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- Enigma Conundrum
Batman: Arkham City

- Enigma Conundrum

Batman: Arkham City Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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Side-Mission: Enigma Conundrum

The Riddler Introduces the Enigma

The Riddler has drawn you back to the Church, and the Medical Teams are missing.  When you get inside he has left a video message for you, and a Riddle: "I am an instrument whose music always comes from the heart.  What am I?"

The answer is of course "An Organ" so run to the back of the Church and scan the organ there to solve the Riddle -- now you get the rest of the video, which includes the location of a hostage, and then  Riddler informs you that he has the entire medical team captive, and is using each as his hostage for a series of riddle-based challenges that he has created as a competition between you that will prove once and for all that he is smarter than you!

In the process of telling you about this challenge, Riddler also reveals that he has inserted his own army of special agents -- thugs in other words -- inside the thug armies of the other villains who have staked out claims to various sections of the city -- which explains how it is that Riddler is so well-informed about everything that is going on in Arkham City and especially in the camps of the other villains!

You learn that these thug-agents can be identified by the fact that they are highlighted in green by the computer in your Batsuit -- at least I think that is why they are green, because after all wouldn't the other thugs grow suspicion if there were members of their gang who glowed green?  I am just saying...

The point to all of this is that whenever you are battling a group of thugs and there is one in the group that is highlighted in green (we are calling those "Greenies" from now on), you want to be sure NOT to incap them!   Instead you should just battle and KO all of the other thugs until the Greenie is the only one left and then interrogate them for their information!  You can do that by hitting 'Y' when prompted to do so...

Completing this part of the Side-Mission also unlocks the Achievement "IQ Test" (10 GS) for solving the first riddle.  When you leave you get a sort of tutorial on this -- a group of three thugs with one marked in green -- so go ahead and take the others out, and then interrogate him now and you reveal some of the Riddler's Secrets on this part of the map!  Now how cool is that?

Note: the game has the hostages numbered wrong, as it ignores the first one...  I have numbered them including the first one to keep things straight in the guide, but you will notice that the various Achievements associated with this Side-Mission uses numbering that is one-off of the total in the guide.  Just expect that and ignore it, right? 

The First Hostage Rescue

Head to the Courthouse now --   once you get inside head upstairs and swoop down on the group to and start kicking butt -- but of course not the butt of the glowing green one!  Once they are down interrogate the Greenie and then rescue Eddie Burlow, who will pass on a message for you -- the frequency for the Riddler's station.

Burlow gives you the Enigma Box that Riddler left for you.  Use the Enigma Box to solve the riddle -- which is obviously "SECRET" right?  Right!  Once you complete moving the two halves of the word together, answer the riddle to get the next location for a hostage!

--== Second Hostage ==--

Head to the marker on the map and approach the ? painted on the wall -- use 'A' to smash through and then enter to get another video CS from Riddler with the next instructions. 

If you turn on Detective Mode and look around you will see a ?-marked pressure switch -- use the Batarang to trigger it and unlock the door!  Now head inside and again use Detective Mode to spot the ?'s -- when you hit them while they are lit it starts a timer that allows you to trigger the lift on the far-wall and open a path on the electric floor.  Basically you want the two that clear the floor -- the lift you use later. 

The Second Hostage Rescue

So clear the path by hitting the correct ? and run along the open path to the next "safe" spot -- rinse and repeat until you are at the end of the path (and standing on the lift) and then trigger the lift and, once you are at the top, glide to the platform with the hostage.  Hit 'A' to rescue Adam Hamasaki and get a CS in which he gives you the next frequency -- and you unlock the Achievement "Conundrum" (20 GS) for rescuing the first hostage!

--== How these Missions are Triggered ==--

Entering the code should reveal the next hostage location - but it does not!  Instead it reveals that you have not collected enough of the Riddler's Secrets to get the next location... 

