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elite four easilly beaten cheat for Pokemon Sapphire

elite four easilly beaten


Swapert Lv. 85-100
Moves: Surf, Ice Beam, Earthquake, Muddy Water/Hydro Pump.

Access to elite four.

5+ full restores.

1. Enter the Elite four

2. Move swampert to the front

3. Battle sydny

4. For his Pokemon use these moves:
Mightyana: surf. Cacturn: icebeam. Sharpeado: earthquake.
Absol: surf. Shiftry: icebeam.

5. Battle phoebe

6. Both dusclopeses: Muddy water/hydro pump. Bothe bennetes (i think it's called that)and sableye: surf.

7. Use a full restore now if you need two and between al of the rest.

8. Battle glacia

9. For all of her Pokemon use earthquake.

10. Battle drake.

11. Use ice beam for all his pokemon

12. Battle steaven.

13. For all his Pokemon exept cradilly and skarmory use surf. Cradilly and skarmory: ice beam.

You should be abble to beat all of them in one shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added by: ardsmaster
Feb 12th 2010, ID#13005


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9 comments, latest first.
Jun 30th 2014 Guest
I use sceptile,level 83 moves are rock tomb,leaf blade,rock smash and strength and I also use Max potions
ID #409183
Jun 30th 2014 Guest
I use sceptile level 83 moves are rock tomb,leaf blade,rock smash and strength and I also use Max potions
ID #409182
Apr 18th 2014 Guest
Im not that far yet. Only three badges.
ID #376132
Jul 9th 2013 Guest
easy beaten them all with just my kyogre and swampert
ID #296321
Jul 16th 2012 Guest
I cannot seem to beat Elite Four. Any more suggestions?[color=pink][/color] [size=12][/size] [b][/b] [spoiler][/spoiler] [center][/center] [quote][/quote]
ID #164802
Apr 6th 2012 Guest
i think ill train hard and try it
ID #130269
Dec 12th 2011 adaron45
As what I've wrote at that last comment, hear this...I've been playing this game for just two consecutive days and I've been good at it so far, but the problem is...when I've reached to the Elite Four, they're even much more tougher than all the Pokemon trainers I've fought, obviously. So, I was buying a lot of Full Restores, lets say, 10, then got battle. The first of the four was...oh man, I've forgotten the name already. Well, anyways I've succesfully defeated the trainer and head to the next line of stairs to fight the second of the four. Then that's when I can't use my level 95 Blaziken then, so luckily I've my Kyogre level 45 to take care of the job, since this trainer uses Ghost-typed pokemon. I barely believe that water beats ghost, so I've just tagged along using Hydro Pump at them Dusclops, Sableyes, etc. After the defeat, I've reached the next round. At that time my Kyogre was level 46, and my Blaziken could be next, I wonder. There, among the four, I've met Glacia (one of the Elite Four that I've remembered from the old days) and her Pokemon was all Ice-typed, so I thought I'll use my Blaziken for a light workout. Successfully defeated her, I've encountered the toughest among the four, his Drake (yet again, another person I've known from the past). His Pokemon was all Dragon-typed, even he had a Salamance at that time! 3 vs 5 (my third Pokemon was a Skarmory, level 17, thanks for asking) then that's the round I've been defeated. I tried again, passing through all the Elites, but as I fought them longer, I've figured out their weakness. By that time, my Blaziken was level 97. Finally come Drake. Defeated him. Then, the moment of tension has come to me. I've to met Steven, the Pokemon champion. He was a smart lad, and I've lost to him a few times. I tried once again, and my Blaziken went to level 99 and my Kyogre to level 50. Finally come Steven. Failed again. No Full Restores. I've to go to the Pokemon Center near the entrance to the Elites to heal my wounded Pokemon. Then that's the time my Blaziken was level 100! Maximum level for a Pokemon. Really impressive. As for Kyogre, never mind that now. So, my level 100 Blaziken took Steven down, and finally won the championship. Well, you knew the endings, right? Good. To tell the truth, I know many players or fanatics of Pokemon Sapphire (or any version on that matter) can defeat the Elite Four without using a Full Restore, and I've usen all of it! Well, I'm one of them. By using Blaziken's intense attack move, Double Kick (got that from Torchic's next evolution, Combusken) I've seriously dominated the Elite Four (well, three of them, perhaps), and as for the second match, the Ghost-typed match, my Kyogre is open with Hydro Pump and Surf to spare them cocks. Well, if your Swampert is much more than you thought it would be the first time you've trained it, you're wrong.
ID #94719
Apr 9th 2015 redgirl08
You rock man! I have my Blaziken too. It's good there's someone who knows ways to WIN things and not stick with what other people say like using "Swampert". At first, I was kinda scared because I started off with Torchic, but then I noticed that Blaziken would be a blast!
ID #540304
Mar 3rd 2011 Guest
Good, but also LOTS of elixers would help Smile and mines just about lv. 50 and I'm battling the champion right now
ID #31278
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