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by Swaggers  

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Star Coins: World 3-Tower

This is our Star Coin guide for World 3-Tower in New Super Mario Brothers Wii. This guide also covers the Boss battle with Lemmy Koopa.

Star Coin #1 - On top of the second rotating U section jump off to the right to enter a hidden door. In this room wall jump up the right side and then drop through the middle to get the Star Coin and miss the ball and chain.

Star Coin #2 - Past the Midway Flag right the elevator all the way up making sure NOT to POW block the spiked balls. If you manage to keep them alive and yourself they will destroy some block at the top allowing Mario access to the Star Coin. And also a 1UP on the opposite side.

Star Coin #3 - The final Star Coin is to the right of the top of the second Z spinner. Wall jump into the area to get the Star Coin.

Boss: Lemmy Koopa - Lemmy rides on a bouncy ball. Use the balls he throws at you to bounce higher then Lemmy to hit him on the head.... wait for it.... 3 times.


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That second star coin gets me so frustrated

Added 28th Feb 2015, ID #522516

thanks so much

Added 27th Feb 2015, ID #521733

What is the purpose of helping toad? And how do you get through a world while carrying him the whole time?

Added 6th Apr 2014, ID #371986

the guy doing the demo is

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Added 26th May 2012, ID #145534

i just want to say that this was very helpful, thank you

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