This is really a very simple triggering system, and it works like this:

Riddle 1 -- 0 Secrets (You receive the Enigma Machine)
Riddle 2 -- 0 Secrets (First Riddler Hostage Location)
Riddle 3 -- 80 Secrets (Second Riddler Hostage Location)
Riddle 4 -- 160 Secrets (Third Riddler Hostage Location)
Riddle 5 -- 240 Secrets (Fourth Riddler Hostage Location)
Riddle 6 -- 320 Secrets (Fifth Riddler Hostage Location)
Oracle -- 400 Secrets (The Locations of Riddler's Secret Base)

Although it is implied in what he says, actually interrogating Riddler's Henchmen does NOT advance this quest directly, what it does is reveal more of the locations of the Secrets on the map, while obtaining the Secrets does advance the quest.  So really interrogating his henchmen does advance the quest, just not directly, but you should interrogate every single one that you can because doing so makes the process so much easier!

You should also bear in mind that you do NOT have to get EVERY Secret in order to complete this side-mission -- and it really would suck if you did have to because take it from me, there are some Riddler Secrets in the game that are protected by puzzles that you are going to have trouble solving.  In fact some of them will easily end up being the worse part of the game for you, and may require you to dedicate hours to the solving of them!

There are a total of 440 Riddler Secrets in the game, but you only need to collect 400 in total to obtain all of the clues that are required to solve this side-mission, which means this is not as bad as you might be thinking that it is...

To make this easier on you, I have included the required number of Secrets with each of the sub-sections below.  Good luck mates, this will be one of the more challenging side-missions in the game!

--== The Third Hostage ==--

To unlock this section you will have found at least 80 Secrets...

As you are aware, you needed to interrogate a lot of Greenies and pick up 80 Collectables to unlock this -- I am not sure if the Greenies you interrogate count, but even if they do not, each one reveals more of the Collectable locations on the map, so it is worth doing them anyway.  After you pick up 80 Collectables you now have access to the next map location -- so head there!

When you arrive at the map location you will find another wall marked with a "?" that you break down and, inside there is a door you walk through to find a Let's Make a Deal type setup with three doors -- and all that you need to do is pick the right one, right?  Well yeah, but rather than do it randomly we are going to cheat a little...

The Third Hostage Rescue

Drop down to the lower level and walk out onto the pad, and turn on Detective Vision.  Riddler will mix up the hostage (move him to a different door) but since you have Detective Vision on you can see which one he is at -- and hit that door's switch for the win!

Riddler is flabbergasted -- which is fine -- while we jump the gap and release Officer North, who gives us the next frequency which we dial into our decoder and learn that we need to uncover more secrets --  which means interrogate more Greenies and obtain more Trophies -- before we can get the next map location and rescue the next hostage!  OK, mischief managed... For now.

--== The Fourth Hostage ==--

To unlock this section you will have found at least 160 Secrets...

After completing a fair number of riddles and picking up 160 Collectables and destruction items, we have now unlocked the next hostage in the chain -- or rather the next Enigma Code!  The Riddle is: "I have a head, and a tail, but never any legs.  Do you know what I am?"

Using the Enigma Machine to turn the wheels to PEN NY for the answer -- which is Penny.  Riddler then shows you the location on the map -- so head there now!

As before the wall is marked by a large ? that we need to walk up to and break-through -- go through the pair of doors inside to arrive in the Riddle Room and view the video of Riddler telling you how much you suck and how cool he is!  Umm, yeah...

The Fourth Hostage Rescue

Make an ice raft and pull yourself across -- Riddler gets upset and accuses you of cheating.  Carefully examine the objects here with Detective Vision -- there are two motors and a magnet between them.  Use the REC on the left-hand motor to pull the magnet to the left which will engage the ? on that side.

Using the Remote Batarang, trigger the switch on the ? and then use the REC twice to pull the magnet to the other side, and regular Batarang the switch on the ? there.  On the right side of the room the opening with the spinning blades is no longer blocked, so what you want to do is use the Line Launcher to get through the first one and then target to the right to go through the one that branches in that direction.

When you land Riddler asks you if you are feeling too much pressure...

Observe the room using Detective Vision -- there is a box and a couple of motors in here -- starting with the one on the top (the highest motor) hit it with the REC and it will pull the box to it -- before it drops the box use the REC on the one to the left and the box will be pulled to it.  Now use the REC in reverse (RB) on the left motor to push the box in front of the one in the center, and use the REC in reverse (RB again) on the center motor to push the box onto the pressure pad, which then turns off the security barriers that were blocking the doors!

