P06D: The Wonder Tower

Batman: Arkham City Walkthrough and Guide by Chris Boots-Faubert  

The Wonder Tower

As you enter this new area you get another disturbing CS as you are further weakened by the poison that is flowing through your blood.   After the CS ends use the REC to open the doors ahead -- note the bloke with the sword sticking out of his back that stumbles towards you?  Yeah, ninjas are here somewhere, so go easy...

As you enter the next room you get attacked by a trio of ninjas -- try to counter them if you can as those swords can hurt!  Once you take them out, you will need to demo the panel that is concealing the next motor, then use the REC on it and stop through the open door to unlock the Achievement 'Lost and Found' (10 GS) for uncovering the secret of Arkham City.

Continue following the trail until you get the CS before the sealed door, and you take a closer look at the robot guardians -- from which you obtain a new objective to scan and analyze the robots.  Start looking for them now -- there were some of those robots in the previous area, so let's backtrack and scan them now! 


Opening the Doors


Using Detective Mode they are easy enough to spot, but bear in mind that every two or three you scan will spawn a new ninja attack -- so be ready to defend yourself!  Near the one leaning against the metal wall on the lower level you will notice that you can slide under that section -- and inside is a Trophy so you may as well grab it now assuming you are doing them, and tick it off of your list!

To get to the last bot you will need to zipline across the gap, and once you complete the memory scans you get the surveillance footage showing how the assassin got into the next area!  Easy Peasey Lemon Squeezy!  Head to the door and activate the secret panel only to see that you need a sword to turn the lock -- but hey, fortune favors the bold!  Along comes a ninja assassin who attacks you -- simply counter to unlock the secret door!

Ahead is a Trophy that us guarded by a mine -- ignore that for now and follow the tunnel to the ladder, climbing up to get an amazing CS in which you see your mom and dad!  You appear to be getting close to death here Batman...  Oracle tells you that you are very close to getting dead -- she asks for orders, but you do not give them...

At this point your only option is to stagger forward into the Chamber of the Demon...


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How do you get down from the wonder tower

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how do u get down from the top of the wonder tower

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