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- Tricks
Mario Kart Wii

- Tricks

Mario Kart Wii Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Mario Kart Wii Guide - Tricks

Tricks are new to Mario Kart Wii, but are key to getting good times.

Basically, when you first lift off the ground for whatever reason, press the trick button to do a special trick, then when you land you get a short boost.

The timing is crucial.

Too Early

Right here, just as you lift

Too Late

If you see blue arrows at the top of a wall, it means you can ride up the wall and do a trick then come back down like a halfpipe. You are guaranteed to land it, so don't worry about that.  The timing also doenst seem as picky when doing halfpipe tricks.

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Mario Kart Wii

Comments for - Tricks

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ID #599906 | Aug 19th 2015 Guest
triks are easy
ID #336013 | Dec 29th 2013 Guest
The gamecube trick button is the d-pad down left right and up😉
ID #266387 | Mar 23rd 2013 Guest
none of these work, try giving us useful comments
please listen to my comments because I really want to beat my dad I will be looking every so often to see a few suggestions of my request. thanks and good day.

ps. I will look not lying.[strike][spoiler][/spoiler]
ID #188750 | Sep 24th 2012 Guest
ID #114998 | Feb 14th 2012 Guest
Too early, just right, if you miss, good bye to you're humanity.
ID #106122 | Jan 15th 2012 Guest
click to reveal
ID #106118 | Jan 15th 2012 Guest
Luigi:BE QUIIET!>=OMario:Mama-Mia.
ID #106116 | Jan 15th 2012 Guest
Luigi:Yes,we know.-_-Mario:It's me,Mario!:D
ID #106114 | Jan 15th 2012 Guest
Luigi:Hey Mario,letsa play Mario Kart Wii!Mario:It's me,Mario!:D
ID #73070 | Sep 6th 2011 Guest
[spoiler][/spoiler] is there any cheats for Rosalina
ID #66899 | Aug 13th 2011 Guest
Can Rosalina do the wheelie? I think she can!
ID #29428 | Feb 19th 2011 Guest
click to reveal
ID #29427 | Feb 19th 2011 Guest
[spoiler][/spoiler] Look out!!!
ID #25384 | Jan 14th 2011 Guest
All i do to do a trick is to shake the Wii Remote up and down 2 times! IT ALWAYS WORKS (For me Smile
ID #24158 | Jan 5th 2011 Guest
Move the WII remote to do a trickSmile