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P09F: Riddler's Challenges -- Amusement Mile
Batman: Arkham City

P09F: Riddler's Challenges -- Amusement Mile

Batman: Arkham City Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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Riddler's Challenges -- Amusement Mile

Before we begin this section I just want to remark upon your progress here -- you are doing so well!  Seriously!  The process of stepping away from the story line and working the side-missions is a very necessary part of playing the game, largely because the developers have linked so much of the extra content to them, and also because they are an excellent source for XP with which to level-up and gain new kit.

If you are curious, part of the reason that we have focused on this side-trip through Riddler Land is because in addition to unlocking Batman's kit, we also want to be sure to upgrade Catwoman as much as we can.  There is a balance between the two because while Catwoman has a critical need for these upgrades -- she is a fairly weak character as far as fighting is concerned initially  -- but we have to balance the needs on Batman's end, since the new moves and Gadgets that we unlock for him naturally lead to access to new areas, new secrets, and so more XP!

If you have found this large side-trip that makes up Part 9 of the guide to be a long one well, that is because it is!  Hopefully though you did not experience it to be a boring one...  Alas this section -- which covers The Amusement Mile -- will be the last for Part 9, since the story line resumes in the Industrial District and the Steel Mill, and we will want to have that out of the way, and The Joker's henchmen eliminated so that we have more or less free access to the Industrial District and the Steel Mill.

There are 12 Balloons and 12 Security Cameras in this zone  and at this point you should have already taken out most of them... The Security Cameras will show up as glowing orange objects in Detective Mode that are so distinctive you really cannot miss them, while the Balloons do not highlight in Detective Mode at all... It is easier to see the Balloons in regular vision mode -- and collecting these 24 breakable objects should be your first priority when you enter the area -- so do that now!  They are easy to spot, easy to smash, and this will not take you long at all.

Once you have eliminated all of the breakable objects -- having them marked on the map really helps right?  It is time to do the Riddles -- but remember if you run across any Trophies in the process, be sure to collect them and tick them off of your list as you do.

Amusement Mile 1-1:  Facing the entrance to the Gotham Casinos Building (west of the GCPD) look up and to the left for a large sign that advertised the Graysons show - zoom in upon and scan the sign to solve the riddle: "Which acrobat family gambled with their lives, and has now been left to fly solo?"

Amusement Mile 1-2: Approach the Krank Toy Company Building from the west and pause on top of one of the towers out front; target the massive sign that dominates the roof of the building with  the bear face and scan it to solve the riddle: "This place has taken a TURN for the worse.  Is it a little BEAR for your tastes?"

Amusement Mile 2-1: From the rooftop of the building to the west, scan the large sculpture sign of the Olympus Building, to solve the riddle: "Would an invitation to party like the gods be a bolt out of the blue?"

Amusement Mile 3-1: When you reach the roof where the marker is placed you actually want the lower roof of the building and not the upper roof; on the lower roof is a billboard -- looking at the billboard you will see the top half of the "?" painted on the billboard -- in the distance when you have Detective Vision turned on you will see the glowing orange square of a metal gate motor.  Using the REC target it and lower it to reveal the bottom of the symbol.  Line them up and scan to solve the riddle: "This question can only be answered from an unusual perspective.  Can you get yourself there?"

Amusement Mile 3-2: In the GCPD Parking Garage -- enter from the back of the station through the opening you had to glide through to get in for the Trophy -- and use the Line-Launcher to go to the front of the area over the water gap.  On the left in the front are reserved two parking spots - you want to scan the one that reads James Gordon to solve the riddle:   "Park in his spot and you may just get a ticket."


Clearing out the Amusement Mile Riddles


Amusement Mile 4-1: Stand at any elevated or roof point in the northeast part of the zone and look out over the water at Arkham Island and scan it to solve the riddle: "Look out!  Can you see where the madness began?"

Amusement Mile 4-2: On the roof of the GCPD Building is an old Bat Signal -- scan it to solve the riddle: "Always a shining example of justice?  Not if you ask me."

