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P01B: Catwoman Part I
Batman: Arkham City

P01B: Catwoman Part I

Batman: Arkham City Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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Catwoman Part I


Introducing the Catwoman


The story begins with what appears to be the Batman casing a meeting of thugs inside the City -- but surprise!  It turns out to be Catwoman!  It is fitting that we start the game with a battle and that is exactly what you do -- and hopefully you figured that out for yourself and began fighting as soon as it would let you, as otherwise you started this adventure by getting pounded on!

After she clears the room and opens the safe, finding the memory card inside, she slots it into her PDA but just as things look settled -- ruh roh relroy!  Is that a gun to our head?  Why yes, yes it is!

A flash-away and suddenly it is a CS of one Bruce (the Batman but shh no one knows that) Wayne, Billionaire playb..  Wait...  Politician?!  Well, it begins with a 'P' too, but being an elected official?  How is that going to chill with the Batcave?  Well we never get to find out because something goes horribly wrong -- as usual -- and instead of giving a speech about how wrong a prison city is in the middle of the regular city, we are being lectured to by Dr. Strange.  No wait, he didn't just say he knows we're batman did he?  He did!

Flash-away again and we are tied to a chair and prompted to escape -- and we do that by wiggling the Left Joystick but then a guard comes in -- Counter with 'Y' and, while you are dealing with him you scag something from his belt before another guard puts the hurt on you, then directs you to Line A!

Your status as a VIP gets you bumped in line, so you get to walk past the two inmates ahead of you and... hey, that second guy looks familiar -- don't we know him?  Anyway into the sally port we are thrust and look, there is reporter Jack Ryder -- but now inmate Jack Ryder hmmm...  We are going to have to help him stay alive you know!

The sally port gate opens and Ryder fails to listen to us, making it necessary for us to whoop on the bad guys.  Understand something, this fight is all about teaching you to Counter with the 'Y' button -- not teaching you to mash button 'X' which it will allow you to do you know.  Forever.  Or until you get tired of beating on the last enemy who never... seems... to... pass... out... Whew!  But once you figure out that hitting him is not going to do it, it only takes one lousy Counter and hey, sleepsville for him!

Now we get to Jack and get him on his feet, but before we can even take ten steps who should show up but the Penguin -- and then its Lights Out Gracie!

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