Time Trials

Mario Kart Wii Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Mario Kart Wii Guide - Time Trials

Time Trials

Time Trials allow you to set the best possible time for any given course. You can race alone, or compete against a Ghost to see who scores better.

A Ghost is a recording of a player that has played the course before and got a really good time on it. You can race against it to see who has the better tactic. Ghosts cannot interfere with you, nor can you it.

You look like you've seen a ghost...

In Time Trials, there are no item blocks. You start with 3 mushrooms and that's all you get.

You may be wondering “Why would I want to do this? It sounds like a pain...” and you'd be right, it's a pain. However, this is the fastest way to unlock a lot of the characters (this, or play 5,000 Grand Prix races). Plus, you get bragging rights.

Now, in order to unlock characters, you have to get a REALLY good time. Doing this unlocks the “Expert” Staff Ghosts. The Expert Staff Ghosts have times that you wouldn't believe on some tracks. Luckily, you don't have to beat the ESG, just unlock them. Beating them just gives you bragging rights.


- The best vehicles to use are the Heavy class. They have insane top speeds, and since there is nothing to slow you down (unless you go off course), you can reach top speed and hold it for the entire race.

- Perfect the start boost. It can shave a few seconds off your time, and helps off-set the heavy vehicles low acceleration.

- Learn ALL the shortcuts. You'll need them.

- Perfect your drift boosts. It's a little different with heavy vehicles, so if you're not used to them it'll take some time to get just right.

- Practice. Practice. Practice. This isn't something you can do a night before a party in hopes of unlocking all characters. This is going to take time. You'll often have to go over the same track a good 10 times before you even get close to a good time.

Below, you'll find a list of the time requirements to unlock an Expert Staff Ghost. Note that the times could be off by a second in either direction. The exact times are hard to get, obviously.

Expert Staff Ghost

Mushroom Cup

Luigi Circuit - 1:24.411
Moo Moo Meadows - 1:33.571
Mushroom Gorge - 2:05.494
Toad's Factory - 2:12.784

Flower Cup

Mario Circuit - 1:39.183
Coconut Mall - 2:24.788
DK's Snowboard Cross - 2:24.725
Wario's Gold Mine - 2:14.932

Star Cup

Daisy Circuit - 1:48.791
Koopa Cape - 2:54.897
Maple Treeway - 2:50.229
Grumble Volcano - 2:19.524

Special Cup

Dry Dry Ruins - 2:21.681
Moonview Highway - 2:07.016
Bowser's Castle - 2:55.017
Rainbow Road - 2:59.293

Shell Cup

GCN Peach Beach - 1:30.698
DS Yoshi Falls - 1:12.901
SNES Ghost Valley 2 - 1:03.752
N64 Mario Raceway - 2:07.915

Banana Cup

N64 Sherbet Land - 2:37.784
GBA Shy Guy Beach - 1:39.255
DS Delfino Square - 2:33.107
GCN Waluigi Stadium - 2:24.645

Leaf Cup

DS Desert Hills - 2:01.141
GBA Bowser Castle 3 - 2:50.637
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway - 2:49.028
GCN Mario Circuit - 1:55.267

Lightning Cup

SNES Mario Circuit 3 - 1:34.828
DS Peach Gardens - 2:29.006
GCN DK Mountain - 2:50.248
N64 Bowser's Castle - 3:06.723



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In Koopa Cave I got a score of 2:52:581 and didnt unlock anything. Why is that?

Added 4th Jun 2015, ID #565504

DK Summit I unlocked with a time of 2:25.886.

Added 16th Apr 2015, ID #543734

People are getting scores like 1sec because they wait 2 hr which starts the count over

Added 4th Apr 2015, ID #537650

Thanks for the tips. But I agree with one of the comenters, i am in elementry school and I am a pro at this game!!!!!

Added 31st Mar 2015, ID #535787

What if the time for the experts on my Wii are 4-5 seconds faster than the times listed above?

