Star Coins: World 5-Ghost

This is our Star Coin guide for World 5-Ghost in New Super Mario Brothers Wii. The secret exit leads you to a Warp Cannon to World 8.

Star Coin #1 - Jump over the first gap to a door. Pass all the doors in this next area and jump to the first ledge on the right to get to a hidden Star Coin. Then leave through the top right door just above the Star Coin entrance.

Star Coin #2 - Drop down the first two areas and head left to the second door. The Star Coin is at the end of this area right after the door.

Star Coin #3 - Drop down, jump over, then head up the stairs. Drop down and take the door on the right. The Star Coin is in the middle of the second circle of ghosts.

Secret Exit - Drop down, jump over, then head up the stairs. Jump over the next gap and drop down twice. Head left through the wall to get to a secret door. Take this for the Warp Cannon exit.