Toad's Factory (MC)

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Mario Kart Wii Guide - Toad's Factory (Mushroom Cup)

Toad's Factory


1) Drift boost around the bend.
2) Watch for the crushing gumball machines. Wheelie through this area. Note the belts under them, though. Find the one with the green arrows and ride it to the exit, as it will speed you up. The red arrows will slow you down, though, so be warned.
3) Drift boost around the corner.
4) Carefully jump across the moving platforms here.
5) Watch the belts, as they bring boxes with them. Don't try for an item box unless it crosses right in front of you.
6) More moving platforms to jump over.
7) Hug the corner and drift boost around.
8) In this section, the belts change direction ever lap, so stay on the green arrows.
9) Hug the corner again and drift boost through.
10) Don't wheelie in this section.
11) Drift boost around the corner.
12) Here the walls move back and forth, revealing mud and/or boost pads beneath them. If you have a mushroom, don't bother and just boos through. Otherwise, you'll have to time the ramps to either trick off of them or grab a hidden boost pad under them.

Some the corners can be tough, so good handling is a good trait for this course. The mud at the end can also be a pain, and comes down more to luck then anything.

Point 8: Drifting while on the belt

Point 12: Hidden boost pads


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I like the jazz music homies. Gnarly dude! The jazz music played at toad's factory rocks yo!

Added 1st Dec 2012, ID #214276

The crushing gumball machine hurts dude.

Added 26th May 2012, ID #145674

Unlocked the fast staff ghost

Added 27th Jul 2011, ID #61527

worse.hate these one!!!MK King

Added 20th Jun 2011, ID #50766

at the point at 10 you can you a mushroom on the 1st bump and jump over the pool of water but i think it useless because it doesnt save that much time you wont get ahead the much and you most likely land in the water which is werse

Added 27th Mar 2011, ID #34527

You call moving though the huge bulldozers at the end luck!? The bulldozers always alternate so just do an s shape from the first revealed boost pad to the next and then on to the jump ramp. Tip: on hard to handle vehicles, don't do a jump trick on the small mounds between 10 and 11. This caused me to loose a lot of races. Trust me!

Added 31st Jul 2010, ID #6871

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