Added 11th Nov 2014, ID #470131

How do I know when I've got a expert ghost data, because I've unlocked Funky Kong, but I dont know how? And Funky Kong is unlocked by winning 4 experts? Or what?! PLEAS, how do I know when I have unlocked an expert? :-)

Added 12th Jun 2014, ID #398209

It will say fast staff ghist has appeared in bottom left corner

Added 23rd Jul 2015, ID #588390

mine was the ghost valley my time 58.563

Added 8th Jun 2014, ID #395830

You'll know when you unlock an expert (fast) staff ghost, cause when you beat a normal one by at least 2-3 seconds, it'll say, a fast staff ghost has appeared on (random) track! If the time on a staff ghost is different than or quicker than the staff ghost you raced against, it's the fast one. I usually complete all courses in one cup then move on to the next cup. Don't leave a track until you unlock the ghost! Some of the harderish courses are GBA Shy Guy Beach, SNES Ghost Valley 2, and SNES Mario Circuit 3. Oh, and BTW to unlock some characters they are: Unlock 8 fast staff ghosts for Baby Luigi, Unlock 4 for Funky Kong, and 32 for Mii Outfit B.

Added 4th Mar 2014, ID #361024

this helped a lot thx so much XOXO

Added 1st Jul 2013, ID #294044

Alright, so these times are true. What needs to happen is you need to get that time to unlock the ghost I believe. Once you've unlocked all Expert Ghosts (Which with enough practice, like they said, shouldn't take too long) you will need to exit to the license select screen, then enter back, and anything you would've unlocked should be unlocked. If you are confused as to if you've unlocked the Expert Ghost for a track, compare your time to the times listed here. If it is less then/equal to, then it is unlocked. Or just play all 32 in a row, and unlock them all in a row. Also, don't leave a track until you've finished it. If you are one who goes from track to track, keep records of the tracks you've completed. Good guide btw

Added 4th Jun 2013, ID #287826

What Tracks do you think is the most Glitched?

Added 10th May 2013, ID #281565

why are people getting 0.001 secs. how is it possible???

Added 6th Apr 2013, ID #271108

THE EASIEST TRACK ON WORLD :GCN Dk Mountain.My Time Is 1.20.243

Added 5th Feb 2013, ID #250547

I kneed 2 find out how 2 unlock funkie kowng SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!!!

Added 30th Jan 2013, ID #247749

Is anyone else got a 3 star rank 9999 points and is amazing

Added 25th Jan 2013, ID #246247

Where the hell can i get some((((((((( CHEATS ))))))))) Cause these arn't CHEATS there walk throughs and guides. That's all!!! I have been looking all over the internet for (((((((((( CHEATS )))))))))) not these unlockables and how to beat them......... I want just plain Really good (((((((((( CHEATS ))))))))) Not this!!! Can Someone just tell me a couple good ((((((((( CHEATS ))))))))) PLEASE!!!!! Thank You so much! plz reply to me as quick as possible. thk you!

Added 22nd Aug 2012, ID #178813

Just unlock 8 expert staff ghost on any track

Added 25th Jul 2012, ID #168210

i have tried to unlock baby luigi since i already have funky kong but i dont know which tracks i got expert staff in!!!!!! please help! addd another page for this or something ):

Added 12th Jun 2012, ID #151859

how do you know when you've got a expert ghost data, because i unlocked funky kong but i dont know which tracks. PLEASE HELP!!!

Added 3rd Jun 2012, ID #148325

Hehe flat!!

Added 6th May 2012, ID #140022

I'm Champ Rowe-Burnett Brandon,I go to ********* elementery school,I live at ******************************!I'm a pro at this game!!!

Added 6th May 2012, ID #140021

It's me again,Hello,I've unlocked EVERYTHING!!!Mii outfit c and d aren't real![size=19][/size]

Added 6th May 2012, ID #140020


Added 6th May 2012, ID #140017

I'm the world champion on all levels!And on Wi-Fi!

