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by Swaggers  

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Star Coins: World 4-4

This is our Star Coin guide for World 4-4 in New Super Mario Brothers Wii. WATER LEVEL. This one has the stupid hiding squid who like to fly out at you at a bajillion miles an hour so watch out for them.

Secret Area - After the Midway Flag you'll come to a yellow pipe that has bubbles coming out both sides and 3 bricks above it. Head down this yellow pipe. This area has a GIANT fish that will hunt you down and eat you. If you can get to the ?-blocks the left is a powerup and the right is a Star. Get the Star, hit the fish, and he'll explode into 3 1UPs.

Star Coin #1 - You'll come to 2 red pipes with Squids in them and a P-Switch on the ceiling. Hit the P-Switch to turn off the bubbles on the yellow pipe to the right which will allow you to enter it. Double powerup guarantees you a Penguin Suit. Ice the fish and use him as a platform for the Star Coin.

Star Coin #2 - The second Star Coin is in the wide open at the bottom of the screen near a series of multi-colored pipes. Just float down there and get it.

Star Coin #3 - The final Star Coin is hidden right below the exit. Simply swim into the bottom section of rock outcropping to the left of the sign to get the final Star Coin.


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Your videos wont load! Inhavent had a problem with them until the past few days. Please fix!

Added 13th Aug 2015, ID #597633

I hate the squids!! ;-; >.<

Added 3rd Apr 2015, ID #536933

why can't I go to 9-8 after getting all the coins in world 8?

Added 12th Feb 2015, ID #515069

Nice I like your tips I couldn't find the first one

Added 17th Jan 2015, ID #503220

me and my brother love the help from you, thanks

Added 1st Sep 2014, ID #443178

So many lives!!!!!

Added 8th Aug 2013, ID #303597

U guys are great help now my grandma plays games she luvs ya

Added 10th Jul 2010, ID #3919

He Must Really Hate The Squids.

Added 18th Jun 2010, ID #963