Go to the hostage now -- the Doctor -- and rescue her.  She gives you the next frequency (we do not have enough secrets but go ahead and punch the frequency in to verify that).    Saving the Doctor unlocks the Achievement "Puzzler" (30 GS) for rescuing the third hostage (really the fourth since the game did not count the first one, but whatever).  Well done!

--== The Fifth Hostage ==--

To unlock this section you will have found at least 240 Secrets...

The riddle for this hostage (which according to the game is the Fourth but it is not counting the bloke we rescued who gave us the Enigma Machine and I am) location is: I'll be right under your feet, in the midday sun; you cannot lose me, no matter how you run.  What am I?

Turn the Left Wheel to "SHA" and the Right Wheel to "DOW" and hit 'A' to solve this riddle!  The Riddler seems to be very upset with you!  Does he really think we are a cheater? 

-- The Next Location --

When we arrive in the area you will notice that there is a group of armed thugs nearby - three regular machine gun toting baddies and a Greenie!  Take out the three regular thugs and interrogate the Greenie, then if you have not done so before, use your Batarang to take out the camera here!  Now hop the fence and head to the marker on the wall...

Just as with the previous locations there is a wall with the Riddler's mark that we need to break down.  Pass through the first door inside to get a message from Riddler -- then go through the inner door and you will find yourself in a large chamber with an electrified floor similar to the ones we have previously dealt with, only this time there is a honking huge roller with lots of rotating blades on it that will slice and dice us -- if we let it, which we will not!

Near the door we just entered from there is a console and, when we hack it it opens a path on the floor and starts a timer.  You know what to do -- run to the safe spot with the ? on it at the end of the path -- except of course this is not really a safe spot is it?  Well, yeah if you duck it is but that is not really the point!

When you reach the safe spot select your Batarang and use it to close the switch at the opposite end of the room and that will open a new path and start a new timer -- when it is safe run to the other end of the room and climb up on the bridge, run to the safe spot on the bridge there and remain ducked over so that the bar cannot knock you off the bridge.

When the timer runs out use your Batarang on the switch to turn off the electricity and then jump the gap in the bridge and run to the next safe spot.  Mind the blade bar and, when it is safe to do so use the Line-Launcher to target the alcove in the northwest corner of the room -- zip there and you will get another message from Riddler and find a weakened wall that you can blow with Explosive Gel on the left, and a doorway blocked by a force field on the right.

Apply a demo charge to the weakened wall and you will see that there is a set of steel mesh walls blocking your access, and a large box in between them.  Above is a motor.  If you use your REC on the motor it will lift and move the box out of the way, revealing an opening in the mesh wall that is large enough for you to send your Remote Batarang inside, and close the switch in the far wall!

Doing this turns off the force field behind you -- with that mischief managed, head into the room that was blocked by the force field and you will find a pressure pad at the end, and another brief message from Riddler.  The room below is full of things that will kill you -- but let's try not to do that right?

-- The Rescue --

First, this is not that complicated.  If you take a moment to examine the room ahead, you obviously do not want to go all the way to the other end, but you just as obviously need to use the Line-Launcher.  Ah, but there is an opening on the right!

As you zip along look through the opening and you will see the hostage -- and that they are between YOU and the weakened wall all the way back where we entered this chamber at through the front door!  Could it be that simple?  Why, yes, I think it can!

Simple being an operative word, target the hostage with the Line-Launcher and when you are lined up trigger it to change direction, and you will sweep past grabbing the hostage and the both of you will end up smashing through the weakened wall and landing in the foyer at the building entrance!  Well done mates!  My God you are good at this!

The hostage seems a little freaked out, but he gives you the next set of frequencis anyway.  You let him know that he can rest here, and that he should probably try to make his way to the Church once he has calmed down and rested.

We have rescued yet another hostage -- feels good -- and for our troubles we have unlocked another Achievement: "Intellectual" (30 GS) -- feels great! -- but that pretty much concludes this episode of Not Doing the Story Line!

Yup, it is time to head over to have a chat with The Joker and get us our cure -- and what do you know, we are in the right part of town and everything!  How cool is that?!  Head back to the previous section now if you are following the guide -- otherwise do what you like because you are probably wrapping up the unfinished tasks during your Game Play play-through!

