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Game Reviews for Pokemon Soul Silver


Full Reviews

rom king12th Oct 2009, ID #1176
This game remake had me hooked ever since I first started playing it. Gamefreak reintroduces the magical world of the Johto region, mixes fourth generation Pokemon 3D graphics, and totally makes it ..

Rating: 84%Read Full Review

Ran084th Aug 2010, ID #1263
Pokemon Soul Silver is the latest Pokemon game in the DS, along with Heart Gold and except for Black and White, and the game is situated in the Johto Region. The player starts out in New Bark Town i..

Rating: 98%Read Full Review

Forgoten_Scars25th Aug 2010, ID #1270
Pokemon SoulSilver is a very popular game developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo, the Pokemon Company. Released on the Nintendo DS in the US on March 14, 2010, it became an instant hit wi..

Rating: 78%Read Full Review

JOLTEON4223rd Dec 2010, ID #1298
The first Pokemon game I ever played was Pokemon Crystal and I loved it! It was what started my addiction with the Pokemon World and I've been using ever since! Now I was mostly excited when I heard..

Rating: 82%Read Full Review

kimmy45612th Mar 2011, ID #1317
Once again they have come up with a remake that would bring together new technology and new features to try and catch the attention of the players of the game. Well with this in mind this game certa..

Rating: 86%Read Full Review

Ran0815th Mar 2011, ID #1322
Pokemon Soul Silver is one of the biggest games in Pokemon franchise. It's the remake of the Pokemon Silver for the Gameboy. Pokemon Soul Silver is very much like the original game but with many twi..

Rating: 98%Read Full Review

Will d (mr ramdom)11th Jun 2011, ID #1346
Pokemon Soul Sliver - released in Japan on the 12th of September ’09 – is a remake of the old Gamboy Colour game, Pokemon Sliver. Being a big hit for the Pokemon franchise, this remake of a clas..

Rating: 72%Read Full Review

Warrior1312th May 2012, ID #1407
Pokemon SoulSilver is an updated version of Pokemon Silver. Pokemon SoulSilver was released after the Sinnoh Region Games, but before the Unova Region Games. Pokemon SoulSilver is basically a new..

Rating: 88%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

PokemonAdded 3 Jan 2015, ID #18182
It was one of the best games I have played in my life so far.

Best game ever!!!!Added 20 May 2014, ID #18106
I love sousilver it rocks! IT is the best game ever! Better than any other nintendo game on earth!

Amazing game!Added 24 Mar 2013, ID #17902
This game is amazing! You get to get many legendary Pokemon and 16 gym bages!

Pokemon Soul SilverAdded 17 Feb 2013, ID #17837
Pokemon SoulSilver is an AWESOME game that has many many places to explore. This games graphics are super and you can catch a lot of pokemon. I love this game so much.

Soul SilverAdded 6 Jul 2012, ID #17170
When the soul silver and heart gold games came out I jumped at the chance to play the game; not because I have aimed to get every Pokemon game, but because they promised to be good yet different from what we had seen before. The pokewalker addition worked well for a time but fell flat of my expectations sadly. However I love the way the pokeathlon came in. The way you can use any Pokemon and the skill involved is different from what came before. The new features added into the safari zone I also enjoyed, and the diverity of the Pokemon that you can capture is something I think most people could be happy with. 85% only lowered by the pokewalker failure.

Pokemon SoulSilver Short ReviewAdded 30 Dec 2011, ID #16566
Pokemon Soul Silver is the remake of the hugely popular 2nd Generation Gold and Silver titles. The gameplay is good, with plenty to keep you entertained, and the music and graphics are solid. Overall, a great game to play if you like Pokemon and are looking for a great remake for the Johto region.

Pokemon Soul Silver Review by Pokema829Added 6 Nov 2010, ID #14810
Hi, everyone today I'm reviewing Pokemon SoulSilver for NDS.
I've almost completed the game and so far it's been pretty good. The graphics could have been a bit better but other than that, cool. I did find a glitch though. Where it says where and when you caught a Pokemon. My Magneton said 1 Jan 2000!!!!

I got the game in 2009 and didn't trade from any other game!!! The only other thing is the sound/music. It's very repetitive. The battles take a bit too long too. It takes like 15 seconds for my Meganium to use Frenzy Plant! I like the idea of the Pokewalker. Very cool. Good range of different Pokemon to catch. More than any other game apart from the new Pokemon Black and White, so, overall, this game is rated by me, Pokeman829, and I give it and 9/10 or 90/100!

SoulSilver remake:Double the fun!!Added 24 Jul 2010, ID #14327
My first Johto game was Crystal,and not long after I got Crystal,I heard about HeartGold and SoulSilver.I wondered why they were named that,but then one of my friends told me they were Remakes of Gold and Silver.I was hyped!!! it was fun in Crystal,so I figured it would be even more fun in HG and SS!!

