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Poe Souls Guide
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Poe Souls Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Poe Souls Guide - Zelda: Twilight Princess


Poe Soul

Getting Started

Catching Poes can be tricky and deadly, so make sure you know what you're doing.

1) Poes will only appear at night (unless they are in a dungeon or cave).

2) Poes can only be seen when in wolf form and using your “sense” ability. You can spot a Poes lantern when in human form, but you cant fight him.

3) POES ARE DEADLY! They carry scythes and take away one heart per hit.

4) Poes can fly, giving them an advantage. Use jump attacks for the best effect.

5) Poes can be found at any point in the game, even before talking to Jovani... provided you have the items to reach them, which you wont except for a few.

6) After hitting the Poe a couple of times, it will fall to the ground and a black orb will rise out of its chest. Z-target the orb and hit A. You will leap into the air, land on the Poe, and rip out its soul (the black orb). If you don't, the Poe will come back to life after a few seconds and the battle will begin anew.

Ok, I think that covers it. Now lets re-kill some people!

Poe Soul locations


NOTE: these are not listed in the same order that they are in the guide. They are listed in order by location.

Ordona Province


P.1: Faron Woods: In the swamp area, transform into a wolf and follow Midnas lead to a big hollow stump. The Poe is right there, cant miss it.

Faron Province


P.2: Hyrule Field (Faron): This Poe floats over a cliff just north of a shallow body of water. 


P.3: Sacred Woods: This Poe floats over one of the skull kids hiding places: on the large stump. You have to pass under a water fall and climb over some roots to get him.


P.4: Temple of Time: After optioning the Doman Rod, in the room with the giant scale, use the small statues to lift you up high enough to reach the grapple point in the middle of the ceiling. From there, use your spinner to reach the ledge above the scale. The Poe should be right in front of you.


P.5: Temple of Time: On the east side of the third floor there is a Poe behind a gold gate. Use the Domain Rod to guide a small statue on the wall behind the gate to the switch on the floor. Attack the Poe once the gate opens.


P.6: Temple of Time: Use the Domain Rod to move the statue in the opening chamber. A Poe lantern will fly out from behind the wall.


P.7: Sacred Grove: Go east from the main temple ground to where you first fought the Skull Kid. Destroy the rock in the middle of the room to reveal a Poe.


P.8: Sacred Grove: After completing the Temple of Time, return to where you found the Master Sword. There is a Poe floating near the pedestal.

Eldin Province


P.9: Hyrule Field (Eldin): There is a Poe near a tree on the hill just east (of the south side) of the Kakariko Gorge Bridge.


P.10: Lantern Cave (1): The Lantern Cave is south-west from the Kakariko Gorge warp point in Eldin. You should see a bombable wall along the cliff. The Poe is in the northwest section of the cave.


P.11: Kakariko Village: This Poe is at the West end of Kakariko Village Graveyard.


P.12: Kakariko Village: go to Kakariko Village Graveyard, transform into a wolf, then push the gravestone in the southeast corner of the graveyard.


P.13: Kakariko Village: Remember that building you blew up when looking for the Tears of Light? Yeah, go back there (from inside Barns Bomb Shop, climb to the top and exit through the door in the roof, then follow the cliff south) and you'll see a Poe.


P.14: Kakariko Village: From the blown up building (see above), turn about and follow the zig-zaging path to the very top of the cliff. There is a Poe waiting for you there (careful not to fall off!).


P.15: Death Mountain: After obtaining the Clawshot, return to the Howling Stone on Death Mountain. From there, look north to see some moss hanging from a ledge. Clawshot onto it and follow the high ground  south. Eventually, you will see a Poe (careful not to fall off again!).


P.16: Hidden Village: This Poe is on a balcony (what's with Poes and high places?) on a house in the villages northeast corner. There is a net you can clawshot onto on the west side of the house. Follow the ledge around and claim another Poe.

Lanayru Province


P.17: Castle Town: This Poe is in Jovani's house. Simple enough, right?


P.18: Hyrule Field (Lanyru): Use the Castle Town portal. From there go south. You'll find the Poe in the ancient amphitheater.


P.19: Zora's Waterfall: Warp to Zora's domain and ride the waterfall down. Now turn west and swim over to the small patch of land. Follow the incline around until you spot the Poe.


P.20: Zora's Domain: From the lake at Zora's waterfall, transform into a wolf and travel to the east embankment. With Midnas help travel up the side of the cliff. Somewhere along the way you will met up with a Poe.


P.21: Zora's River: Warp to Upper Zora's River. There is a small patch of land at the south end. Swim there to claim another soul.


P.22: Hyrule Field (Lanayru): There is a haunted bridge at the north end of Hyrule Field. De-haunt it.

P.23-24: Hyrule Field (Lanayru): From the haunted bridge (above) travel east. There should be a ring of tall grass near some trees. Use your senses and dig there. The Poe is inside the cave.


