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by Swaggers  

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Star Coins: World 2-Castle

This is our Star Coin guide for World 2-Castle in New Super Mario Brothers Wii and covers our strategy for beating Roy Koopa.

Star Coin #1 - If you have a Propeller Suit and are super quick you can grab this one right off the start by jumping up and left. Otherwise pick the middle path to get to the this coin. Then pick the top section to move on.

Star Coin #2 - You need to be big to bust out the bricks. Then wall jump to the Star Coin. If you miss it pick the top of middle section to loop back. Pick the bottom section when you are ready to move on.

Star Coin #3 -  Hit the P-switch to activate the bricks so you can get the final Star Coin at the bottom of the map. The hurry to the right to go through the coins in the middle before they turn back into bricks.

Boss: Roy Koopa - There is a powerup in the right brick before entering the final battle. Roy now hides in the pipes from the ceiling and drops down to ground pound. Jump as he drops and land on his head, You guessed it, 3 times.


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What is the green tube for next to the castle?

Added 15th Mar 2015, ID #528912

there's a secret exit in 2-4,the 1 on the hill after the tower

Added 28th Jul 2015, ID #590523

Thanks a lot! This really helps

Added 31st Jan 2015, ID #509709

How do you get to the green pipe after you have completed the castle in world 2?

Added 19th Jan 2014, ID #345786

there's a secret exit in 2-4

Added 28th Jul 2015, ID #590522

My world two castle is completely different than all the ones ive youtubed and j cannot get past the first part! Anybody know about this? It's full of bullets, icy surfaces, screens to climb on and keeps theowing me and killing me :(

Added 6th Mar 2013, ID #261236

make sure you're in world 2 (the desert)

Added 28th Jul 2015, ID #590524

cant get past the castle when he drops out the pipes i have wii and its hard to move while he is coming out of the pipes to pound the ground. what do i do cant beat this stage is there away for super guide to be activated?

Added 6th May 2012, ID #139891

when he's about to hit the ground, jump into the air.

Added 28th Jul 2015, ID #590520

k juego

Added 5th May 2012, ID #139479

I don't understand this level?

Added 2nd Apr 2011, ID #35305

What is the green pipe next to the castle at the end of world 2?

Added 14th Jan 2011, ID #25362