Map code to fix

Afterwards, import!

2. Obtaining MissingNo (Gen. IV)********************DPP2*********************
(This was copied from Bulbapedia. DPBox is Gen. IV's MissingNo)

It will appear in a player's party if they attempt to enter a double battle
with two fainted Pokémon, an egg, and a healthy Pokémon in that order in
their party. The glitch does not work when using a Vs. Seeker to enter the
double battle. When sent out, it will have Bulbasaur's cry and will sparkle
as if it were a shiny Pokémon. In the Japanese version, it is also obtainable
in the wild by using a Japanese Action Replay. 

It can also appear when one "recruits" a partner Trainer (such as Riley) and
leaves the area the partner is "supposed" to be in using a Walk Through
Walls cheat; from there, the player must trigger a wild battle (a common
method is to walk on water). This results in the partner (who was replaced
by a placeholder partner when the player left the "recruitment area")
sending out DPBox as a placeholder Pokémon. In double battles, DPBox copies
the speed of its partner and changes all Pokémon's cries to Bulbasaur's cry.
After every attack animation, its HP bar disappears. It has no usable
attacks (although it may have glitch attacks) and it doesn't show up on the
Pokémon screen. 

To get rid of this glitch, place a Pokémon where it appears to be, that
Pokémon will be deleted and DPBox will become selectable (if another Pokémon
is selected or even pointed DPBox will become unselectable again), after
that it can be released or placed in a box. If placed in the box, it will
disappear when the PC is closed. Be cautious because if it isn't in the last
slot when the party is full, the Pokémon that's placed where DPBox is will
be deleted and DPBox will not be selectable. Also, if it is in the first
slot, the game will freeze whenever the party is displayed. 

|  |   /  (__
|--|  /      \
|  | /    ___/

1. Obtaining MissingNo (Gen. III)************************HS1*****************
Get it on a GBA, put the GBA on Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum, and trade it to
this game.

[Getting onto from D/P/P (from R/S/E)]
Get onto FireRed/LeafGreen, trade to R/S/E, import to D/P/P, then trade.

[Getting onto from D/P/P (from FR/LG)]
[M] Must Be On

Quick Level Gain (Daycare)

[M] Must Be On

Quick Level Gain (Daycare)

Okay, activate the above codes. Get a Pokémon into the daycare in the game. In
a little bit, an egg will be produced. Grab it, and walk around. HEY! It is a
?????????? (looks like MissingNo!!!) at Lv. 0. It can't be leveled up without
the usage of rare candies as it takes 999999999999999999999999999999999999...
basically INFINITE EXP to get to level 100. If traded to Emerald, it can be
left at the daycare for an instant level 100. At this point, all 8 HMs are
good and is game-safe AS LONG AS SUMMARY ISN'T SEEN! If given Rare Candies, it
rapidly learn Ice Punch, even if refused. Use the Access Fly Map code to fix

Then import to D/P/P, then trade to HeartGold/SoulSilver!



         __       __
|\    / |  \   / |  \
| \  /  |__/  /  |__/
|_/ /   |    /   |

1. Obtaining - *******************************************DPP1-37************
You must first hatch a ? in a GBA game, then import it to D/P/P via Pal Park.

 __          |      __   __    __
|  \  _    _ |     |    /     /
|-<  / \| / \|     |-- |  __ |  __
|__/ \_/| \_/|     |__  \__/  \__/

         __       __
|\    / |  \   / |  \
| \  /  |__/  /  |__/
|_/ /   |    /   |

1. Obtaining a Bad EGG**************************DPP1-38**********************
It is possible to encounter a bad egg in the wild by using an Action Replay
on Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum and setting the wild Pokémon modifier
code to 495 (normal eggs appear for 494). The game will freeze instantly on
capture when the game attempts to show the Pokédex entry. A normal egg
captured in this way will hatch into a random Pokémon, including Pokémon that
do not normally hatch from eggs like legendary Pokémon and evolved Pokémon,
or may hatch into DPBox or, like its Generation II counterpart, another egg
(which will then go on to hatch into a DPBox itself). Due to being
incorrectly generated, whatever is hatched may eventually turn into a bad
egg itself, and then subsequently hatch yet again. The use of an American
Action Replay with a 1 hit kills cheat in double battles will often result
in a Bad Egg appearing. If the player sees a Bad Egg, the game will
occasionally freeze. 

