Star Coins: World 2-2

This is our Star Coin guide for World 2-2 in New Super Mario Brothers Wii. This will be the first time you encounter the guys who pull spiked balls from their mouths and throw them at you. You need to avoid the balls but you can kill the enemy by landing on their head. Just be careful that they are not already in the act of getting another ball.

1UP - Mario will come to a large elevator that contains a TON of Koopas. If you start one of their shells moving and avoid getting hit for the entire ridge the last Koopa at the top with reward you with a 1UP. Then follow the shell to the left where it will hit a brick to give Mario a powerup.

Star Coin #1 - Right after the large Koopa elevator and immediately before the Midway Flag is a sand pit. Jump in and ride it a LONG way down to a secret area. Hit the P-switch and then rock up the blue coins on the way down. You can wall jump a couple times to maximize coinage. Enter the green pipe at the bottom. In this second secret room hit the ?-switch to spawn some platforms. Work your way up the platform being careful of the spiked balls and grab the Star Coin. Then exit via the green pipe launcher

Star Coin #2 - Mario will soon see a rising and lowering sand platform with 3 brick to it's left along with an enemy. There are also some barrels to the left on a platform. Hit the leftmost brick to reveal a Vine. Ride the moving platform getting yourself a TON of coins until you get to a POW block. Grab it and hold onto it until platform in under the Star Coin. Then toss it to bring the Star Coin down on your platform where you can get it.

Star Coin #3 - Mini Mario time. From where you drop from above head LEFT past the spiked ball guy to a series of moving platforms. You need to head left into the Green pipe. Grab the Mini Mario Mushroom from this secret area in the ?-block and then head back to the surface. You need to head RIGHT now to the second set of moving platforms. There will be a small green pipe with 2 barrels in front if it. Throw these barrels and enter the pipe. Run along the water, then wall jump up to the Star Coin.