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- Identity Theft
Batman: Arkham City

- Identity Theft

Batman: Arkham City Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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Side-Mission: Identity Theft

If you are a fan of the Batman stories chances are you already know who we are looking for, but I am assuming you do not and so we will keep this spoiler free, right?  Right!  You really have to love it that they managed to include so much of the lore and the different stories into this game!

Victim #1

The first victim becomes available after you exit the Subway Station for the first time -- and appears on the map as a marker.  Put the pointer on the map over the marker to get the story from the patrol and Strange and then proceed to the marker.

In an alley on the southwest side of town is a body that has been stripped and its face mutilated -- follow the marker to the alley and scan the crime scene to begin this Side-Mission and scan the face and the blood on the ground. 

Now track the blood trail and you will find a Political Prisoner who saw someone who he says looked like Bruce Wayne dump the body!  Well obviously  it cannot be Bruce -- we are Bruce!  

Victim #2

This body is located in the alley on the northeast side of the building below and to the right of the Courthouse -- slumped against the wall with a weapon beside it.  When you arrive scan the crime scene and then scan the weapon and the victim's face.

You discover that the killer paralyzes the vocal chords before removing the face, and you conclude that the attacks are carefully planned -- not random.  Once you scan the weapon you find fingerprints and contact Oracle -- asking her to run the prints through all of the databases.

Oracle finds a match -- they are YOUR fingerprints.  Oracle is concerned that you are the person who is perpetrating the crime here... Wow, way to have faith in us!  You are sure it wasn't you -- heck even I am sure it wasn't you -- and besides what would we be doing with these faces??

This wraps up the second victim.

Victim #3

Located in the alley to the west of the Ace Chemical Building (see the video if you have trouble finding this one), the third and final victim reveals more clues -- so scan the crime scene and then scan teh face to learn more about the maniac's technique.  Now scan the stain on the ground by his foot to identify the bleach, which you can trace.

Follow the bleach trail to the thug and interrogate him -- he claims that Bruce Wayne paid him to dump the body, and then tells you where the man is hiding out.  You now get a map marker for the location of the lair -- head there now!

When you get inside the lair start searching and, when you find the audio journal listen to it.  Doctor Thomas Elliot is the culprit here, and you now know what his plan is.  As the journal plays out you see Elliot on the other side of the barricade -- he is a patchwork of Bruce Wayne!

Hack the console to open the gate and then contact Oracle to update the file -- if you were expecting a Boss Battle well, sorry, but no -- Elliot has escaped.  You vow to hunt him down later, and as you finish the conversation you unlock the Achievement "Serial Killer" (25 GS) for completing the Side-Mission!  Good on ya mate! 

If completing the previous step here did not level you this should.  By now you should be pretty close of having almost every upgrade, but there is still room for us to level!

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Comments for - Identity Theft

5 comments, latest first.
ID #177650 | Aug 19th 2012 Guest
i have completed story mode so will the batsuits unlock or is there any other way
ID #170648 | Jul 31st 2012 Guest
use rec gun on a button in there
ID #133155 | Apr 13th 2012 Guest
[quote][/quote] How do you solve the dead end riddle in the subway? It is the room with three riddles and the floor shocks you?[quote][/quote]
Use your line launcher and sit on it while the floor is on. After its done jump off, then get the trophies.
ID #123796 | Mar 17th 2012 Guest
How do you solve the dead end riddle in the subway? It is the room with three riddles and the floor shocks you?
ID #103753 | Jan 7th 2012 Guest
just saying i found standing on top of the ace chemicals building the third victim was on the east not the west
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