The same issues with regards to capturing Trainers' Pokémon and double
battles remain in play in Generation IV, with bad eggs popping up in the
same situations. 

If Transform is used against a bad egg, its backsprite will be exactly the
same as its front sprite. 

Fourth Generation Glitches

1. Mystery Zone************************G4-1**********************************
The Mystery Zone is an area in the Generation IV games that essentially
serves as "filler space" between normally accessible outdoor and indoor
areas. It exists all around Sinnoh, to facilitate the precise entry into the
Underground, which has tunnels that travel under areas where no routes or
cities exist. No Pokémon are found in the area; the geography is made
predominantly of trees, water, or blank void space. In Pokémon Diamond,
Pearl, and Platinum, the area is itself named as "Mystery Zone", with the
location header popping up to display this name when the area is entered,
while in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, the area is named ----. 

The menu cannot be opened, and the touchscreen menu cannot be used, however
a registered key item can be used to refresh the graphics in the area at any
time. In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, the Mystery Zone's music is a
slightly off-key version (and perhaps a beta mix of) of the theme of Routes
206, 207, 208, and 221 Sometimes, the background music used in the
Underground can also be played, while in HeartGold and SoulSilver, it is the
same theme as Route 29. 

The Mystery Zone is normally inaccessible, but can be entered by use of the
walk through walls cheat or, in Diamond and Pearl, by tweaking. By using the
Mystery Zone, the on-field weather conditions can be tricked into not
loading or loading incorrectly, and the map can be shifted by several tiles,
while textures may instead be blank white.

2. Surf Glitch**********************************G4-2*************************
The Surf glitch is a Generation IV glitch best known for enabling the
capture of the promotional legendary Pokémon Darkrai and Shaymin. Arceus
cannot be obtained through this method since Arceus is not in a location
from which it is possible to get to the Sinnoh Underground. 

The glitch is accessed due to the door in Aaron's room of the Pokémon League
having bad programming, allowing for the player, while facing it, to use
Surf if it is selected from the Pokémon menu. This will allow the player to
step into the void around the indoors area consisting of the room and walk
to another area. Through this, with steps easily countable using the Pokétch,
the player can walk to Newmoon Island and the Flower Paradise, finding
Darkrai and Shaymin there available for capture without the need for their
respective event items, the Member Card and Oak's Letter. Following the
capture of the Pokémon, the player can merely Fly or Teleport back to a
normally-accessible area and resume playing normally. 

If the Member Card or Oak's Letter is obtained in the game at a later time,
neither Shaymin nor Darkrai will regenerate, and so this is for naught. So
far, the Mystery Gift events for these items have only been available to
players of Pokémon Platinum, from which this anomaly was removed, perhaps
because of the lack of need for the event in Diamond and Pearl. 

The player is unable to reach the Hall of Origin using this glitch, as,
although it is programmed into the game as a separate area than Spear Pillar,
the Underground cannot be accessed from either of the locations. 

Venturing into the void provides for some interesting and potentially
hazardous consequences to those who would exploit this glitch. As the area
has not been programmed properly, since the player would normally not be
able to access it, it runs the risk of causing the player to get stuck
forever. Saving outside of the boundaries of a building or in the Mystery
Zone may cause corruption of game data, including the loss of the save file
completely, with the player required to start their game anew. 

Nintendo has acknowledged the glitches and offered workarounds and methods
of recovery. The glitch was removed from English and international versions
of the games, however, tweaking can lead to the same result in these games.
Platinum addresses both glitches in all versions of the game. 

