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Follow the dark path or use the light
Pokémon Hub

The Regimon

by Louis Marlowe

How to Capture Regirock, Regice and Registeel

Note: You will need to use SURF, DIVE, DIG, STRENGTH and FLY and you will need Relicanth in your first slot and Wailord
in your Last slot in your party.

To get Wailord, go to Mossdeep City and find the Fisherman who gives you a super rod. Go to the shore and use it and you 
should catch a Wailmer. I caught mine at Lv. 38. Wailmer evolves into Wailord at Lv. 40 if you got Lv. 39 and below.
The highest level you will catch it is at Lv. 40 so it will still evolve at Lv. 41. Relicanth is a lot harder to catch.
He is rare and you will need a lot of patience, a strong Pokemon with moves the Relicanth will be resistant to
(Blaziken works well because you use Fire-Type moves and Relicanth is a Water/Rock Pokemon). You will find it underwater 
near Mossdeep but is difficult to catch. You will need either a Net Ball (Works against Water and Bug types better) or
Dive Ball (Works best at the ocean floor) which you can buy at Mossdeep or a Timer Ball (The longer the battle, the better 
the ball works) which you buy at Rustboro. This is easy if you have a time-wasting Pokemon (Wailord because it had Rest and 
Mist.) Then go to Pacifidlog and go left to the current. Go right to the bottom and hit the lowest current you can access. 
When you reach the land with the Black Belt, go straight down and facing south, use SURF. You will hit a rock. You can only
go up so go up and follow the current again. You hit shallow water. Go down again and facing south, use SURF. When you come 
to the standing water go to the lowest current accessible. When you hit shallow water, go again to the lowest accessible 
current and use surf. When you hit shallow water this time, go down 1 and go left completely. Now dive in the deep area.
Then go through the entrance and keep going down until you see some dots on the rock. This is Braille. Go up to it and 
translate it if you want to but it says ?Go up here? so use DIVE and go to the surface. Then go onto the land. You will see 
more rocks with Braille but go to the last one. It says ?Use DIG here? so use DIG and an entrance will open up. Now there 
are even more Braille rocks. Again the last one is of the most significance translated says 
?First comes Relicanth. Last comes Wailord\". Then it will say three doors have opened far away. These are the doors to get 
to the Regimon. The first one is in the south of the desert on route 111, the second is on route 105 and the third is on 
route 120. Each of these Pokemon is at Lv.40, (Evolution for Wailmer-Wailord!) and all have CLEAR BODY so you can?t alter 
his stats! A hint is that you will find a Ruin Maniac near them. When you enter the Desert Ruins (route 111) there is MORE 
Braille! It says: ?Right. Right. Down. Down. Then use STRENGTH.? Do that and the entrance will open up to REGIROCK. Regirock
has the higher strength stat than the others.
His moves are:

1.	Rock Throw (Rock)
2.	Curse (???) (That?s what it says, I?ve caught them!) Lowers Speed. Raises Attack and Defence
3.	Super Power (Fight) Lowers users Attack and Defence.
4.	Ancient Power (Rock) Can raise all users stats.

Wailord is time-wasting with REST and MIST, so waste loads of time and use TIMER BALLS! Buy 50 to be safe. If it doesn?t 
work first time, keep using them because they eventually work (It is impossible to catch them with any other ball except 
Master Ball.)

At Island Cave (route 105) the Braille reads: ?Stop and wait. Wait for time to pass twice? so go up to it, press A and just 
gaze at the dots or translate it yourself to waste time. Then wait for the entrance to automatically form and proceed. 
REGICE is in the chamber.

Regice has the higher Special Defence figure than Regirock but the same as Registeel.
His moves are:

1.	Icy Wind (Ice) Could freeze foe.
2.	Curse (???)
3.	Super Power (Fight)
4.	Ancient Power (Rock)
Use the time-wasting tactics again and Regice is yours.

Finally the Ancient Tomb (route 120) the Braille reads: ?With hope and love, aim for the sky in the middle.? Go to the 
middle of the tomb and use FLY and the entrance will form. REGISTEEL waits in the chamber.

Registeel has the Defence and Special Defence stats higher than any other stat.
His moves are:

1.	Metal Claw (Steel)
2.	Curse (???)
3.	Super Power (Fight)
4.	Ancient Power (Rock)
Time-wasting is the way to go.


The party consists of:
Blaziken (Fire/Fight)
Kyogre (Water)
Raichu (Electric)
Wailord (Water)
Gyarados (Water/Flying)
Skarmory (Steel/Flying)

The battle opens with Raichu using THUNDER WAVE to paralyze the foe. Then either Blaziken of Kyogre to weaken it slowly and 
carefully. Wailord then time wastes. Use mist when his health is full and rest when it?s below 2 thirds. Then use (a)
timer ball(s) to catch it. Gyarados and Skarmory are only to open the chambers or to get to them, so they were no use.
If you have questions e-mail me at,
[email protected]

Good Luck!