GBA Bowser Castle 3 (LC)

Mario Kart Wii Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Mario Kart Wii Guide - GBA Bowser Castle 3 (Leaf Cup)

GBA Bowser Castle 3


The green numbers are Thwomp.

1) Drift boost around the corner.
2) Wheelie to point 2 and drift boost around.
3) Wheelie to point 3 and drift boost around.
4) Wheelie to point 4 and drift boost around.
5) Drift boost around point 5
6) Wheelie to 6 and drift boost around.
7) Each of these platforms has an item box, a boost pad, and a Podoboo on it. Trick off of all the ramps, keeping to the right.
8) Wheelie to point 8 and drift boost around. Hold the boost till item box 3.
9) There is no point 9... I must have miss typed it or something...
10) Drift boost around the corner, under the Thwomp if you can. Don't take the jump ramp before them, it will only slow you down.
11) Wheelie through here. Don't worry about the item boxes.
12) Drift around the corner then wheelie through this section, following the purple line.
13) Drift boost around the corner.
14) Wheelie up this section back to point 1.

Just as with all the GBA and SNES tracks, this is very simple and small. Watch for the Thwomps.


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Browser thinks he has a lot of enemies I don't

Added 10th Jun 2014, ID #397090

I need to ask you a few here (1) a few thwompers are starting your day after the starting line
(2) you need to drift for this one but watch out for the thwompers
(3) there are 4 or 5 ramps to speed your racer up
(4) a Speed ramp is right in the middle of 2 thwomps

Added 10th Jun 2014, ID #397087

my time is 2:24 beat that

Added 2nd Jul 2012, ID #159507

video woulf be great!

Added 14th May 2012, ID #142121

if you get your timing right and have an appropriate boost (mushroom etc.) it is possible to jump from the block after point 7, to the corner after point 10. i haven't managed it myself but have seen it done- cuts out the entire corner.

Added 22nd Feb 2011, ID #29995

Every time I'm about to do a mini turbo here, someone hits me with a red, green, or blue shell. Why are they so annoying?

Added 29th Dec 2010, ID #23013

THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 17th Oct 2010, ID #15487