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P05C: The Museum, Penguin, and Mr. Freeze
Batman: Arkham City

P05C: The Museum, Penguin, and Mr. Freeze

Batman: Arkham City Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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The Museum, Penguin, and Mr. Freeze Part 1

As you leave you will learn that the medical teams at the Church have gone missing -- so as soon as you are done picking up XP go ahead and go to the Church as a side-trip on the way to the Museum.

At the Church you will find a video message from The Riddler for the Side-Mission Enigma Conundrum -- head down to the Side-Mission Section (P21F) and run through this now.  We will wait for you, no worries!

Back?  Good!  Well that was an adventure, wasn't it?  Now lets move on!

When you pass by the Courthouse -- now that you can actually solve riddles -- go down the street to the campaign headquarters and scan the pair of signs out front to solve the riddle: "DA campaign special.  Get two votes for the price of one."  Now head to the roof of the Courthouse and walk out on the pole in the front, target the big ? and scan it to solve the riddle  "This question can only be answered from an unusual perspective.  Can you get yourself there?"  Good on ya mates!  That is more XP we badly need!

--== The Museum ==--

When you arrive at the previously inaccessible Museum you now have the code to pick the box and raise the security gates, so do that and, when you head in you immediately encounter some of the Penguin's goons!  After you put them down, you will notice that the way ahead is blocked and you need to track the wire back to the box and hack it.


Taking out the First Jammer


Jump through the window here and there is the box!  Ah, but when you try to hack it, Penguin stops you and you realize that he is using military-grade communication disruptors.  You need to track down and destroy those first - so exit the Museum and begin searching.

Head up on the roof and track the conversation to the tower -- take out its guards and then take out the tower by destroying its three terminals.  The next one is protected by four armed thugs so it will be much trickier!  Just take your time, take them out, and destroy its three terminals.

Taking the second jammer out causes Penguin to order his men to deploy their last one immediately -- and it is conveniently located in the Subway Station below ground -- which is inconveniently protected by armed thugs!  Work your way over to that and either take them out or lure them away from the entrance and then head inside.

The Subway

As you head down the second set of stairs you will see a grate on the wall -- pull it open and go inside to pick up a Riddler Trophy now, and then work your way along the main passageway to the left inside and you will find another grate that leads to a long grate tunnel -- on the left of which is another Trophy to grab -- so do that now!


Gaining Access to the Subway


Continue along, climbing over the car and following the path until you reach a low pipe you need to slide under.  At the end of this section is a wall you can break through by jumping at it, and the path continues to the left -- but you want to go right and drop down between cars to pick up another Trophy here.

Follow the car tops crossing the gap ahead and you will see a trio of regular thuAgs guarding the canister of Titan that is hidden here -- destroy that to advance the Fragile Alliance Side-Mission.  After you destroy it continue along the path and use the REC to open the gate ahead and slide under, then pull off the duct grate straight ahead and enter the duct.

We have something of a dilemma with this group of armed thugs -- one of them is a Green Thug -- so we want to save him for last.  This is a situation in which stealth is key as well as patience.  The easy approach is to sneak all the way behind the jammer and silently take out the pair of thugs guarding it.  Use the grates behind it to hide as needed -- watch the video -- and then when you have them all but the Green one down, interrogate him!


Taking out the Last Jammer


Right then, now it is time to destroy the last jammer, unlocking the Achievement "Communications Breakdown" (10 GS).  Don't worry about the other Riddler collectable items here -- we can come back to do that later -- go ahead and depart via the way we came and head to the Museum now...

The Museum, Penguin, and Mr. Freeze Part 2

A new team of thugs is outside to bar our entry -- so first thing we need to do is take them all down -- and then we get a new voice mail from The Joker!  Why not listen to that now?  Right, with that managed, head inside and hack the box.

Ahead down the stairs are three thugs -- one of whom is wearing body armor.  The trick to dealing with the body armor is a special move hitting 'B' followed by a bunch of 'X' buttons over and over.  You will know when you got it right because you will do a rapid fire attack on him.  You will find it easier to manage him by taking out the two regular thugs first.


Dealing with Body Armor Thugs


Now talk to GPCD Officer Jones -- Elvis Jones.  Once he gives the right code you know that he is OK.    We now learn more of the backstory that we did not know before.  Not a lot more but enough to make this interesting, and we get a new objective: rescue the rest of the GCPD Team!

Before you continue on check out the displays -- there is a Push 'A' interaction for each -- and learn that Penguin and Joker are not exactly partners...

Go through the door and, when the hall T's head left along the shorter leg and use the REC to open the gate here and snag a Trophy.  Now head back and along the longer section to the arena and a long CS with The Penguin that ends with him releasing a large group of thugs to kill you.  You have other ideas, of course, and easily manage to put the beat-down on them -- which causes The Penguin to release a Titan-infected thug from the ceiling.

Now, if you played the previous game, you already know how to deal with a Titan -- but if you did not, then you need some guidance.  Basically you are going to want to mount and ride it on its shoulders, but to do that you will need to complete a set combination of combat moves.  This begins with a double-tap of 'B' and then a quick series of 'X' attacks, which will culminate in you ending up on its shoulders.

At this point you must take out some of the regular thugs using the Titan Charge and Titan Shock attacks, as well as your feet and fists whenever you are not riding the Titan.  It is in your best interest to do away with as many as you can because eventually the Titan will throw you off, and that will leave you having to deal with them AND it when it charges you, or throws one of their bodies at you!

Do the best that you can in thinning out the crowd until they are eliminated, and then repeat the attacks on the Titan until you get to do the finishing move and put it down as well!  Good on ya mates!  Well done!

You contact Alfred to let him know about these events and Oracle (Barbara Gordon -- the Chief's daughter -- who should be familiar from the last game) puts in an appearance on the radio as well as having her character Bio unlock.


Mastering Remote Switchery!


Now that we have managed this mischief, we need to use the Remote Batarang to click the switch on the other side of the barricades -- I did it on the left one -- and then once inside at the end of the left-hand side there is a lift you can use the REC on to gain access to a demo wall, behind which is a Trophy for you to collect!

Now step outside and lower the lift, get inside and raise it, and demo the ceiling to gain access to the area above, where there is a round hatch to Grapnel and pull open, which gets you another Trophy -- and getting Trophies is one of the things you need to do to advance the Riddler Hostage Side-Mission, so it would be an idea...

Down this hall is the door to the next area -- but we do not want to use that just yet, instead turn right at the door and head down the other set of stairs -- at the bottom is a Penguin Statue -- Batarang it! 

There are some Penguins and Trophies in the previous areas -- if you did not get them before and you want to now, well, now is a good time!  Go ahead, we will wait for you.

Back?  Excellent -- now head through the door above to the next area: The Torture Chamber!

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Comments for P05C: The Museum, Penguin, and Mr. Freeze

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ID #304257 | Aug 12th 2013 Guest
I wanted to find mr freeze not the other stuff

ID #117942 | Feb 24th 2012 Guest
I managed to get in .... i am having the same problem getting back out ... I have ps3 .... help please!
ID #113068 | Feb 7th 2012 Guest
Help! I am in the museum and I suck really bad at controlling this remote control batarang. I can't get it to hit the target. Is there a cheat I can use to get this barricade open? I have xbox 360. I hope so or i'll be stuck here forever! SOS Thanks guys
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