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Mario Kart Wii Walkthrough and Guide

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Mario Kart Wii Guide - Online Play

Mario Kart Wii has a fully functioning online mode. Pretty much everything you can do in single player you can do online. This includes races and battles. You can even play with up to two people on the same console while online.

You can play with random people from around the world, or you can opt to just play with friends. To register someone as your friend, you need their Mario Kart Wii friend code. Then just go into the Mario Kart Wii Channel and enter it in. Alternately, if said person is already in your Wii friend book, you can send them a friend request from the Mario Kart Wii Channel.

Mario Kart Wii Channel

Mario Kart Wii Channel Menu

- Friends: Here you can register new friends or check on the online status of old friends
- Ghosts: Here you can race against ghost data from around the world, or delete ghosts that have downloaded in the past.
- Rankings: Here you can check your Time Trial ghosts against racers world-wide. You can upload your ghosts for others to download and race against, or you can download someone elses.
- Tournament: If a special tournament is held, this is where you'd enter. Go in for more details.

You can download this channel to your Wii Message Board via that banner at the bottom (it cycles around). If you're really into this game, it's well worth it.

You can also use the banner at the bottom to send Mario Kart Wii friend requests to anyone in your Wii friend book. These requests are much easier then using friend codes, as your friend will just get a message and if they select “Yes” then poof, you're now registered MKWii friends. You can only send so many out a day, though.

Your friends are displayed on this cool globe.

Online Play

Main Menu

From here, you can choose to play with friends or with random people (world-wide or within your region).

Next you'll have to pick the game type you want (Battle or a race)

Finally you'll be put into your games party, and will then pick your character, vehicle, and track of choice. The game will randomly go between all the characters choice tracks, and pick one of them to play on.

NOTE: Error codes
A lot of times you'll get error codes 91010 or 31010. These are both server issues (IE, the problem is on Nintendo's end). You'll have to try back later to play. If you get a different error code when trying to play, go to and type in your error code into the search box.


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how i play mario kart wii by computer?

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me and my friend love wii. We r really good at it too so we r trying to play together when we r at our own homes. This helped us a lot . Thx.

Added 3rd Aug 2015, ID #593369

Do you know how to play Mario kart wii with the Nintendo wifi connection while it is closed down?

Added 31st Jul 2015, ID #591762

hi this website is DUMB!

Added 4th Apr 2015, ID #537670

Can you still do this?

Added 24th Aug 2014, ID #440333

No, Nintendo WFC services ended on May 20, 2014. If you softmodded your Wii, you can use Wiimmfi.

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Added 10th Jun 2014, ID #397123

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I am very happy that I have Mario Kart anyway!!
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