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Mini Games
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Mini Games

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Mini Games - Zelda: Twilight Princess

I never took much to mini-games unless they get me something useful (like a heart piece).

Never the less, I will cover all the mini-games and explain how to beat ‘em. :)

--== Falbi's Flight-by-Fowl ==--



Location: Lake Hylia
When to play: Any time after catching the shadow insects in the Lake.
Cost: 20
Prize: 200 rupees, heart piece
Land on the floating platforms in the center of the lake.

Grab a Cucco and jump off. You can follow the holo-rupee trail around, getting the amount the rupee is worth when you fly through it, but it is a better strategy to fly straight to the platforms. Use the joy stick to adjust your speed accordingly. If you land on the top most platform, you can get a heart piece a bunch of rupees from the lower platforms. The spinning platform contains 100 rupees, but is hard to jump down from without missing the lower platforms.

There is also two hidden grottos you can reach only by playing this game. One is directly under the building you jump from, the other is on a pillar west of the cannon. They each give a fair number of rupees.

--== STAR ==--



Location: Castle Town
When to play: After you get the clawshot
Cost: 10, 15 for the second round
Prize: Quiver upgrades
Clawshot around the cage, collecting the orbs

For the most part, the stars are lined up in rows. If you can figure out the pattern, you can clawshot around the cage in no time. The second round requires that you have the double-clawshots and is much longer, but the time limit is less restricting.

--== Iz'a Rapid Ride ==--



Location: Upper Zora's River
When to play: Anytime after catching the shadow insects from the lake
Cost: 20
Prize: Bomb Bag, Bomb Bag upgrade, 50 rupees
Use bomb arrows to smash large pots placed along the rapids.
Yellow = 1
Red = 3
Hitting something = -1

Your canoe is pretty stable for the most part, so if you don't mess with it, it normally wont hit much. Aim for the red pots at all costs. Remember that bomb arrows have a curved trajectory, unlike regular arrows, so to hit a far off target you have to aim slightly above it.

The first time you play, you get another bomb bag for just clearing out some rocks. The second time, the goal is to get a score of 25. that gets you a bomb bag upgrade (all bags hold double bombs), and after that 50 rupees.

--== Fruit Pop Flight Challenge ==--


Location: Lake Hylia (near falcon grass)
When to play: After getting the Master Sword
Cost: 0
Prize: Heart Piece, 100 rupees
Fly the large Kargarok through the cave that leads to Zora's River, popping fruit shaped balloons on your way.

You get bonus points for hitting the same fruit type in a row. The easiest way is to get all strawberries, as they are worth the most. If you hit a wall too hard, you'll fall off and end up back in Lake Hylia, so be carful. The goal is to get a score of 10,000 or better; that gets you a heart piece, then 100 rupees every time after.

--== Snowpeak Sledding ==--


Location: Peak Province (near warp point)
When to play: After Snowpeak Ruins
Cost: 0
Prize: Heart Piece
Beat Yeto and Yeta in a snowboard race

Basically press A to crouch, release to jump, and don't hit anything. Once you beat Yeto, warp back and talk to Yeta to race her. There are a couple shortcuts you can take, but only one that makes a big difference. Shortcut:

Jump onto this ledge

You HAVE to take this shortcut to beat Yeta and get your heart piece.

--== Rollgoal ==--



Location: Upper Zora's River (fishing hole)
When to play: After catching the shadow insects in the lake.
Cost: 5
Prize: 10 rupees, frog lure
Roll a marble into a hole at the end of a maze. For every one you complete, you get 10 rupees and a chance to try a harder one. After all 8, you get a frog lure.

There is a time limit, so you have to get through quickly. There's really not much to this.


Fishing get's it's own mini section because a lot goes into it.

--== Bobber Fishing ==--

Bobber Fishing

This can be done all around Hyrule. Anywhere there is water, you can fish. Simply take out your pole, press B to cast, wait for the bobber to sink, then pull up so the Wii remote is facing straight up. Hold it there till the fish lands.

You'll mostly only catch Greengill without bait. Bait is most easily bought in Ordon Village, though you can find it around Hyrule (bee's nests, killing Bombskits). Bee larva and Worms have roughly the same success rate, so it doesn't matter which. To equip bait, take out your pole, then press the Dpad button the bait is assigned to.

