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Sorry about the earlier cheat, I messed up. Barboach is on route 114,111, and 120. You need a super rod. But the rare candy is not a mistake.

Added 1 Aug 2007, ID #11197, by micropokemon
Ask.com and get

Barboach and a rare candy

I'm not too sure how hard it is to catch barboach, but I found a great spot to catch it. When you go to Fallarbor Town, go left, until you see a guy with a poochyena. Then walk left just above him, and walk left to the waterfall. Go up the waterfall, and there should be a little piece of land with a rare candy. If you fish with a super rod around the little pool above the waterfall, you should find a barboach around level 30 or 40.

Added 30 Jul 2007, ID #11191, by micropokemon

How to catch Kyogre!

Weaken him to the red and throw your net ball and keep throwing them and you will catch it eventually.


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Added 29 Jul 2007, ID #11187, by DiamondCheatGuru2

Catch Latias easy (with masterball)

Alright afer you beat the elite four you want Latias or Latios.(Depends
What version.Before I type it I would like to tell you that I think this
Only works for sapphire version)Ok you want Korgry.Don't use the master
Ball on him!You can catch with a net ball or a ultra ball.Not sure about
Dive ball though.So you catch him and beat the elite four.You watch tv.
Probably the first thing you are going to do is search in the grasses of
Pallet town.You can do that but don't do it.Go fly to Mauville city.Go to
The right like if your going to fortree city.Go surf and keep going right.
As if your going to see the berry master.Now when you run threw the grass
That is where Latias appears mostly.I found her the first try.But that doesn't
Mean your going to find her the first time.If you don't find her than fly
To Mauville again and do it again 'till you find her.You can use the Master
Ball or use Mean look and all that.And there you go.Oh and Latias can learn
Fly so you can take out your swellow or skamory or whatever pokemnon you have
That knows fly for Latias.Again I am not sure if Latios appears over there.
Enjoy your Latias people!

Added 11 Jul 2007, ID #11081, by cool latios5

How to get a Pokemon at level five with4 moves????????

Hi Pokemon godess here again,
Im already getting used to going on supercheats
So here it goes.my friend tould me this,
You get a two same Pokemon a boy and a girl.
You make sure that they have the same moves
And same level.next you go to the daycare ceter
And breed the two.so the baby Pokemon you will get has
4 moves. (p.s. I think it works in all poke games)
hope this helps.

Added 11 Jul 2007, ID #11080, by pokemon godess

Pokemon natures

Each Pokemon has it's own nature, each nature has something to do with the way they grow and level up..hope I helped!

Added 10 Jul 2007, ID #11079, by miss_jazz06

Best Pokemon to beat the Elite 4 with.

Lv. 90-100 Salamence
Atk.Crunch/Dragon Claw/Flamethrower/*any other move*

If you coordinate your attacks s/he will kill every Pokemon in one (sometimes two with some of Steven's) hit and take damage from sharpedo's Rough Skin only.

Added 10 Jul 2007, ID #11078, by Trogdor Inc.

Black surskit

After defeating the elite4 fly to petalburg city and go to the right out of the city and go down to the patch of grass with a cliff, search in that area

Good Luck

Added 6 Jul 2007, ID #11061, by tnt444

"lvl 100 charmeleon"

The lvl 100 charmeleon is a load of bull. There is now way to go to the water where kyogre is even with cheating and it wont defintely be in the water either so don't waste your time people cause I aready did.

Added 25 Jun 2007, ID #10996, by Insaneo

Which is the best Pokemon for starter?

Blaziken is the best Pokemon for starter because it
Has both fighting and fire attacks.so when you are
Fighting with water pokemons you can use fighting

Added 8 Jun 2007, ID #10895, by liverpool_rox

Evolving SOME Pokemon by trading

Sometimes you can evolve Pokemon the third time by trading. You can get Golem from graveler, Alakazam from kadabra, and Machamp from Mackoke by trading to a friend and then trading back. There are many other Pokemon that will work too.But I'm pretty it has to have 3 evolutions for it to work and it needs to already have evolved once. Golem, alakazam and Machamp worked for me. Try it! There are probably many other Pokemon that will work with that too!

Hope this helped!

Added 15 May 2007, ID #10788, by happy692

Power up your Pokemon while making money

First, beat the Pokemon league. After it says that you saved the game, restart your gameboy to avoid the credits. Now you'll have unlocked the Sky Pillar. Get the Mach Bike, and go to Pacifidlog Town. Surf east (to the right) and stay near the top. When you find a big tower, go inside it. Use the Mach bike to clime it. Capture Rayquaza, and try not to use the Master Ball, unless you have 2. Use the Master Ball on Latias/Latiose. Before fighting Rayquaza, save the game incase you don't catch it. When you catch it, stock up on as many full restorances and revives as you can. Lead your team with Rayquaza, and face the Pokemon League. Before you go agenst the Pokemon league, put a Pokemon who you want to become experianced in your party, and give it the Exp. Share. As you face the Pokemon league, your Rayquaza and your Pokemon with the Exp. Share will get experiance points. As a bonus, you also get money! Remeber to save before each battle, or you risk losing the battle, and half your money. Once your Raquaza gets up to level 100 (Mine did), get as many full restorances and revives as you can, and keep doing this. Aswell, if you want to maximize your profits from the league, give Rayquaza the Amulate Coin, and it will double what you earn. This is great if you want to evolve pokemon. If you want to make Pokemon evolve who evolve by being friendly with you, use your money earned by continuously beating the Pokemon league, and buy HPUP, Protien, Iron, and other such itams. I believe these are 9800 pokedollars each. Give these to a Pokemon you want to be friendly with you, until it says it wont have any effect. Then level up your Pokemon, and sit back and watch it evolve.

