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by Swaggers  

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Star Coins: World 2-5

This is our Star Coin guide for World 2-5 in New Super Mario Brothers Wii. This level includes the tall cactus creatures and has Yoshi!

Star Coin #1 - After passing the first group of cactus creatures use Yoshi to eat Lakita and steal his cloud. You can use Yoshi to flutter jump up to get him from the palm tree. Then ride the cloud up to the background cloud in the sky to reveal the first Star Coin. It's just up and to the left of the palm tree.

Star Coin #2 - Mario will come to a section where a Piranha Plant is down and between sets of Yellow blocks. Have Yoshi eat one of the spiked enemies and then spit it out at the Piranha Plant and then enter this area and use the Yellow blocks to go to the right of the plant. A group of 3 coins will appears to show you where to drop down. The coin is hidden in the dark in the middle top section of the area. Kill or dodge the Fire Piranhas to get it.

Star Coin #3 -  You'll come to a GIANT Piranha Plant with a series of 3 brick platforms to it's right. Climb to the top platform and kill Lakuta to get his cloud. Now ride it fast to the top right of your screen to get the final Star Coin.


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#2 Doesn't make any sense to me

Added 29th Jun 2015, ID #577446

Thanks ....

Added 7th May 2015, ID #553192

Thanks! Helped ALOT! :D

Added 1st May 2015, ID #550374

I can not pass level

Added 9th Apr 2015, ID #540228

it helps but this game is fruterating by alot and idk how to spell that

Added 28th Dec 2014, ID #491549


Added 23rd Oct 2014, ID #462098


Added 4th Jan 2014, ID #339378

if you eat the cattaces when they turn into fruit u get a 1 up powerup

Added 7th Sep 2013, ID #308632

HellOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo people

Added 11th Feb 2013, ID #252991

Good find coins all the time

Added 2nd Jan 2013, ID #234401

yes it worker

Added 13th Oct 2012, ID #195455


Added 12th Jun 2012, ID #152046

Thanks for the help, you make finding all star coins fun and easy

Added 3rd Jun 2012, ID #148247

can not defeat level

Added 31st Mar 2012, ID #128002

Thanks!!!!!I finally know where star coin #3 is!I've been looking so long for it!It's THE only star coin in world 2 that i need!Thank you so much!

Added 9th Aug 2011, ID #65691

Thanks so much we have been trying so hard to find them but we couldnt

Added 9th Jul 2011, ID #56288

Because there is a Yoshi,and there are none of the fruits, when any of the pokeys (cactus creatures) turn into fruits, eat them with your Yoshi and you will get either a power-up or a 1up and points for eating the pokeys!

Added 4th Jun 2011, ID #46835

Awesome!! finding the star coins for world 9 was really getting to my nine yr old. KUDOS

Added 4th Sep 2010, ID #11445


Added 22nd Jun 2010, ID #1538