World 9-4

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by Swaggers  

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Star Coins: World 9-4

This is our Star Coin guide for World 9-4 in New Super Mario Brothers Wii. 9-4 is available after beating 8-Bowser and 9-4 is open if you got all the Star Coins in World 4.

Star Coin #1 - Use the POW block to eliminate all the Piranha Plants and then wall jump up to the Star Coin.

Star Coin #2 - The second Star Coin takes a good throw from a Bo-omb to get. Just jump on it and throw it to the left.

Star Coin #3 - Right after that you will come to 2 pipes on top of each other. A red and a green. You need to freeze the Piranha Planet in the green so that you can run across it to get in the red. The final Star Coin is in there.


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Thanks for the help man😃.
I couldn't have done without you.
Well, it's not just the star coins, but I want to be as good as you at playing the game😉.

Added 29th Sep 2015, ID #612631

thanks I really needed that hint

Added 17th Jun 2015, ID #571543

Lol you always make it look so easy. I die atleast 10x per level. This one is taking my bf and i a while to pass. You are good.

Added 5th Dec 2014, ID #480501

Man I could not get that last star coin

Added 30th Jul 2014, ID #428162

That move was clean. I am totally jealous!!

Added 29th Jun 2013, ID #293648

how do you get 9-4?

Added 8th Sep 2012, ID #184427

By getting all the star coins in world 4

Added 29th Sep 2015, ID #612632


Added 11th May 2012, ID #141254