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P05E: The Iceberg Lounge
Batman: Arkham City

P05E: The Iceberg Lounge

Batman: Arkham City Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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The Iceberg Lounge

Right -- before we actually head to the Lounge we need to return to the Armory and get the override code from the suit there -- and with the ice now mostly melted that is a lot easier!  So go do that, and when you approach the suit you get a CS and order the cops to take the suit to Freeze.  You interface the control override code to your system and now it is finally time to go say hello to The Penguin and his Little Friend!

As you approach the entrance your raft will be attacked by the shark -- just do rapid 'X' attacks to get rid of it, then RB up and head in to face him, and disable his uber-weapon!  Walk out onto the bridge -- you may take a few hits -- and use the override, then punch him!  Yeah, that felt good...

But wait -- he is not as beat as he looked!  As the CS plays out you see that you have a battle ahead of you -- Solomon Grundy!

--== Solomon Grundy Boss Battle ==--

This one is likely to give you a hard go if you do not understand what is happening and what you are supposed to be doing -- but let's start with what is happening first...  Grundy is being recharged by Penguin using the vents in the floor here -- they charge him up, restoring his health.

Grundy has three basic attacks -- swinging the balls and chain in a circle, attacking with one of the other, and a close-in attack.  Basically you need to avoid all of these.

Now the first stage of this battle is dealt with by using the Quick-Gel attack on the vents, disabling them and stunning Grundy in the process!  Once you take the last one out and he is weak and kneeling go pound on him!  There ya go!  Good on ya!

Ah but Penguin is not finished with you or Grundy it seems -- and he re-enables the vents remotely!


Solomon Grundy Battle


Now you need to take the vents out again -- but this time their armor covers cycle open and closed, so basically you need to place the charge and then detonate when the cover is open -- all a matter of timing that you will master quickly!

Attack him again, and you will unlock the Achievement "Wrecking Ball" (25 GS) for your troubles!  Penguin is getting angrier than he was if you can imagine that -- and as you move to Grundy to finish him off you get grabbed by him!  There is still more fight left it seems -- and somehow he manages to reactivate the vents and it is Katy Bar the Door one more freaking time!

Right, I agree, that third time was sort of overkill, but hey, what are you going to do?  Blow up the vents, that is what!  With the vents destroyed again, head over to Grundy and give him the killing blow, ripping his heart out -- at which point Penguin -- remember Penguin? -- attacks with a rocket launcher!  Yeah, we need to fry this bird!

Your basic strategy here is simple -- he fires in 3 and 4 shot bursts that you need to dodge then he reloads -- when he is doing that get as close as you can and rinse and repeat until you get right on top of him -- and beat the crap out of him!

With Penguin down you get a CS in which Penguin gets a little attitude adjustment from Freeze -- and then we get treated to the backstory for our next objective!

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Comments for P05E: The Iceberg Lounge

3 comments, latest first.
ID #413528 | Jul 7th 2014 Guest
how do u get in the iceberg lounge the 2nd time??????????
ID #172279 | Aug 4th 2012 Guest
Great game guide and perfect stratergys to figure it [email protected]
ID #101087 | Dec 31st 2011 Guest
Hello I just finish the game and Iam going to get all the trophy I want to go back to the iceberg room and it lock! how do I unlock it please help!
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