Added 4 May 2007, ID #10749, by Nintendo Lover


This is my first submission and I hope it helps iff it dosnt I'm sorry :-) waterfall is in the room before you meet kyogre on the second turn of the cave cya ppl:-)

Added 22 Apr 2007, ID #10704, by liverpool 2k7

The Glass Items

Blue flute - 250 steps - awakens pokémon
Yellow flute - 500 steps - snaps pokémon out of confusion
Red flute - 500 steps - snaps pokémon out of attraction (love)
White flute - 1000 steps - lures wild pokémon
Black flute - 1000 steps - wards off wild pokémon
Pretty chair - 6000 steps
Pretty desk - 8000 steps

Added 18 Apr 2007, ID #10685, by bigboy69

Frequently Asked Questions

I have answered some questions that I am often asked by friends, I hope they help you out.This is not really for just Sapphire, it has some stuff for Emerald.

Which Pokemon should I choose first?
Each Pokemon has it's strengths and weaknesses, but for Sapphire version, Balziken is the best choice, since you will be getting a Kyogre later on in the game.

Which Pokemon should I use my master ball on?
I would say definitely don't use it on Kyogre or Rayquaza, as they won't fleee from you. I would either use it on Latios/Latias, or Deoxys because they are harder to catch, I used mine on Deoxys.

What is the easiest way to beat the Elite Four?
It is very easy to beat the Elite Four in this game if you follow my advice and pick Blaziken as your starting pokemon. You should teach your Kyogre the following attacks: ice beam, waterfall, thunderbolt, and hydropump. With those attacks you should be able to beat all the Elite Four except Glacia. This is where you use Blaziken on her Glalies, and Kyogre's thunderbolts on saleo/ walrein.

What is a good Battle Frontier team?
If you have a friend to trade with, you can't beat Rayquaze lvl 100, Kyogre lvl 100, Groudon lvl 100, and then Deoxys lvl 100( that is my team) But if you play by yourself the team of Alakazam lvl 100, and Ninetails lvl 100, and Swampert lvl 100 and then throw in a metagross lvl 100 because he looks cool, cannot be beat.

Where do I find Deoxys?
Deoxys is probably the hardest Pokemon to catch in the whole game because you wont find him anywhere in the world. To catch him you must go to space. To go into space you have to go to the space center in Mossdeep City. Talk to one of the men on the first floor and he will tell you how many sucessfully launched rockets there have been. When that number is high enough he will let you go into space. To increase the number just get more and more game completion, such as catching all the pokemon( aside from Deoxys obviously) and leveling them up and going to Battle Frontier and winning all the prizes there.

Thank you for reading. I will be coming up with a new faq soon that tells you where and how to catch all the legendary Pokemon, in Emerald. Good Luck.

Added 31 Mar 2007, ID #10553, by ChristianWilloughby

Easier way to catch a relicanth

Is there any other way catching a relicanth coz I'm aving probs wid catching 1

Added 29 Mar 2007, ID #10546, by shearer89

Catching Latios and Latias

Latios and Latias will appear according to which game out of Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Ruby. You will be able to catch latios on ruby and be able to catch latias on sapphire. First you have to beat the elite four then you have to go to your house and watch the tv that says something about a Pokemon flying around the hoenn region then go to route 108 and surf around for awile and eventally one of them will appear according to which game you have.


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Added 28 Mar 2007, ID #10539, by Mikemiester24

Elite four the easy way to crush them

All you need is a kyogre or a Pokemon that knows hydro pump surf thunderbolt and ice beam.


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Added 27 Mar 2007, ID #10534, by z1000111

Green trampinch

Go to the dessert and walk around for an hour{use charger} and in a little bit you will encounter him{im not sure I've only did this once and then a bully deleted my game}. nice hunting, l.r.


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Added 21 Mar 2007, ID #10490, by charizardgod

Best pokes of each type

Ok,some of you my don't think the same as I,so it's my opinion.Also,if a legendarie is best or as good as,it will appear in ()

Grass:Venusaur/Sceptile(Celebi)PS:Vileplume is also good,but i dont like it much
Normal:Snorlax/Slaking/Blissey(as a defensive wall)
Ground:Swampert(Groudon)PS:Can also appear Flygon/Steelix/Rhydon,but as they are commonly assiociated to other types I didnt put them here


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Added 18 Mar 2007, ID #10465, by teba64
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