Soul Silver: Return of Johto!Added 3 May 2010, ID #13686
I was glad when I first heard of Heart Gold and Soul Silver. I had never owned a Johto region game, and I was glad to see Johto return. Overall, the graphics are much better than previous games. Also, there is much more to the story-line than the others. I find it fun to have my Pokemon following behind me in-game. It causes you to actually establish a bond with your pokemon. The ways different Pokemon act to different surroundings is interesting. Another thing that I find wonderful about this game is that you ca travel between Johto and Kanto! I, having owned multiple games from the Kanto region, was pleasently surprised to see how much it had changed. Also, the roaming ledgendaries are very fun to track and battle, however, they always flee in the first turn, which can be rather aggrivating and tedious.
Any review of Soul Silver can not be complete without a mention of the new Pokewalker. At first, I thought that it would be boring, but it turmed out to be very fun and entertaining. I tend to walk a bit farther every day just to gain Watts.
In the end, this is a very fun game with a more complex plot than any other Pokemon tile, exept perhaps for Colloseum. Having two regions to explore gives the player plenty to do, even after beating the game. I think that everyone will enjoy this game and all it has to offer.

Crossy's ImpressionsAdded 18 Sep 2009, ID #12470
I was just eleven years old when I saw a commercial in which a young boy stood before a replica of the Parthenon with a shiny Pok� Ball in hand, standing ready to domesticate a slew of hitherto unknown and tantalisingly fanciful creatures. Compared to the Red, Blue, and Yellow versions (and Pok�mon Stadium), which brought forth the 151 creatures that most of my friends from school at the time would only remember before they pursued other interests, this game promised mechanics that, but for the fact that some Pok�mon had to be imported from the other games in order to complete the Pok�dex, rendered every previous Pok�mon game obsolete: Some Pok�mon could only be caught during a certain time of day; some events occurred on specific days; new methods of evolution were introduced; eggs, shiny Pok�mon, and breeding were introduced; and the happiness mechanic, used for Pikachu in Pok�mon Yellow, was extended to all creatures. This was in 2000, and the commercial in question was heralding Pok�mon Gold and Pok�mon Silver.

Before I got my own copy of Pok�mon Crystal, I would spend time using my friends� copies of Gold and Silver. This generation immediately appeared very distinct from the Red and Blue generation: While the latter mirrored present-day Japan � the large, bustling cities and small, insular towns � Gold and Silver made an attempt to integrate facets of Japanese culture, from the fusuma and sh&333;ji that made up the houses in Ecruteak City to Lugia itself, a caricature of Ry&363;jin, the Japanese sea spirit. It was probably supposed to mirror the Ky&333;to-&332;saka region and the Nara peninsula (and Ky&333;to was Japan�s capital until 1868, when the Meiji dynasty moved to T&333;ky&333;), and Pok�mon�s Kanto itself was supposed to mirror the real-life Kanto region, but it worked out very well for a sequel series. From then on, I figured that the generations that followed, and that will probably continue to follow, had to start with a whole new region and a Pok�mon sort system just to not compromise the integrity of the series before them, since each one was a new idea supported by a criminal syndicate whose degrees of success would increase.

Now, it�s nearly ten years later. Since the release of Pok�mon Fire Red and Leaf Green in 2004, the idea of a Gold/Silver/Crystal remake has floated around the Pok�mon fan circuit; between then and now, there have been several ROM hacks, spriting projects, conspiracy theories, and evidence that someone would claim pointed to the creation of a remake of the Gold and Silver versions. Indeed, I would play in my head scenes from a Game Boy Advance remake of them that was based loosely on Ruby and Sapphire. Suffice it to say nearly every fan boy and fan girl had a heart attack when TV Tokyo�s Pok�mon Sunday programme floated the news that Gamefreak Inc. Was indeed planning a new game that was a reincarnation of Gold and Silver.

On the surface � perhaps influenced by every attempt I saw by Pok�mon fans to make their own games, and the urgency behind Fire Red and Leaf Green to help cover every Pok�mon for the Ruby and Sapphire generation � Pok�mon HeartGold and Pok�mon SoulSilver didn�t interest me that much. At most, I expected to buy it just to claim that I know something that goes on during the course of the game, which I dispensed in submissions on when I first joined, or to chew the fat with fellow Pok�mon fans. From what I�ve seen, I�m ambivalent on the effect that past generations have had on it: Time has already been introduced and is carried over from the Nintendo DS clock; 3D modelling remains limited, but is now applied better in cut scenes such as those of Lugia and Ho-oh; the �regional Pok�dex sort� has been reintroduced.

What might keep me going in this game, however, might not just be that a lot of the best features � time, the thrill of a chase, and the telephone � are finally coming back, but that the game finally will serve as vindication for everyone on every Pok�mon forum who has dreamt of a remake, and a letdown for those who worked to create their own brand of it. Best of all, it�s refreshing to see an element of where the game comes from back in the games, where a lack of it has hampered the spirit of the game � and possibly to relive childhood. I lament, however, that the same way I see kids who missed out on the first sets of Pok�mon cards meander their way through the newer sets at tournaments, young Pok�mon players in North America might not have an appreciation for what the games used to be when they pick up a copy of Pok�mon HeartGold or Pok�mon SoulSilver in the spring of 2010.

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