World 8-Bowser

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Star Coins: World 8-Bowser

This is our Star Coin guide for World 8-Bowser in New Super Mario Brothers Wii. This also cover the final battle with Bowser.

Star Coin #1 - You will come to a series of drop platforms. These go down fairly slowly so when you see the one with the Star Coin underneath it just ride the platform down and jump off when you get the Star Coin.

Star Coin #2 - In the next section where you have to keep jumping from platform to platform the Star Coin is on the far right under a small tiny platform. Wait until you are well below it to go for it so you have multiple platforms to jump to after you get it to avoid the lava.

Boss: Bowser - If you have Fire it takes about 25 hits to put Bowser down. Otherwise you need to wait for him to do his super jump and then run underneath him.

Star Coin #3 - The Star Coin is high in the second section. Stand on the ?-block to get Bowser to blow open the top area and its an easy grab.


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How do u get level 7-6

Added 6th Feb 2014, ID #352353

You are awesome!! Thanks to these videos my son & I was able to get thru the game. I really like how it's so organized. Thanks so much!! U rock.... Although u make it look so easy!! Lol

Added 10th Oct 2013, ID #313800

I have all the star coins on level 8 including bowsers castle. But for some reason world 9-8 wont unlock. Am I missing something?

Added 29th Jul 2013, ID #301212

[video][/video] NSMBW - Super Guide World 8-Final Boss

Added 13th Apr 2013, ID #273416

lol you almost fell in the lava

Added 10th Aug 2012, ID #174284

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