World 4-Ghost

New Super Mario Bros Walkthrough and Guide by Swaggers  

Star Coins: World 4-Ghost

This is our Star Coin guide for World 4-Ghost in New Super Mario Brothers Wii. Since this is a Ghost House we know it's going to have a secret exit also. So we'll let you know how to get there too.

Star Coin #1 - There is a Star just to the left in a hidden area. The first Star Coin is below the sixth box. Just ride it down to the the Star Coin.

Secret Exit - The door to the exit is below the box that has a ?-block on top of it and also a small non-boxed gap before it. This secret exit takes you directly to 4-Castle.

Star Coin #2 - At the end of the section with all the rats on the stairs run past the door into a hidden are and in that area is the next Star Coin along with the actual exit door.

Star Coin #3 - This Star Coin is on the secret exit path. It's high in the center in plain site. Just ride the box to its highest point to reach it.