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- A Shot in the Dark
Batman: Arkham City

- A Shot in the Dark

Batman: Arkham City Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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Side-Mission -- A Shot in the Dark

Deadshot Side-Mission Body 1

This is a different sort of Political Prisoner Rescue mission and not really part of the other Side-Mission though it shares some participants -- you know, Arkham City really is not a nice place! 

This Side-Mission begins when you detected an SOS call from a man on the roof of the building and, when you arrived to talk to him he began to explain that he was originally hired to set up the communications system but was then thrown in the prison by Strange.  Before he can elaborate he is killed by a sniper!

You scan the 'crime scene' and focus on the bullet strike -- which was a through-and-through, figure out the direction it came from and then head there to investigate further.  At the Sniper Position Crime Scene you scan the ground here to learn what type of bullet was used -- and you determine that the likely doer is the assassin Deadshot!

-- The Second Body --

Deadshot Side-Mission Body 2

As you went about doing the first section of riddles you will have unlocked this second body -- open the map and locate the marker and then head there now!  When you get in the area go up on a building and use Detective Vision to spot the body on the elevated highway section - glide to that and scan to find the bullet strike.

After a CS with Oracle you need to head for the origin point of the shot, where you will a tripod that Deadshot left behind that has trace evidence in it.  You have another CS with Oracle in which you discuss the evidence -- while it is not definitive it does narrow down some the possible locations where he may be keeping his base. 

It is going to take additional clues however, before we can finally track him to his base...  Completing this part brings the Side-Mission to 40% completion.

Deadshot Side-Mission Body 3

-- The Third Body --

While winging your way through the city you hear a shot!  (Isn't that how it always happens?)  A quick check of the map earns you a comm-link from Oracle and a marker on your screen -- there has been another victim! 

When you arrive at the crime scene there are some thugs standing around talking about the victim and, as it turns out, they are not as dumb as they look, at least not all of them!  One of the thugs observes that this was clearly an execution slaying -- one shot to the head.

After you take out the thugs scan the crime scene and lock in on the bullet strike, then start tracking it to its origin point... You will have to deal with other groups of thugs as you track it but you soon discover that the shot came from a wall nearby which does not seem likely...  But then you realize what it means!  Dead Shot pulled off what we can only call a trick-shot, by ricocheting the shot off of the security shutter!  What an amazing shot!

We now have a new trajectory to trace, so follow that to the nearby rooftop, where you find a clue that helps you narrow-in on the likely location of his HQ!  Scanning this piece of evidence unlocks the Achievement "Forensic Expert" (10 GS) and reveals three potential locations on your map.  It is time to check those out!

-- Location 1: The Museum --
When you arrive at the Museum you head to the marker and the area opens up like a crime scene.  There is no evidence in plain sight on the roof, but there are three glowing orange covers (in Detective Vision) for the substation that you need to tear open! 

After tearing all three open you realize this is not the right place...

-- Location 2: North of the GCPD Building
When you arrive at the building roof north of the GCPD you hit pay dirt!  When you rip the cover off of the box you find Deadshot's PDA and on it the schedule of hits!  Hey, you are on that hit list!  Twice!  Seriously, once as Bruce Wayne, and once as the Batman, but that is not the bad news -- the bad news is that reporter Jack Ryder is the next target, and you only have three minutes to save him!

Wrapping up Deadshot

-- Saving Jack Ryder --
What are you waiting for?!  GO!

It will take you about a minute to get from where you are to Ryder assuming you do boosted flying.  When you arrive you find Ryder warming himself at a burning trash can -- say, didn't they shut down the prison??  Why is he still here?! 

Whatever - you run over and tackle him, causing Deadshot to miss and seriously get angry at you!  A brief CS sets you up on the roof, and it is time for you to battle Deadshot!

-- Deadshot Boss Battle --

The first thing you need to understand is that DS has some gadgets of his own -- you need to get to him without being seen because if you are seen his gadgets do a one-hit kill on you...

When he is looking away move from cover to cover with the destination being the vent opening for the duct that runs under the platform that he is standing on.  He is in the center of the platform standing on top of some floor grate doors.  Once you get into the duct simply move beneath him and execute a takedown move ('Y') to finish him off.

You get a CS in which you see the great Deadshot -- who I swear is the bloke who owns the comic shop on the TV show The Simpsons -- locked up.  You report your success to Oracle and mention that you will tell her father where to find him later.

You now unlock the Achievement "Contract Terminated" (25 GS)  and end your 10th Side-Mission!  That leaves only two left for you to finish -- Enigma Conundrum and Acts of Violence and, if you were paying attention there should have been a few of the Political Prisoner rescues during our winging around the city during this mission...  I hope you did those.

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