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- Hints and Tips
Mario Kart Wii

- Hints and Tips

Mario Kart Wii Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Mario Kart Wii Guide - Hints and Tips

- Boost Start
At the start of a race, press and hold the accelerator just as the 2 starts to disappear to get a boost right out of the gate.


- Slipstreaming / Drafting
Slipstream isn't new, but it has been made way easier. This is actually used by professional racers. Basically, when a car is moving, it displaces the air in front of it, creating an area of low pressure behind it. This low pressure area means less air resistance and faster top speeds. Just get in line behind another cart and stay there till the boost kicks in.

Get in line...

...start the stream...

...and boost!

Rush right past them!

- Wheelies
This can only be done on a motorcycle. When going in a straight line, press the trick button. Your front tire will lift up and you'll get a short burst of speed. However, your tire will remain up for around 4 seconds, meaning you cant steer during that time and are very susceptible to being bumped. DON'T try this with the Wii Wheel. Just don't do it.

- Boosting on recovery
If you fall off the track, Lakitu will put you back on. If you press the accelerate button just as your tires touch the ground, you'll get a boots.

- Dragging items
Dragging items has been a part of the Mario Kart series for as long as I can remember. For any item that permits, press and hold the use button. The item will appear behind you and drag behind your cart. What this does it two fold: 1) it opens up your inventory so you can hold another item. 2) it protects you from incoming shells.

Uh Oh...

Ah ha!


- Throwing items
I've never found much of a use for this in a race, but you can throw certain items forward instead of dropping them back. Can come in handy in Battle Mode.

- Looking Backward
Looking backward can be helpful if you are trying to hit an opponent behind you, or if you hear a shell coming. It can also prove invaluable during Battles. Just don't lose track of what's in front of you.

I see you.

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Mario Kart Wii

Comments for - Hints and Tips

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ID #724322 | Jun 2nd 2017 Guest
I totally think u should go as princess peach because i always come first on her. and u know the boxes and u can get a rocket, the way u get it is if you go 12th and get a box then Ta-Da![img][img]
ID #617677 | Oct 18th 2015 Guest
For people who have alot of karts for King Boo i think personally Phirana Prowler is the most handling.
ID #569291 | Jun 12th 2015 Guest
How do you dodge the blue shell?
ID #569367 | Jun 12th 2015 Guest
use a mushroom right when its about to strike
ID #564558 | Jun 2nd 2015 Guest
What is the best car for yoshi
ID #531419 | Mar 21st 2015 Guest
Funky Kong and Dry Bowser are the fastest characters.
ID #492207 | Dec 29th 2014 Guest
With rainbow road take it slow until ur really good at it
ID #483818 | Dec 13th 2014 Guest
I think using the Nunchuk is easier with control. What do you guys think?
ID #435241 | Aug 12th 2014 Guest
i did not get any of this :(
but it was cool how they could show pic's of the game
ID #386415 | May 21st 2014 Guest
for me the evil character is baby daisy, king boo, Luigi, or dry bowser.
ID #303888 | Aug 10th 2013 Guest
Adding onto the start-up boost part, if you're using a bike and going for a boost start, do a wheelie right when you start. It'll help getting to the lead much easier.
ID #287797 | Jun 4th 2013 Guest
thanks for the tips bro![video][img][spoiler][/spoiler] [/img] [/video]
ID #242760 | Jan 14th 2013 Guest
i got better the game (12 to 2)but in single player (12 to 1)
ID #222950 | Dec 16th 2012 Guest
In my game, there is only one enemy. BABY PEACH. Evil little creature ruins my races every chance she gets!
ID #204868 | Nov 3rd 2012 Guest
I use the wii wheel... er, sideways wii controller. I pop wheelies. A lot.
Also, maybe boots will call Dora to bring a backpack... of bullet bills and stars. XD.
ID #184474 | Sep 8th 2012 Guest