Amusement Mile 5-1: On the roof of the building all the way up in the northeast corner and standing on the south wing of the building lool down in the water to see the old containment unit for Poison Ivy.  Scan it to solve the riddle: "If she is the ROOT of evil, how can anyone be expected to contain her?"

Amusement Mile 5-2: On the highway to the south where the zone borders with the Industrial District ton the upper deck is a scattered pile of straw with one of the Scarecrow's old masks in it.  Scan the mask and the straw to solve the riddle: "If you're afraid, don't be scared to crow about it."

-- That's a Wrap --

Now that you have all of the breakable objects and all of the Riddles for the district, it is time to pick up any of the easy to obtain Trophies from the area as well, at least to get us to 240 Secrets and thus unlocking the next Enigma Puzzle.  Actually I will be really shocked if you do not end up hitting the 240 secrets mark early on in this side-trip, it really is that easy to get to!

You will know when you have unlocked the next Enigma Riddle because you will be prompted on-screen to solve the riddle once it is available, so just keep picking up Trophies until that happens.  The fact that they are marked on your screen thanks to the interrogated Greenies really makes this a fast and painless process, but if you decide that the simple ones are not enough and you really want to do the more complicated ones, please feel encouraged to use the Master Riddle Sections that I created for you if/when you get stuck. 

In addition to explaining how you solve the puzzles for each of the Trophies I also include video for the ones that are so complex just explaining is not enough.  The beautiful part about this whole process is that, thanks to all of the Riddler's henchmen we do not have to hunt for the location for the Trophies or the destroyable items at all!  Their locations are right on the map, and we can even set them as our destination to have the Bat Signal lead us right to them!  And how cool is that?!

-- The Next Enigma Riddle --

First, well done!  Now that you have unlocked this one, you are well over halfway through the Enigma Conundrum Side-Mission!  Open your kit screen and access the Enigma Machine -- the Riddle we need to solve this time is: "I'll be right under your feet, in the midday sun; you cannot lose me, no matter how you run.  What am I?"

The answer to that should immediately jump into your mind -- it is so obvious it almost feels like we did not get fair value out of the Riddler for this one!

Rotate the Left Wheel to 'SHA" and the Right Wheel to "DOW" and hit 'A' to solve the riddle, and now you should quickly jump to the Enigma Section (P21F) as that is where we deal with the next section of play!

-- After the Enigma Solution and Hostage Rescue is Completed --

As mentioned previously this is the final section of Part 9 of the guide, and the last leg of the lengthy side-trip that we took in order to clean up a lot of content that would have ended up being an almost overwhelming collection of loose-ends if we had simply ignored it.  This way what we end up with is a more manageable set of goals and details.

One thing you will have noticed is that we have been averaging a Level-Up every one-and-a-half sections in Part 9 -- until now that is, because this last section of Part 9 should give you enough XP for two complete Levels.  This is significant for several reasons, the first of which is that it wraps up all of Batman's upgrades excepting for the final Gadget (Row 5, Number 5) which is still locked and unknown to us.  Everything else on Batman's lists has been acquired -- the Predator Moves, the Combat Moves, and the Batsuit upgrades.  All of it.  The first Level-Up from this section should have obtained the Blade Dodge Takedown Move for you.

It should be obvious that from here on out we will be spending our Level Points on upgrading Catwoman's kit -- and specifically we want to focus upon her armor, getting both the melee and ballistic protections to Revision 4 for each.   This is important because after we complete the Steel Mill section of the main storyline,  winning the Boss Battle with The Joker, we will play through Catwoman's next story section and, more important than that, we will have our first opportunity to use Catwoman to collect the secrets that belong to her alone throughout the game world!

As is the case following Boss Battles the thugs in the world get reset and expanded, with new abilities added strategically across the map.  This was not really a big deal before, but now it is because we not only need to access the special Catwoman Trophies, we need to do it without getting our lunch handed to us!  That means making her as effective as we can manage, so that is your priority from here on out, right?  Right!

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