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P06E: The Demon Chamber
Batman: Arkham City

P06E: The Demon Chamber

Batman: Arkham City Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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The Demon Chamber

As you stumble into the Chamber you get another CS in which you talk to Talia -- and she knows who you are!  Yeah, I forgot about that...  You ask about her father, and she spins a yarn that involves you and her and whoa!  She does not like the look of your face!

You need to see her father -- but the problem with that is that the only people who can do that are those who have passed the tests and entered the roles as a member of his organization.  That means YOU must pass the tests then, right?  Right!  But here is a small problem...


A Reunion with Talia


This part of the game is perhaps among the most frustrating for players -- I have certainly heard some harsh words about it -- large for two reasons: the flying skill (well, gliding really but still) and the Boss Fight that comes next.  Since the Boss Fight is a separate section we will table that for the moment, and talk about the gliding challenge you now face.

After you follow Talia down the stairs you are presented with a chalice that you must drink from -- this contains a psychoactive substance -- a mind-altering drug basically -- and the whole point to this is to see if you can keep your head together and function under its spell.  It also appears to heal your body, which when you think about it is a good thing since we were just on the proverbial door of death, right?

So, drink from the chalice, listen to what Ra has to say, and then follow him to the edge of the plateau.

Now here is the thing about this -- once you start this phase of the test you must NOT touch ANY of the surfaces or objects in this area that are not blue plateaus.  There will be no confusion on your part with respect to that, as the blue plateaus are very very obvious.  While Ra leaves a trail for you to follow from point to point, you need to bear in mind that what this is really about is gliding and using dive-bomb to build speed and then the Left Stick to bank up and climb in order to get close enough to the next blue plateau to Grapnel it.  This is actually easier than it sounds -- if you glide well and do not over-use dive-bomb that is.

In the conversations that I have had with other gamers about this section, it stands out as one of the least likes challenges in the game -- that may well be because dive-bomb is one of the least-used moves for most players, or perhaps that gliding is, for the most part, a passive activity in the game.  Regardless of which it is, the facts are simple enough: you are going to learn how to use dive-bomb in this section and, whether you end up getting through on luck or skill, you still have it to do!

--== Easy Dive-Bombing ==--

To make this as easy on you as we can, here are two things to remember -- you are WAY better off using less dive-bomb than more when it comes down to it, since you can always do a small dive-bomb to add speed if you need to, while going too low can get you killed; and you should keep your mind on the point that you are not trying to land ON the plateaus -- you are just trying to get close enough to Grapnel them.

So to start, run off the edge of the plateau and hold 'A' to glide, then RT to begin a dive-bomb following Ra's trail as best you can -- release the dive at the lower end of the trail and then use Left Stick to bank up, and as soon as you can, Grapnel the next plateau.  The first one should be relatively easy for you and give you an idea of what you are facing.


A Spot of Flying Lessons


The next section is trickier because it requires you to maneuver a bit in the air -- nothing extreme mind you, just a few banking turns.  Once you have done that it is simply a matter of getting to the point where you can Grapnel the next plateau!

If you have problems with the second flight the trick to it is really simple -- ignore the middle part of Ra's trail, get a good dive-speed going on the first part and then a small dive-boost just before the brown plateau (which you do NOT want to touch) and then bank up and spam RB to Grapnel the next plateau.  Watch the video to see what I mean...

At the next plateau you will battle a pair of sand-ninjas and then Ra will ask if you are indeed the one who will succeed him -- before he then flies off leaving another trail, but instead of raising a plateau he creates a fiery pit...  If you are confused no worries -- we have to fly INTO that pit!

So take a flying leap (I have been waiting impatiently to be able to say that to you heh) and then dive-bomb to build up some speed, bank up and then nail that sucker!  After you emerge from the fire you will see a brown plateau below -- you are actually supposed to land on this one so no worries there mates!

Ra is waiting -- makes a telling observation -- and then off he goes again, raising the next blue plateau and trail through a more complex flight path...  You did not think this was over, did you??

You will need two VERY BRIEF dives to do this leg -- watch the video if you have trouble with it please...

At the plateau Ra reveals that the potion you drank only added a few hours to your life -- and that you now have to make "the ultimate decision" -- and then he flies off creating another trail!  For this one you need to bank to the left after you build speed with a dive, and you need to be aware of the wall ahead -- you do not need to do multiple dives for this one (unlike the last one) just one good increase in speed and you can make it!

When you land on the next plateau -- I said LAND, not Grapnel -- you will face 4 or 5 sand-ninja and, once you defeat them, Ra warns you that after the next challenge you will be facing him in one-on-one combat, and that success will award you the gift of eternal life.  Well that is good to know then, as we do not plan on failing!

Take a flying leap (yeah, I doubt I will get tired of telling you that) and dive for only the briefest of distance -- seriously you do not need much here -- and then bank to the edge of the next fire pit and dive into it full-speed!  When you get to the middle the CS takes over and you find yourself standing in a room in the depths of the Wonder Tower once again!

Ra congratulates you and instructs you to find him and collect your reward -- thus ending this section of the guide!  That really was not as bad as it seemed, right?  Right!

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