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Star Coins: World 1-1

This is our Star Coin guide for World 1-1 in New Super Mario Brothers Wii. This level is your typical Mario Brothers above ground level and you can freely move about the level forwards and backwards as needed. The Powerups on Word 1-1 are based on the Propeller. The Propeller will be your go to Powerup for most of the game and 1-1 is a quick level to come back to if you need a Propeller.

Star Coin #1 - Immediately past the Midway Flag will be a small hill that you can butt slide down to get 2 Goombas. At the bottom is a ? block, surrounded by 2 standard bricks, that will contain the first Propeller powerup. Grab this and then spin jump up to the visible Star Coin.

Star Coin #2 - Continue on the level ignoring the platform at the top of the level. Instead run along the bottom, past 2 small island sections with 3 bricks and 3 coins each, and then up a small hill to get to a rotating circle piece. This contains a warp pipe that we want to go down. If you have the Propeller suit you can just spin up there, if you don't you can wall jump. Wall jumping is jumping against a wall, then while holding towards the wall, hitting the jump button again to burst off the wall towards the opposite side. It can take some getting used to and this is a safe area to work on it. Don't miss the 1-UP as you come out of the pipe in the lone brick in this hidden exit.

Star Coin #3 - Immediately on exiting from the last Star Coin you go up a small hill with 2 little fences at the top. Propel yourself up to the top of the level onto a small ledge with a Koopa. The Star Coin is right there on the next ledge to the right in the open.


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Mario Games - Kizi

Added 29th Dec 2014, ID #491884

Their are three 1ups hidden where the pipe you go down in to get the third star coin. Just stay in the pipe until you find the coins

Added 23rd Dec 2014, ID #489072

here is my video of 1-1 Star Coins. Its better quality than the video above.
Remember to comment and like the video if you enjoyed it and want the next one!!!

Added 25th Oct 2014, ID #462852

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Added 12th Jan 2013, ID #241740


Added 10th Dec 2012, ID #218590


Added 22nd Nov 2012, ID #211184

[color=Pink][size=100][/size] THANKS! :D your a LifeSaver [/color]

Added 11th Jul 2012, ID #162785

there is also 3 extra men and like 50 coins at the end of this stage. At the 2nd last wheel, the one with the tunnel. stay on top of the tunnel and it will take you around to a secret entrance... be sure to walk out of the tunnel or you will die

Added 27th Jun 2012, ID #157407

how do u stay alive in world 6 to unlock the cannon.

Added 24th Jun 2012, ID #156239

Just if you know there's a cheat, here it is stay on the pipe but don,t go in the pipe well stay on the pipe that go's to the star coin in the spiny thing and then wait and you will go in a secret tunnel.

Added 16th Apr 2012, ID #134200

no you can get to world 9 if you get all of the star coins in world 8

Added 31st Mar 2012, ID #127987

I was wondering why there isn't any hidden worlds on New super mario Bros.wii? There are hidden worlds on the nintendo DS game.

Added 25th Mar 2012, ID #126242

ok but where are all of the big coins

Added 17th Feb 2012, ID #115785

hi i'm lilly and wanted to tell u something AWESOME wanna know???

Added 29th Jan 2012, ID #110279

how do you warp between levels to level up in the worlds?

Added 23rd Apr 2011, ID #39284

did u now that if mario gets 99 lives then compleate a game with 99 lives mario wii not wear a hat.

Added 20th Dec 2010, ID #21686

just to let you know you forgot a screat area.

Added 27th Aug 2010, ID #10463

I have all the star coins for worlds 1-9 but not board 6. Where are the secret exits?

Added 30th Jun 2010, ID #2524