--== Fishing Hole ==--



This is where things get interesting. You can go into the fishing hole at the north end of Upper Zora's River. Enter the building and talk to Hena. Pay 20 rupees to fish as long as you want.

You get access to many different lures, each suited to a different fish. You also get a boat, whereby you can get out in deeper water and catch better fish. Finally, every record breaking fish you catch can be viewed in a fish tank inside the Hena's building.

The controls are different as well. Press B to pull out your rod, then old A and cast by throwing the Wii remote. You can wiggle the lure by moving the Wii remote around. Reel in by holding the Nunchuk sideways (with the buttons facing right) and make circular motions towards yourself.

Some fish are easier to catch in different seasons. The season will change every time you enter the fishing hole.

Also worth noting is all the stuff in the shop. Use C to look around. She even has a picture of the fishermen from OoT on the wall.

Spring, trees in bloom

Summer, leaves on trees

Fall, leaves turning

Winter, ice on trees

--== Lures ==--

In the fishing hole you can use various lures, each suited to different fish.

Swimmer – All-round, not bad, not good.
Popper – Attracts deeper fish (this can take a while)
Spinner – Good for fish that dont want to bit any other lure

Special Lures (have to be found):
Frog Lure
– Good for Hylian Loach
- Obtained by completing all 8 levels of the Rollgoal game

Sinking Lure
- Good for catching huge fish of all types
- After catching one of every type of fish (by lure fishing), go to
  the cove in the fishing holes northwest corner and bobber fish.
  You'll pull up the Sinking Lure in a couple tries.
- Be warned, if Hena catches you using it (which is random), she'll
  take it away.

--== Fish ==--

There are 5 different fish to catch in Hyrule. The lures only count when fishing in the fishing hole.

- Greengill
Can be found: Any place there is water
Caught with: Any

- Hyrule Bass
Can be found: Kakariko Village
Caught with: Frog or Swimmer

- Hylian Loach
Can be found: Kakariko Graveyard
Caught with: Frog or Sinking (only in summer in the northern cove)

- Hylian Pike
Can be found: Upper Zora's River
Caught with: Spinner

- Ordon Catfish
Can be found: Ordon Village (deepest areas only)
Caught with: Popper

- Reekfish
Can be found: Zora's Domain
Caught with: Coral lure (can only be caught while bobber fishing)

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ID #561579 | May 26th 2015 Guest
ID #467332 | Nov 4th 2014 Guest
How do you catch the hylian loach?I did what you said to do but it's not working!!! I have been fishing for three hours and still haven't caught it.
ID #313680 | Oct 10th 2013 Guest
no offense, but why should you care about fishing? as far as i can see then the only thing u can gain for fishing is a heartpiece that u can catch with the fishing rod while you are out fishing in the canoe.
ID #310004 | Sep 17th 2013 Guest
For the peep who needs help catching a reek fish, if your looking up at the big water fall in zora's domain then head left. You'll see them swiming around in that area only. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE CORAL BAIT. cuz i felt stupid when i realized i needed it. (You can get it from zora prince.) one you fish it turn into a wolf (I love Link as a wolf, soooo cute and violent) smell the fish and follow the scent throughout the mountain.
ID #246289 | Jan 25th 2013 Guest
Zelda is the BEST game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! PS.
please help me get out of the forest temple! PLEASE HELP!
ID #209910 | Nov 18th 2012 Guest
How do I get hot springwater to the Goron just outside castle town? Someone please help!
ID #177367 | Aug 18th 2012 Guest
I have no idea where the fish are, but I have been sitting for 25 mins without getting a reekfish to get into snowhead.
ID #561582 | May 26th 2015 Guest
by the mother and child roaks
ID #174943 | Aug 11th 2012 Guest
Just follow yeta she takes the shortcut and you can use your sword to make her spin out
ID #167044 | Jul 21st 2012 Guest
I can't find the shortcut to beat yeta??
ID #154986 | Jun 20th 2012 Guest
can you make a section for the missing cats in lost village?
ID #135235 | Apr 20th 2012 Guest
How do you fish
ID #126650 | Mar 26th 2012 Guest
Can you do a piece on the cat game in the lost village??
ID #115804 | Feb 17th 2012 Guest
do you have to catch the loach before you get the sinking lure
ID #73003 | Sep 6th 2011 Guest
How do you get the sinking lure? Please help!
ID #69772 | Aug 24th 2011 Guest
wait nevermind i found them