N64 Mario's Raceway ( ShC)

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Mario Kart Wii Guide - N64 Mario's Raceway (Shell Cup)

N64 Mario's Raceway


1) Drift boost around the bend and wheelie to point 2
2) Drift boost around
3) Drift boost and wheelie to point 4
4) If you have a mushroom, you can cut the corner behind the large mushroom. If not, drift boost around the corner.
5) If you have a mushroom, you can take the ramp on the left. Otherwise, drift boost around the bend.
6) Wheelie all the way down this stretch.
7) Drift boost around the corner. You can either hold it or do two in a row.
8) Start your second boost here if you choose to do two.
9) Drift boost around the corner
10) Wheelie through this stretch
11) Drift boost around, then wheelie through point 1.

A very simple course, though kind of long. Bike rule here.