--== The Sixth Hostage ==--

To unlock this section you will have found at least 240 Secrets...

I am sure that the appearance of the notice that you should use the Enigma Machine was a welcome sight for you.  Wow, you have obtained 240 of Riddler's Secrets.  Way to go!

The next riddle for you to answer is:  "Riddle me this: Hit me hard and I will crack but you'll never stop me from staring back.  What am I?"

The answer is a Mirror of course, so set the left cog to MIR and the right cog to ROR and hit 'A' to really annoy the Riddler!  He challenges you to save the final guard -- as if we would not do that as a matter of course!  Now that we have the location on our map and all!

When you arrive on the rooftop there is the expected marker painted on the wall.  Break through that and go through the door inside to get another video message from Riddler.  Inside the second door is the Riddler room and it is another electrical one...

To your right is a low gate to slide under, and in the next area you need to use your REC to raise the next gate and slide under but beware -- there is a spiked gate on the other side that will kill you if you get too close while it is coming down, so do not do that...  There is a timer you do not know about running here -- once you use the REC and slide under you CANNOT stay in this next area long or you will be die, so immediately time your move well and slide under both this and the next gate while it is rising.  You have to clear both gates because that crusher thing covers the entire inside area here...

The Fifth Hostage Rescue

-- Question Mark Trap --

In the next area you are safe on the red and black squares while you listen to Riddler's next message -- ahead of you and above are some switches that you need to use your Batarang on in order to turn off the electricity for the squares ahead of you.

If you mess up you get shocked and so does the hostage -- after you close the first switch a 4-second timer starts and this resets with each switch you close, so take your time, be accurate, but do it fast, right?  With the power off on the squares run to the far wall where there is a painted question mark.

This part was not as obvious as expected and it took me a minute to figure out what I was supposed to do, so I expect you will need a minute as well...  I mean yeah, the motor was up there on the wall but I was sort of expecting not to have to work as hard on this one LOL.  So yeah, use the REC on the motor and it will smash the crates on the other side of the force field through the wall revealing a set of switches.  Yay!

Now arm your Remote Batarang and target the switches, closing them to turn off the force field. then run and jump the gap ahead and climb the ladder on the far wall.  As you can see in the area above here is another gap but it is too long to jump so arm your Line-Launcher and launch yourself over it, but immediately look to the right and prepare to change direction!

On your right is a blade tunnel -- you want to carefully zip through the center of that to the room beyond, where there is a console that you must hack to turn off another force field that is in the previous room above and to the right.  You will be shown it when it gets disabled, but what you do not see is that the electrical floor in the previous room is still live!

So...  Using the Line-Launcher return to the previous room but, before you exit the blade tunnel look right and be ready to change direction when you emerge so that you land in the safety of the ledge at that end of the room!  Now RB up to the ledge above and go through the opening that is no longer blocked by the force field.

-- A Charging Solution --

You get another brief video message from Riddler, and find yourself looking at another puzzle of sorts.  Turn on Detective Vision and you will note that there is a motor you can use here.  Use it and a load of crates will fall from the ceiling smashing into the floor below. 

Look down and you will see a pair of electromagnets are embedded in the floor below you and, when  you use the REC on them they will throw the crates into the far wall and smash it, clearing the way for you to use your trusty Line-Launcher to cross this gap now!

-- Miss-Direction - or Three Lefts make a Right --

From where you are standing there is another long gap that is perfect for your Line-Launcher -- but this time you want to be looking left right away so that you can change direction, and then immediately look left and change directions AGAIN, targeting the scaffold upon which the hostage is hostag-ified!

Take a moment to listen to RIddler's message and then grab the hostage and save her.  When you have her at the safe-point, you talk to her and are shocked to learn that Riddler did not give her a code!  That is rather odd...  As you point out, everyone else got one... 

You now consult with Oracle, concluding that you lack the information to draw a conclusion -- and in the end Riddler vows to device an even better puzzle that should only take him a few days.  Assuming that we were willing to give him the time -- which we are not -- you have to wonder what that puzzle might have been, right?

The last order that you give is to have Oracle begin to search the records for any buildings that Riddler might own... Really?  You only thought of that now?  Seriously??