3. Tweaking*******************************G4-3*******************************
Maps in Diamond and Pearl are broken up into 32-step by 32-step squares that
are visible at any one time, with nine of these squares loaded at any given
time. When a player crosses over the game's various "load lines", located
halfway across these 32x32 squares, the next area is loaded to memory, while
the previous is unloaded. Through this, the overworld becomes a seamless area. 

Using the bicycle in fourth gear, however, can cause the player to move too
fast for the game to load the areas properly, especially if he or she
changes direction while doing so to cross over the two load lines in the
center of a square nearly simultaneously. Doing so oversaturates the DS's
RAM, causing varying effects such as a black area, a white area, or even, at
times, a completely different section to load, or often simply freezing the

The distortion caused by tweaking can be solved easily by crossing a load
line away from the distortion, as when the section is loaded again, it will
be normal. It can also be solved by looking at a different menu screen, then
returning to the overworld. 

By tweaking in a specific manner in an area that has buildings that the
player can enter, as well as forcing the game to load the section in such a
way that the player can walk into the dark area, buildings can be entered
through their currently invisible and not properly loaded walls. By
reloading the map while the player is inside of the building, behind the
warp to the actual inside of the building, and walking south, the player can
end up on the inside of the building, but in the void area around the
normally accessible portion, somewhat like the Surf glitch. Like the Surf
glitch, a way can be found through the interconnecting area of this void to
Newmoon Island and the Flower Paradise, where Darkrai and Shaymin reside.
Arceus is yet to be found with this glitch. The same risks associated with
the Surf glitch, such as locking oneself in the Mystery Zone, are found here.
It may also cause the game to become permanently frozen, requiring a new
game to be started. 

Although the graphics are loaded in a different manner in Pokémon Platinum,
this glitch returns in Platinum and in HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions.

4. Acid Rain*******************G4-4******************************************
Acid rain is a glitch in Pokémon Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver that
results in the simultaneous occurrence of all weather conditions at once,
thus damaging all Pokémon on the field. Even though it was discovered before
the English release of Platinum, it is still in all versions of the mentioned

If any weather effect (including Trick Room, Gravity, and Uproar, but
excluding rain) is in effect, if a player of Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver
uses Pursuit on a Pokémon that is switching out on that turn and causes it
to faint, the glitch will activate. Upon sending out the next Pokémon, the
weather will have changed, and all four weather conditions will be going on
at once until the end of the battle. 

This will occur if the user of Pursuit is the host, even if the host is
Diamond or Pearl.

Even if the Pokémon is normally immune to a weather condition due to its
type (Ice-types with hail and Rock-, Ground-, and Steel-types with a
sandstorm), they will accumulate damage four times each turn, with the cause
of the damage identified as their ability, rather than the weather. In this
way, a Pikachu in battle can be hurt by its Static, or a Buizel by its Swift

However, if the Pokémon is immune to both Hail and Sandstorm, like Swinub,
that Pokémon will be immune to all of the damaging effects of this glitch. 

Conversely, a Pokémon with an ability that heals it in certain weather
conditions, such as Ice Body or Rain Dish, will not take damage, but instead
be healed four times a turn until they are fully healed, then the weather
will hurt it. An ability that heals in some weather and hurts in other
weather will work as it normally does, healing with one condition and
hurting with the other. 

Both Thunder and Blizzard have 100% accuracy, due to simultaneous rain and
hail, while SolarBeam requires no charging due to the sun. 

If a Castform or Cherrim is brought into battle, their ability will cause
them to constantly transform, thus locking up the battle until the game is
turned off. Castform, will only transform between its Sun and Rain forms due
to those particular weather conditions being the first two to occur (and
thus, Castform recognize these as being the only two weather conditions on
the field).

5. Graphic Glitches***********************************G4-5*******************
In areas such as the Great Marsh or the Ribbon Syndicate, standing in
certain places may cause the foilage or the walls to bend and merge into
other graphics near them. This is most likely because Pokémon Platinum runs
on a 3D game engine.

