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- Characters
Mario Kart Wii

- Characters

Mario Kart Wii Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Mario Kart Wii - Characters

Knowing is half the battle, right? Here you can find all the characters and all the vehicles statistics in the game. Choose the ones that best fit your racing style.

Why I combined these two sections is because of a new mechanic in Mario Kart Wii. Whereas in old MK games every character had different stats, in MKWii, every character within the same weight class as the exact same stats. The stats vary based on your vehicle, not your character. Also, all characters within the same weight class have access to the same vehicles.

Ok, here’s what the stats mean:
- Speed: Higher this stat, the higher the vehicles top speed will be. 
- Weight: The higher the stat, the lower you’ll jump but the farther you’ll be able to push
   opposing cars.
- Acceleration: Higher this stat, the faster the vehicle will get up to top speed.
- Handling: Higher this stat, the easier it is to turn the car.
- Drift: Higher this stat, the easier it will be to get a drift boost.
- Off-road: Higher this stat, the less effect going off road will have.
- Mini-Turbo: The higher this stat, the longer and more powerful your drift boosts will be


Listed in the order that they appear in game.


Baby Mario

Baby Luigi

Baby Peach

Baby Daisy



Koopa Troopa

Dry Bones

- Acceleration
- Handling
- Mini-turbo

- Speed
- Weight
- Off-road








Diddy Kong

Bowser Jr.

- Balanced all-round

- Not particularly great at anything

Bowser Jr. is NOT Baby Bowser. Baby Bowser is Bowser as a baby. Bowser Jr. is Bowser’s son. Some people just can't grasp that concept.




Donkey Kong


King Boo


Funky Kong

Dry Bowser

- Speed
- Weight
- Off-road
- Drift

- Acceleration
- Handling
- Mini-Turbo

Dry Bowser is from New Super Mario Bros.
Rosalina is from Super Mario Galaxy. Why she is a heavyweight is unknown.



The weight class of your Mii is dependent upon the weight of your Mii.
There is also an alternate costume that makes you Mii wear Mario’s cloths.

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Mario Kart Wii

Comments for - Characters

141 comments, latest first.
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ID #541198 | Apr 11th 2015 Guest
waluigi should be a light because he's very skinny. I can imagine him in the stroller car already
ID #495434 | Jan 3rd 2015 Guest
I dont have dry bower. BUT HE LOOKES COOL!
ID #494449 | Jan 2nd 2015 Guest
i would choose 3 characters which was Baby Mario Bowser Jr and Toadetee please use these players in a race or battle
baby booster for baby mario
Reuglar Bike for Toadetee
Blooper Car For Bowser jr
thank you
Natasha O
ID #427907 | Jul 30th 2014 Guest
I got a new kart it was easy
ID #393809 | Jun 4th 2014 Guest
Seriously, why did they have to discontinue nintendo WFC for wii?
ID #392857 | Jun 2nd 2014 Guest
i have to have rosalina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(if i haved spelled rosalina wrong let me know)
ID #367845 | Mar 24th 2014 Guest
Smile Love each animal or person in that game
ID #284082 | May 20th 2013 Guest
You unlock Mii outfit B by beating all of the easy staff ghosts and what I mean by that is beating or getting the fast staff ghost or expert one. I unlocked everything and I have a one star ranking. Well I didn't get Rosalina by getting a star or more. You can unlock her by having a save file on Super Mario Galaxy 1 and racing 50 races. Well yeah it was SO SO SO frustrating trying to get a star.
ID #269631 | Apr 1st 2013 Guest
i got everthing in except mii outfit B but my game got scratched up i think my brother did it @ suspicouis
ID #268691 | Mar 30th 2013 Guest
Hi wat the... why am I here and how did I get here I'm ment to get a recipe for sponge cake
ID #257588 | Feb 23rd 2013 Guest
I have unlocked everything and have a 2 star ranking, my online rating is 8700. I use mii outfit B on the nitrocycle. It's an amazing combination
All the different players have stats for them by the way, go to mario kart wiki to see them. Bowser Jr is considerably worse than everyone else in stats, which sucks cause he's my favourite
ID #255375 | Feb 17th 2013 Guest
i had the same problem on unlocking rosalina i got a star on mirior mode but i just cant win miroir laef cup what iam i doing wrong. i was singing . i just mater is ther .ok so lets say that you want to be a raceing champeoin well you came to the rite kid on this website i ben happen to help you buti think will skip whih my common for now.but frist let me tell you how to unlock baybie luigi so youi need to get on the rode and strat your tiers because im am going tell you of the time that i unlok brido so if you want to unlock all identanirs you need to get on the past.hope my idea helps you good luck.
ID #254199 | Feb 14th 2013 Guest
ID #248422 | Jan 31st 2013 Guest
Can you get goomba the mushroom and the flying koopa I have. Birdo king boo dry bones diddly kong
ID #248420 | Jan 31st 2013 Guest
Can you get goomba the mushroom and the flying koopa