You now unlock the Achievement "Brainteaser" (40 GS) for completing the rescue of the 5th hostage -- and hey 40 GS is a nice and tasty chuck of GS!  I wish they were all worth that much!

We have now reached the end of the adventure of the Fifth Hostage.  To find out what comes next we need to collect more Secrets -- a total of 400 more secrets to be exact,   This is not as daunting a task as you might think because while it is true that some of the remaining Secrets are guarded by tough puzzles, there are a total of 440 in all and we only need 400 - so we can simply ignore the really difficult ones for now and concentrate on the easy ones!

It is time to do that now so head to the section for Side Trip Number 2!


--== Locating the Hideout ==--

Once you get your 400th Secret Oracle contacts you to let you know that she has tracked a suspicious set of purchases for property in Arkham City that took place before it became a prison.  She uploads location for Riddler's HQ to your PDA, and it is marked on your map -- so head there!

We've been here before -- when we get to the location outside the Iceberg Lounge it is obvious that the entrance is in the undercity -- which means we need to climb the pillar and Dive Bomb down to sail over the electrical fence again!

Once over the door that was previously locked is not unlocked, but when we reach the second door it is rigged with TNT!  RB up and enter through the ducts.  You overhear a conversation between Officer Cash and Riddler that reveals that he has rigged them all with explosives and if they stop moving -- or Riddler presses the remote -- they die!

You must not slow any of the hostages down or get in their way but you need to ninja under where Riddler is standing so you can take him down!  So go!  Ninja!  You can do it!

Basically all you have to do is follow behind the hostages as you work your way through the area until you are under the weakened floor and you can execute a takedown move on Riddler.  After which... Well, let it be a surprise!

Completing this Side-Mission unlocks the Achievement "Genius" for (50 GS)

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ID #602317 | Aug 25th 2015 Guest
Is there any cheat code that tells you where it is automatically
ID #372401 | Apr 7th 2014 Guest
ID #301685 | Jul 31st 2013 Guest
Okay i need help i checked my status and i have collected 348 out of 400 riddler secret. The location of the 3rd hostage where i need to collect 80 riddler secrets never appeared on my map. What do i do? Please help me.
ID #299941 | Jul 24th 2013 Guest
ill be under youre feet in the midday sun you cannot lose me no mater what how you run
ID #267196 | Mar 25th 2013 Guest
I only have 152 riddler secrets but when I go to stacitis it's says 152/400 does that mean riddler secrets
ID #266067 | Mar 22nd 2013 Guest
im scared man if i go in the church and open that door the riddler is going to come out of the door
ID #252746 | Feb 10th 2013 Guest
how to unlock the last hideout door on batman arkham city
ID #181594 | Aug 30th 2012 Guest
Strange? I just got 320 and as i picked up the 320 trophy the machine showed up. are u sure u have 400 / 400 or 400 / 440? Look it up. Press Select and then r1 to the question mark and in the top right corner it says (in my game because im not that far with the trophies and riddles 327 / 440)
ID #181332 | Aug 29th 2012 Guest
i have all of riddlers things including the cat woman dlc but it wont work
any reasons why
ID #174730 | Aug 11th 2012 Guest
ID #128126 | Mar 31st 2012 Guest
U need 314 trophies
ID #125961 | Mar 24th 2012 Guest
I tried finding the "Riddle me this: Hit me hard and I will crack but you'll never stop me from staring back. What am I?" riddle for the Enigma, but it doesn't show up and I have 261 Riddler Secrets, where do I go to use the Enigma Machine?
ID #110701 | Jan 30th 2012 BloodWolf1
So you Cannot Beat the level without Cat Woman? Because I have all the Batman Trophies, Riddles, but still have not got the Riddlers Hideout. Now I am wondering around Aimlessly just taking guys out. And there are no more green guys.


ID #103818 | Jan 7th 2012 Guest
There are only 440 riddler trophies when you've downloaded Catwoman into your game. This unlock 40 riddle secrets across the city for her to pick up.
ID #103196 | Jan 5th 2012 Guest
um are you sure there are 440 riddler things? because I have all the riddler trophies for every area and all I need are the combat challenges and I only need 17 of those totaling to 400 riddler things
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