6. Pal Park Glitch******************************G4-6*************************
Despite the game having settings in place to restrict the amount of Pokémon
migrated in a single day, these restrictions can be avoided and an infinite
number of Pokémon transferred into Generation IV. If, once a Catching Show
has been completed, the player turns off the game system and changes the
date on the Nintendo DS to show one day later, and inserts a second
Generation III game, he or she will be instructed to reset the time on the
DS. This will prevent migration from the second game, but allow the
original game — that has already had six Pokémon transferred — to send Pokémon
into Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum. Also, one can set the DS's clock to the
time displayed in the GBA cartridge before choosing the Pal Park option to
avoid the 24 hour period of waiting before transferring their Pokémon.

7. GTS Glitch 1**********************************G4-7************************
In some copies of Platinum, the levels of a Pokémon might not be displayed
on the GTS. In order to fix this, the player must contact Nintendo.

8. GTS Glitch 2************************************G4-8**********************
In a Generation IV game, if the player deposits any Pokémon on the GTS that
can evolve through trade (holding any necessary items), and then either
waits for over 24 hours before taking it back, or trades for another Pokémon
before taking the first back, it will evolve after being received.

9. Black Belt Glitch***********************************G4-9******************
For unknown reasons, a certain Black Belt in Sinnoh's Victory Road may speak
glitchy gibberish upon defeat. 

10. Honey Glitch*********************************G4-10***********************
This is caused by the player using Sweet Scent or honey in a shop. When the
player talks to the shopkeeper and selects "buy", he or she will see that
there are no names or descriptions for any of the items in stock.

11. Egg Nature Glitch**************************G4-11*************************
A well timed switch between boxes will allow the player to see the
nature/ability/type of the Pokémon inside an egg.

12. Pomeg Glitch***********************************G4-12*********************
The Pomeg glitch involves using a Pomeg Berry to lower a Pokémon's maximum
HP by 2 or more. To perform the glitch, the player must use a Pomeg Berry on
a Pokémon to lower the HP when it is low. Since the Pomeg Berry lowers HP by
10 or more EV points, the HP stat of the Pokémon becomes for example -1,
which the game interprets as 65,535 because the byte managing HP is unsigned
(displayed as "?35"). In Generation IV, the glitch still exists but must be
performed on a Pokémon with greater than four health. (This is possible,
because if the player exploits the glitch with a Pokémon which has over 100
EVs in HP, its EVs in HP will be reset to 100). 

Several other glitches derive from the Pomeg glitch, such as the ability to
battle with an egg, battling with no Pokémon at all, or battling for an
unlimited amount of times. These sub-glitches cannot be performed in Pokémon
Ruby and Sapphire. 

Battling with no Pokémon:
If there is only one Pokémon in the player's party when affected by this
glitch, and goes into faint status using a healing item, the player will not
white out. This is because the game does not check for this on the field. If
the player walks into tall grass and encounters a wild Pokémon or starts a
battle in any other way, the Pokémon will be sent out with 0 HP, if shiny
the animation will not play, and will faint at the beginning of the battle
if it is commanded to attack the opponent, causing the normal whiteout
scenario. If on the first turn an item is used to revive the Pokémon the
battle will continue as normal. 

Attempting to battle with only a fainted Pokémon in Generation IV will
result in a game freeze. 

Battling with an egg:
If the player has only an egg in his or her party with the Pokémon affected,
the egg (or rather, the Pokémon that would be inside) can be forced into
battle by following the same steps, but putting the egg at the head of the
party. The egg will have the same stats it would have upon hatching, as well
as all of the moves. This allows it to battle as if it were a normal Pokémon.
When battling with an Egg the sprite of the Pokémon within the egg is
displayed, however there may be irregularity in the coloring of the Pokémon.
This may be because the game is reading the backsprite of the Pokémon within
the egg and the color palette of the egg itself. 