Added 6th May 2012, ID #140015

Spoiler you haft to scratch your ball sack for time trials I only need two characters now

Added 29th Mar 2012, ID #127440

[size=12][size=12][b][/b] [/size] [/size] cool

Added 24th Feb 2012, ID #118014

Thanks for trying to help these people! I will practice a LOT! I hope you can come over to my house and try to earn Birdo.(To get her, you have to win 16 time trials witout messing up. Its hard!)

Added 22nd Jan 2012, ID #108354

is hard!!

Added 22nd Jan 2012, ID #108304

Need all of 'em

Added 13th Jan 2012, ID #105578

i have un-locked mii outfit b!!!!!

Added 12th Jan 2012, ID #105123

I find it hard to drift with big bikes so im not sure ill use 'em

Added 8th Jan 2012, ID #104210

Thanks this helped me a lot

Added 22nd Dec 2011, ID #97426

i beat the ghost but still did not have it

Added 1st Dec 2011, ID #91929

um... do u have to beat the ghost or just get a good time

Added 12th Oct 2011, ID #79910

I need to unlock the expert staff ghost on SNES Mario Circuit 3. I do the trial on automatic and this is the last ghost I need to unlock. Can somebody please help me I have been trying to unlock this ghost for a week. Please tell me what character and what vehicle to use. Remember I do this on automatic and I have tried manual but its to hard ti control.

Added 28th Aug 2011, ID #70828

thx this really helped - also u can use yoshi in the Turbo Blooper, it has great off-road and is excelent on the short cuts (even the ones where u need boosts like Dry Dry Ruins)!

Added 10th Aug 2011, ID #65997

i can beat some of the ghost on their time i just can't beat them by the time i need to

Added 23rd Jul 2011, ID #60487

I beat the whole game I just can't get the expert ghost in shy guy beach and yoshi falls does any one have any tips. Help me my email is joebaez1@yahoo.com

Added 17th Jun 2011, ID #49789

Hi.I beat the world champions time on Luigi Circuit but i'm not world champion.Why?

Added 28th May 2011, ID #45541

i have a faster time than the world champion on koopa cape but i am not the champion why?

Added 23rd Mar 2011, ID #33901


Added 21st Mar 2011, ID #33542

You haf to beat the expert by 4 seconds to get anything I saw it with my own eyes on with what I'm using now

Added 25th Feb 2011, ID #30354

How do the world champions get their mini turbos earlier than usual? They barely take a tight turn, but it shows up for them anyway. What do I have to do in order to do the same?

Added 29th Jan 2011, ID #27201

First this site almost blew up my computer 2 times. i have WAY better tips. i beat by a million seconds and i don't have all the expert ghosts. are these nooby times the ones you got? everyone reading this, don't beleive this bs site

Added 16th Jan 2011, ID #25609

ok so on GCN DK Mountain i got 02:23.516 AND THE TIME TO BEAT IS 02:38.130. and it STILL WONT UNLOCK. i dont know whats goin on it took me all day to get a score that good but its the only one that doesnt give me the expert staff. i didnt even hit a single wall and used the best short cut. someone PLZZZZZZZ help

Added 13th Jan 2011, ID #25251

in shy guy beach i got 1 minutes and 22 seconds im near the world record if you see a guy name @inkylewr thats me on momo meadows i got 1 minute and 17 seconds

Added 9th Jan 2011, ID #24788

This is all COMEPLETELY wrong!!!!! Can't believe i almost believed it! not one is right! to my wii and my friend's wii!!!

Added 9th Jan 2011, ID #24713

Thank you soooo much

Added 3rd Jan 2011, ID #23926

my username on mario kart wii is @inkylewr my record from grumble volcanoe is 20 seconds flat just of the world record if you would like to add me on google and write mario kart wii freind codes exchage then double click the 1st one and find my user name in australia and my username is @inkylewr
in shy guy beach i have the continet record but im 1 second of the world record i am very good at mario kart wii my online rating in 9999 and on mario circut i got 59. 999 seconds in yoshi fall im coming 10th in world wide or 6th i have some world records plz add me

Added 31st Dec 2010, ID #23296

wrong but very good and interesting cheats

Added 19th Nov 2010, ID #18595