World 9-8

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by Swaggers  

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Star Coins: World 9-8

This is our Star Coin guide for World 9-8 in New Super Mario Brothers Wii. 9-8 is available after beating 8-Bowser and 9-8 is open if you got all the Star Coins in World 8.

Star Coin #1 - The first Star Coin is high above the bouncy clouds. Use the Propeller Suit or Propeller Block to get it.

Star Coin #2 - The next Star Coin is on a path behind a large fuzzy and 2 small fuzzies. Just grab it after they go by.

Star Coin #3 - Wait on the top bricks for the 2 GIANT bullet bills to pass and blast the area apart so that you can get the final Star Coin in the game.


All Star Coins completed!


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its awesome

Added 9th Sep 2015, ID #606913

this was very good

Added 24th May 2015, ID #560415

That was outstanding !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!

Added 5th May 2015, ID #552251

you are awsome dude thank you for doing super cheats do you like every thing in mario.

Added 3rd Jan 2015, ID #495247

Hey guys,
Some of you might not know about world 8-7, which is unlocked via a secret exit in 8-2. 8-7 is really fun, and none of you should have trouble getting all three coins and unlocking world 9-8.

Hope this helps you all.

Added 23rd Dec 2012, ID #226776

If any of you want to get world 9-8, you'll need the secret exit of world 8-2 first!

Added 17th Nov 2012, ID #209458

coin trail/c

Added 5th Nov 2012, ID #205691

I'm in the same boat as the others.....I've gotten every star coin in all the worlds but world 9-8 will not unlock for me. Please help.... after that hellfull 9-7, 9-8 looks fun and I wanna do it!!

Added 7th Sep 2012, ID #184088

Would you not like lose stuff

Added 6th Sep 2012, ID #183879

Thanks but my mom and my sister are trying to get all 3 coins!

Added 6th Sep 2012, ID #183878

I have all the gold coins for world 8 but it wont let me go to world 9-8 am i missing something?

Added 5th Sep 2012, ID #183516

You have to get all the star coins, including the Bowser castle, airship, and tower.

Added 28th Jul 2015, ID #590507

This has been very interesting I'm going threw my second time.Not bad for a 60 year old with hands the size of catchers mitts!HAHAHA

Added 23rd Aug 2012, ID #179382

Thanx this helps a lot!@

Added 17th Jun 2012, ID #153838

Very disapointed , finished all the worlds and not even fireworks , didn't allow me to save high score nothing :(

Added 18th Apr 2012, ID #134793

Why does no world 9-castle or something pop up?

Added 8th Aug 2011, ID #65256

You are the best player ever!!!

Added 13th Jun 2011, ID #48899

I have all the coins and nothing happened no 9-9 opened up

Added 24th Aug 2010, ID #10162