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Features of the Pokewalker hint for Pokemon Soul Silver

Features of the Pokewalker

Hey! I will show you how to use the Pokewalker to it's full advantage here.

1. The Basics

Your Pokemon SoulSilver Version game copy includes:

Pokemon SoulSilver Version game copy
Pokewalker clip

If anything is missing, please take your game back to place of purchase.

The Pokewalker is a device compatible with Pokemon SoulSilver Version and Pokemon HeartGold Version to take a Pokemon from your PC and "take a stroll" with it. 6 options are on the menu:

Poke Radar
Dowsing Machine
Trainer Card
Pokemon & Items

2. Poke Radar

To use the Poke Radar, you must pay 10 watts. Once you choose Poke Radar, the Pokewalker will show a screen with 4 bushes. Choose the bush with the "!" sign, and maybe a Pokemon will pop-up. If not, choose the next bush with the "!" sign. If you find a Pokemon, the Pokemon on the stroll will engage in a battle with another Pokemon. There are three options:

Press < to attack.
Press > to evade an attack.
Press o to toss a Poke Ball.

Attacking will either have a critical hit, which will take away 2 of 4 bars, or a typical hit, which takes away 1 bar. If you choose to evade, though, your Pokemon will evade the opponent's attack. If both Pokemon choose to evade, nothing happens for that turn. Meanwhile, tossing a Poke Ball may catch the opposing Pokemon. Every Pokemon made faint will help raise your Pokemon, and every Pokemon caught will be stored in the Pokemon & Items option(see more in section 6) until you choose to return from your stroll(see more in section 8) . The caught Pokemon will then be found in your PC.

3. Dowsing Machine

Having to pay 3 watts to use it, the Dowsing Machine feature allows users to find items. Once chosen from the menu, it will open up with 6 bushes. Choose one in hopes of finding an item. If you did not find an item on your first pick, do not worry - you get a second chance. If it says it is near, then you would have a 50-50 chance of finding the item since it is in either one of the bushes beside the first one picked, or if you chose a bush in the corner and it says it is near then you will have a 100% chance of finding it because it is in the one beside the first pick. If it says it is far away, then it would be in any of the ones not directly beside your first pick. If you found the item, it will be stored in the Pokemon & Items option(see more in section 6) until you choose to return from a stroll(see more in section 8) .

4. Connect

Using this option would allow you to "go for a stroll", "return from a stroll", or recieve a gift. Just connect to your Pokemon SoulSilver Version cartridge by following these steps:

1) Insert Pokemon SoulSilver Version into Slot 1 of the DS/DSLite/DSi/DSiXL/3DS.
2) Turn on your DS.
3) Do everything normally until you get to the main menu.
4) Choose "Connect to Pokewalker".
5) Choose whichever option you would like to start processing.
6) Turn on your Pokewalker.
7) Point the top of the Pokewalker to your Pokemon SoulSilver Version cartridge.
8) Choose "Connect" and wait 5 seconds.
Your process is then completed.

5. Trainer Card

Your Trainer Card keeps a record of your steps in an amount of days and lists your name and your Route that you are currently on.

6. Pokemon & Items

The Pokemon & Items option shows your Pokemon on the "stroll", caught Pokemon with the Poke Radar(see more in section 2) , and items found with the Dowsing Machine(see more in section 3) .

7. Settings

The Settings menu controls your shade and sound. Change either one through this option.

8. Troubleshooting

There are few problems that can happen throughout using the Pokewalker.

Q - Pokewalker screen shows a Pokewalker with a face, it is pointing at the o button, and whenever it is pressed, it shows a sound wave above the Pokewalker, and the face would change.

A - To fix this, just connect with the Pokemon SoulSilver Version cartridge(see more in section 4) .

Q - When process of connection is in progress, a pop-up says that this Pokewalker is already registered.

A - Follow steps as shown in section 4 until you get to 5). Then press L+X+Down. You will be asked whether or not you want to erase Pokewalker data. Erase at the final message.

Q - Games don't play and steps are not counted on the Pokewalker accessory.

A - Make sure the accessory is not in Sleep Mode by pressing the o button for at least 5 seconds, that the plastic tab is completely removed from the battery compartment, that there is no foreign object(only batteries) in the battery compartment, that battery placement is correct, and replace the battery if necessary(CR2032 batteries)(need of battery replacement is shown by having a battery picture in the top left corner of the Pokewalker screen) .

Q - Steps are not counted accurately.

A - The Pokewalker must be positioned correctly to count steps accurately. Do not position it in your back pocket, loosely, or on a belt.

Q - Infrared communication cannot be made.

A - If connecting with another Pokewalker(see more in section 9), make sure both o buttons are pressed at the same time. Make sure the distance between the infrared transceivers is about 2"(5cm) and there is nothing blocking or interfering with the communication, and make sure that the infrared transceivers are clean. Also interfering are heat, sunlight, or electromagnetic waves.

9. Connecting With Another Pokewalker

Connecting with another Pokewalker means trading Pokemon on the "stroll". To connect, point the Pokewalkers together and press the o button at the same time.

I hope this helps you!

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I like to see Infrared cheats!
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