P.25: Hyrule Field (Lanayru): Take Castle Towns south exit. Continue heading south to confront another Poe.


P.26: Hyrule Field (Lanayru): Take Castle Towns east exit. The Poe hovers over the bridge before you.


Lake Hylia


P.27: From hyrule Field (Faron), take the North entrance into lake hylia. From there, follow the winding path and keep an eye on the western cliff. Eventually, you should see some bombable rocks. Destroy them with bomb arrows to reveal clawshot targets. Clawshot around until you come to a chest, and a Poe.


P.28: Lake Hylia: This Poe is at the south-west end of lake hylia. You'll see his lantern floating over a small patch of land just south of the waterfall.


P.29: Lake Hylia: warp to the Lake Hylia Warp point. Now go west along the path, then turn and look south. You should see a Poe lantern floating over one of the ledges. Carefully navigate the series of jumps and claim your prize.


P.30: Lake Hylia: In the southeast corner of Lake Hylia is a tall tower on a ledge. At the top of the tower (again with the high places!) is your next target.


P.31: Lake Hylia: This Poe is on a cliff on Lake Hylia's north wall just below the cabin. Take a ride in the cannon up to the cabin, then ride by Cucco to the ledge (take a sharp U-turn just after clearing the cabin).


P.32: Lake Hylia: Take Fabi's Flight-by-Fowl challenge and try to land on the prize platform with the Poe (you should be able to see his lantern).


P.33-35: Lantern Cave (2): South of the Howling Stone in Lake Hylia is another Lantern Cave. This one is much longer then the first. As such, make sure you stock up on bombs, lantern oil, arrows, and a bottled fairy never hurt. But because its bigger, it can house more Poes; three to be exact. Follow the cave from start to finish and bomb everything in your way to claim all three souls that are scattered throughout the cave.

Desert Province


P.36: Gerudo Desert: After landing Gerudo Desert (from the cannon in Lake Hylia), go south until you see a large rock. A Poe is waiting there.


P.37: Gerudo Desert: This Poe is located at the middle-southeast side of the Desert. You should see a mound of sand with a large stone structure on top. The stone structure is the West Eldin Bridge, so warp it to its proper location. Afterwards, return to the same spot. There is a Poe waiting for you there.


P.38: Cave of Ordeals: The crater you created (see above) opens the passage to the Cave of Ordeals.  The first Poe is located on the 17th floor.

P.39: Cave of Ordeals: (see above) 31st floor.
P.40: Cave of Ordeals: (see above) 44th floor.


P.41: Gerudo Desert: There is a tree on a sand bluff at the middle-northeast side of the Desert (it should appear as a small outlined figure on the warp map). Grapple to the tree with the clawshot. You should now see a Poe hovering over three skulls nearby.


P.42-43: Gerudo Desert: In the exact same spot as P.41 was located, use your senses to spot a place to dig. Dig to uncover an underground cave where your next mark lays in wait.


P.44: Gerudo Desert: There are narrow, sandy paths between the main Desert and the enemy encampment in the northeast. Follow the path to the east to find a Poe.


P.45: Gerudo Desert: After you defeat King Bulblin (the axe wielding goblin thing), return to the scene of the battle to fight your next soul carrying Poe.


P.46: Gerudo Desert: When you're walking up the step toward the Arbiter's Grounds entrance, go east at the top. Just ahead should be another Poe. 


P.47-50: Arbiter's Grounds: The next four souls are key to the story line and function as mini-bosses. Capturing them means completing the Arbiter's Grounds Temple. Hence, if you want to know there location, see a game guide not a Poe guide.


Peak Province


P.51: Snowpeak Area: A Poe hovers near a tree in the southern-central area between the frozen lake and the warp point (near the bend on the map)


P.52: Snowpeak Area: A little farther up the road from P.51 is another Poe near a large rock.


P.53: Explore the Reekfish-scent area between P.51 and the cave at the top. Like P.51, this Poe haunts a tree.


P.54: Snowpeak Cave: In the cave between the Snowpeak Area and Snowpeak Summit, there is a Poe behind a wall of ice. Use the ball and chain to set it “free.”


P.55: Snowpeak Area: Go south after exiting the Snowpeak Ruins to find a large mound of snow... You guessed it, the Poe is on top. There should be a winding path along the edge of the mound... and try not to fall off.


P.56: Snowpeak Ruins: Right as you enter you should see a lantern floating in the foyer. Make it less floaty. 


P.57: Snowpeak Ruins: Just inside the entrance, you will see 6 suits of armor (three on each side). One of them hides a Poe. Time to play hide-and-seek with a ball-and-chain.


P.58: Snowpeak Ruins: In the southwestern room on the second floor use your ball and chain to break the ice barrier on the west wall. A Poe is in the now-exposed alcove.