An egg that battles can gain experience in this way, and with patience,
level up, learn moves, and even evolve before hatching. However when it
hatches the level is set to 5, EVs reset to zero and all EXP gained in the
egg is removed. This allows level 5 versions of high-evolutionary Pokémon
such as Tyranitar or Dragonite to be obtainable, it also allows otherwise
illegal moveset/level combinations, such as a level 5 Staryu with Hydro Pump. 

Infinite battle:
If the Pokémon that has been affected is sent out with 65,535 HP against an
opponent that uses an HP-stealing move like Absorb, the Pokémon's HP will be
stolen until it reaches the normal maximum amount, nearly 65,000 HP lower
than the glitched amount for a Pokémon with the absolute maximum HP. If a
second HP-stealing move is used, the Pokémon will lose its full HP, go down
to 0, and then repeat from the top again. 

13. GTS Glitch #3*****************************G4-13**************************
There have been somewhat numerous reports of a glitch happening in the GTS
that causes a player's offered Pokémon to become "glitchy". The Pokémon's
sprite will morph into a different Pokémon, and the gender might be swapped
as well. It will also say it is the same species it used to be (example: A
morphed Heatran would still be Heatran/Heatran) and will be holding a Seal
Bag, a beta item. There is no confirmed way to deliberately access this
glitch; however in many of the reports, people have reported that the glitch
happened right after the GTS came up with no searches for any of the Pokémon,
but did not send out a Communication Error. After it stops blocking all
access to other Pokémon, it is believed that is when the glitch is most
likely to happen. Trying to withdraw the glitch Pokémon will result in a
Communication Error but when the game lets a player withdraw the glitch, the
Pokémon returns to normal. 

Another glitch similar to the morphing glitch has been happening where the
Pokémon in the GTS is morphed into the wanted Pokémon. Instead of its name
being the same as before, its name is now that of the wanted Pokémon, but
still the same species as the Pokémon originally offered. There's also the
possibility of the morphed Pokémon holding a Seal Bag. Most of the time,
trying to trade for it will either cause a communication error or say that
the Pokémon has been traded. In addition to this glitch, sometimes these
glitched Pokémon will be the only that appear when searching for Pokémon of
a certain level. 

14. GTS Glitch #4*******************************G4-14************************
There have also been instances of a "vanishing" glitch on the GTS. After
uploading a Pokémon to the server and checking its summary without changing
the Pokémon, the "summary" button is sometimes replaced with "deposit,"
suggesting that the Pokémon has been traded. Selecting "Deposit" will cause
a communication error, and the player will return to the front desk. Logging
on to the server again will cause the Pokémon to reappear, with no noticeable

15. Broken Escalator***********************************G4-15*****************
After entering the Union Room on the second floor of the Pokémon League
building, when the player goes up to the second floor of a Pokémon Center,
the player will end up in a wall and not be able to return. 

In the case where the player has not saved the game while trapped, it is
possible to work around this bug: 

- Restart the game from the previous save state. 
- Go to the Contest Hall in Hearthome City. 
- Speak to the leftmost attendant. (There is no need to actually participate
  in a Super Contest.) 
- Save the game and restart.

       |  ____________  |
       | |            | |
       | |            | |
       | |____________| |____________________________________________
       | |____________| |_________________________                   |
       | |            | |                         | |\     /\     /| |
       | |            | |                         | | \   /  \   / | |
       | |____________| |                         | |  (_)    (_)  | |
       |________________|                         |_|              |_|
                           ___       ___       ___
                          /'__`\    /'__`\    /'__`\
                         /\ \_\ \  /\ \_\ \  /\ \_\ \
                         \ \___, \ \ \___, \ \ \___, \
                          \/__,/\ \ \/__,/\ \ \/__,/\ \
                               \ \_\     \ \_\     \ \_\
                                \/_/      \/_/      \/_/         KeyBlade999