Mushroom Gorge (MC)

Mario Kart Wii Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Mario Kart Wii Guide - Mushroom Gorge - Mushroom Cup

Mushroom Gorge


1) Wheelie though point 1
2) Start a drift-boost here, then use that momentum to cut the corner at point 3 and start another drift-boost before the jump.
3) See 2
4) Your first Jump Mushroom. Land on it to hop across the gap.
5) Drift boost around the corner
6) Wheelie into the low road, cutting the corner with a drift boost. End the route with the boost pads at point 8.
7) this path looks faster as it's shorter, but it's not. Take the lower path at point 6.
8) See 6.
9) Drift boost around the bend and take the lower (right) row of mushrooms.
10) Upon landing, if you have a mushroom, you can cut the grass here and cut out the bend. Also, watch out for the goomba.
11) Start the next lap right with a wheelie.

Be careful when going over the jump mushrooms, as you can be thrown off course pretty easily, especially with the Wii Wheel.

Point 5: Left track

Point 9: Jump Mushroom Gorge


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[color=red][/color] its really cool cause once i fell off but i bounced off a hidden mushroom [quote][/quote] the cheat probobly[img][video][/video] [/img]

Added 14th Mar 2015, ID #528357

When i was younger and just learning, i was playing alone in Mushroom Gorge and i fell of of the cave of mushrooms, but i bounced back up from the bottom mushrooms. Have i discovered a never before seen cheat?

Added 28th Aug 2013, ID #307193

[size=24][/size] [color=blue][/color] I've tried the gap jump but it didn't work

Added 2nd Aug 2013, ID #302045

Mushroom Gorge makes me think of Warmness On the Soul by Avenged Sevenfold. 1:33-2:45 I give my heart to you. 1:42-2:37 I give my heart cause nothing can compare in this world to you. (Woh-oh-oh)

Added 18th Nov 2012, ID #210007

Um, hello? Thers a very broken but very helpful thing called a gap cut!

Added 10th Nov 2012, ID #207188

Sorry, but the right route of the path split outside of the cave is optimal- it yields trick boost. Also, if you have a boost mushroom, towards the beginning, just before the first turn, there is a hidden red mushroom you can boost onto as an effective shortcut. I tested both of these things multiple times with 4 different characters, Dry Bones, Funky Kong, Toadette and Bowser Jr. to confirm it. Also, optimal character choices for time trials are Funky and Toadette for this stage, as well as most others. In VS/Grand Prix, I recommend a middleweight, like Mario or Yoshi, to take this on.

Added 3rd Nov 2012, ID #204857

Although I think mushroom gorge is hard, it's actually really easy.

Added 21st Jul 2012, ID #167040

Just after the start/finish line is a grassy area that looks like it's a drop. If you use a mushroom, you will land on a hidden jump mushroom that leads you to the wooden platform in front of the mushroom on point 4. Practice this in the time trials to see what I'm on about.

Added 8th Oct 2011, ID #78957

my record for it is 1:57.

Added 11th Jul 2011, ID #56962

What?MK King

Added 20th Jun 2011, ID #50764

good shorts cut in mushroom gorge and yes you could cut through the grass after the cave but there some really specials shortc ut in mushroom gorge which is very difficult to perform

Added 27th Mar 2011, ID #34526

bouncy mushroom fun!

Added 3rd Dec 2010, ID #20053