City in the Sky


P.59: City in the Sky: A Poe is hiding on the east wing of the third floor in the City in the Sky. From the northern entrance, se the flying plants to hover over two walls, then grab onto a south-flying plant. Wile flying, grab onto one more plant and drop to face the Poe.


P.60: City in the Sky: There's a Poe near the room with the Big Key. Climb ivy as a human and walk ropes as a wolf to reach the east side of the fourth floors central room. You'll find the Poe near a treasure chest on a precarious platform.


Jovani's House


Jovani. The reason you go through the trouble of tracking down 60 dead guys.

Jovai's house is located in West Castle Town, down the ally just before the one that leads to Telma's Bar. You first encounter Jovani on your way out of Hyrule Castle after completing the Lakebed Temple (you'll see). After this first encounter, you can enter his house by going to his front door, transforming into a wolf, then digging near the wall to the right of the door.

Now, down to business. After you collect 20 Poe souls, visit Jovani and he will give you a bottle with Fairy Tears inside. If you collect 60 Poe souls, he gives you 200 rupees then leaves his house. Go to Telma's bar to find him sulking in the corner. Talk to him, then return to his house and talk to his cat. His cat will give you another 200 rupees. Leave Castle Town, come back, talk to his cat, earn 200 rupees. Rinse and repeat as much as you like.


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ID #507102 | Jan 25th 2015 Guest
Hey there are some arrogant game players here you guys are punks

If people ask a simple question then just help with simple answer
ID #302425 | Aug 3rd 2013 Guest
So because I've decided to go on a poe hunt as the last thing needed in my game (already went on a heart hunt) I decided to use my action replay for the cave of ordeals so I could use the magic armour because there's no way in hell I was going to get thru there with just 1000 rupees the way that thing drains it and with how long it takes to defeat those scarry ass mummie things with the huge swords if you run out of bombs :/ I've got about 54 so far and I really wish someone would take the hyrule map and put markers in each loocation the poes can be found cause its driving me insane
ID #687657 | Oct 16th 2016 Guest
Use the ball on chain to kill these. One swing and they are done
ID #289307 | Jun 10th 2013 Guest
you may have listed it already but i have found another one.im in human form and in the game its dark. i soon had to battle some crows in kakariko village. i needed to find a safe place so i went into a random house. apparently its the bomb shop. i went upstairs, up the latter and outside.i saw a lantern floating. iwalked up to it and it attacked. it wouldnt let me fight back. Also this has nothing to do w/ poes, but in hyrule field at night time, there is some dead dogs that will come up from the ground.
ID #269489 | Apr 1st 2013 Guest
I only need 7 more ghost but cant find them any where
ID #259122 | Feb 27th 2013 Guest
I was stuck at 59 for a long time even though I had gone through the list and checked off every location. I finally figured out the last one was behind the armor in the entrance hall of Snowpeak Ruins. It is necessary to hit the armor TWICE with the ball and chain to completely destroy it. On previous visits I had hit it only once. With the second hit the Poe appeared!
ID #204905 | Nov 3rd 2012 Guest
can some one show me a map of poe sole locations plz? i have two left? if you find a map with the locations on it plz find me on deviant art as kittomme or face book im shawnee coley my icon is link with his shadow counterpart behind him thank you =^..^=
ID #188233 | Sep 22nd 2012 Guest
i think theres more than 60 i believe theres 61 poes
ID #177520 | Aug 18th 2012 Guest
In MM (or maybe OoT; both?), when hunting the Skulltola's, the map would be marked after they where cleared from an area, making the hunt at least possible to do without some sort of guide or checklist. The Poe Soul Hunt is a step backward in that the world is so expansive, you simply can't find them all on your own.
ID #174956 | Aug 11th 2012 Guest
one of the poes or up by snowpeak in the snow up a mountian by the entrins
of the 5th tempil.
ID #168421 | Jul 25th 2012 Guest
i only found 58
ID #160095 | Jul 3rd 2012 Guest
I missed poe 8....
Searched so long for it!
60 poe souls! :D :D :D
ID #158798 | Jun 30th 2012 Guest
You can't beat the cave of ordeals and miss poes in it. You have to kill the poe to move on to the next level.
ID #158614 | Jun 30th 2012 Guest
I can't find the last 2 poes damnit! I finished the whole cave of ordeals. Is it possible that I completed it at missed the poes?
ID #156911 | Jun 25th 2012 Guest
For pushing the tombstone in kakariko graveyard, you must be a wolf to get the poe. If you are a human, a yellow rupee will appear and the poe will not. This was my last poe after getting stuck on 59 poes for ages.
ID #155210 | Jun 21st 2012 Guest
THIS IS SO ANNOYING, ive caught 59 poes and ive rechecked every single place 2 times using two different guides. the only place i havent checked is the cave of ordeals and i know that i caught all three poes there (the last one being with the dynafols. i just hope to god there was some kind of saving glitch and ill finally find the last poe D: