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Wish Tag

When you get to Mossdeep go to white rock and press A then tap down to where you are facing down then tap up and press A 5 more times on the rock then talk to the lady next to the rock she should give you a wish tag. You will go to the space station and talk to everyone someone should offer to take to where Jirachi is.
Hope I helped!

Added 10 Jul 2013, ID #13909, by gameboyzRULE!
Ask.com and get

Absol, the Poke'mon champion.

Where to begin? Absol is an AMAZING Poke'mon! Just something to put your mind on it, at level one hundred my buddy and I battled, I was able to knock out half of his team with just a single Absol, it's simply devastating. (Ironically, I had the rest as Salamances.) I wasn't quite sure about it at first to get this critter, but he was quite the one. He'd escape me every few times, but a good sleep/timeball combo makes it easy. He's a rare one, so get him ANY time you can. He's well worth it. I love him so much, I tried to solo Elite Four. I actually won. I was impressed, I keep him with me at all times.


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Added 23 Jun 2013, ID #13905, by Kiybuo

Get ???????? In Battle tower

I found a glitch to get ???????? In Battle tower I entered the walkthrough walls cheat then I entered the Battle tower Challenge room defeated all 7 trainers after that it said Mica got the ????????
NOTE: after you get healed you get three Pokemon in your party which are yours you can get your Pokemon back after the challenge.

Added 1 Feb 2013, ID #13848, by Guest

Rare Candies!

1)Mt. Moon

2)Pokemon tower

3)Rocket hideout

4)Silph co.

5)Fuschia city

6)victory road,

7) Lost cave.

8)There's one behind the house of the person that gives you hydro cannon for Blastoise blast burn for Charizard and Frenzy plant for Venasaur.

9)Go to the city where misty is and there is a house like top left and in the back click between the bottom two flowers there's 1 in there.

10)On the way to the cave to lavender town before the last trainer before the poke center.

Added 25 Apr 2012, ID #13705, by Pravinj

Rare Candies!

1: Trick house, first challenge

2: Route 110, north west of the trick house in the sea

3: Petalburg city, bottom left corner, surf over the lake into the smaller opening (without the pokeball in) and click on the ground

4: Route 108, on one of the rocks along the south wall, you will have to dismount your surfing Pokemon and walk on shallow bits to click on the rock (right beside a red head swimmer chick)

5: Route 120, after exiting Fortree city, and before entering the very long grass, there is a path to the south of the parasol lady trainer, which requires cut to enter, go to the end of the pathway and click on the last bit of ground

6: Mt. Pyre, at the top where you fight several team aquas... There are 4 routes which deter from the main path... 2 passages that go right and 2 that go left, the rare candy is in the upper right path, click on the section of long grass at the very end opposite the graves

7: Route 120, before turning right and entering route 121, there is a lake on an elevated area of land, the rare candy is on the ground after crossing the lake

8: Granite cave (route 106) on the 2nd floor use the mach bike to ride up the mud slope, search the area with cracked floors and ladders for the rare candy

9: West of Fortree city, scale the water fall (after beating 8th gym) the rare candy is in a pokeball only reachable with the acro bike

10: West of Fallabor town, scale the first waterfall, the rare candy is to the left.

11: Right below mt. Pyre there is a trail, (route 123)! Right when you get to this trail from mt. Pyre there is a cut tree to your right cut it and to the bottom of the 3 small trails! Click on the ground at the end!
.... And I think there MIGHT be one in victory road, leading to the elite four, but I'm not sure... Good luck!

Added 25 Apr 2012, ID #13704, by Pravinj

Master ball with no cheats or AR or GS

If any of you have sapphire and the internal battery has run dry, than you can't get the master ball from the Lilycove Department store.
BUT if you are up to the part when you are infiltrating Team Aquas base you WILL find one.
When you enter there will be this whole bunch of warp panels, usually there will about three.
Just head through the main entrance and the 1st room of warp panels will appear.

Follow these steps:
Right; Max Elixer
The master ball will be here

Head to Slateport then to the dock on the right there will be a crowd of people with captain Stern being interviewed. Team Aqua will then steal the submarine THEN you head to lily cove.

And yet this huge, expensive submarine is not being protected at all and Team Aqua manages to steal it!! Did noone see that coming!!!

And all this for a masterball,well it is worth it though!

Added 26 Feb 2012, ID #13661, by Guest

How to use Kyogre

Kyogre is the legendary of Pokemon Sapphire. He has great Sp. Defense and Sp. Attack.
My recommended moveset:
Ice Beam
Calm Mind

Added 4 Feb 2012, ID #13650, by richmond1210

How to get regis

First you have to get wailord, relicanth and something that knows dig/ something that can learn dig with tm 28 dig. Surf on tides to pacifildog then dive in the small dive spot that looks like a 4x4 square without it's corners. Then you follow the path and go into the sealed chamber. After that go to the back, read the braille then use dig on the back wall. There should be a door that you can walk through. Once you go through there will be an earthquake. The doors to the regi caves are now open , so you can go into the caves. Read the earlier guide to find out how to actually catch the regis

Added 15 Dec 2011, ID #13623, by Guest

Good Pokemon to catch.

A good beginner Pokemon is any of them.

Ralts:A good psychc Pokemon to find go to route102 and search anywhere.(it takes a while)It is a perfect Pokemon to use if your in trouble because you can use teleport at Lv16.

Nincada:Found in route116,easy to catch and evolves at Lv20.Great evolutions are Ninjask and if you have an empty slot in your Pokemon party you will get a Shedinja.Ninjask can go faster than many pokemon. Shedinja can't get hurt by regular or not very effective moves.

Wurmple:good too.
Evolving problem with Wurmple.Your problems are over because Dustox is gotten when you train Wurmple at night then evolved twice or do the opposite to get Beautifly by evolving Wurmple twice in the morning.

Hope this helps.

Added 4 Dec 2011, ID #13622, by Guest

Easy way to train 2 Pokemon when to lazy to.

Needed to do or use for this are:#1:Able to use the Daycare. #2:An Acro Bike. #3:a place with a hill #4:A Game Charger or a Charged game. #5:Tissue paper.
1:Put 2 weak Pokemon in the Daycare.
2:Go to a Hill.
3:Use the Acro Bike to go up the Hill.
4:Have Tissue Paper on up arrow and close the game systen (do not turn it off).
5:Charge game and wait as long as you want.(If you are using your finger then wait an hour/If you are not charging it then wait an hour.
Hope it helps

Added 4 Dec 2011, ID #13621, by Guest

Getting a Walord with Water Spout

Item1:Super Rod (Found in Mossdeep City. Go to the house behind the Mossdeep Space Center and talk to the Fisherman)Item2:HM Surf (Give to a water Pokemon)
Area:Pacifidlog Town.
Fish for a wailmer Lv40.Level it up or give it a rare candy and it will ask if you would like to delete a move for it to learn Water Spout.Then it evolves.

Added 4 Dec 2011, ID #13620, by Guest

The Best Way To Catch Any Legendary Pokemon

1. Lower the Legendary Pokemon's HP as low as you can without making it faint.

2. Make the Legendary Pokemon Fall Asleep. This makes it easier to catch.

3. Throw Ultra Balls it.

4. If the Legendary Pokemon wakes up, make it fall back asleep and continue to through Ultra Balls.

Added 17 Nov 2011, ID #13600, by Warrior13

Evolving Feebas quickly

Here's how to evolve Feebas with a special berry. Go to the Berry Master's house, then when the Berry master's wife asks you for a good saying, enter "CHALLENGE CONTEST". After that, she should give you a Pamtre Berry.

Don't forget to plant it, you'll need about 12 pokeblocks made out of pamtre berrys to make Feebas evolve into Milotic.

Hope this helps!

Added 28 Oct 2011, ID #13586, by Guest

How to get coin case

Go to slateport Mart and buy harbor mail and give it to the lady across the game corner

Added 16 Sep 2011, ID #13556, by Guest

Sapphire hint :)

Use your masterball on latias, not rayquaza or kyogre, I caught those two in ultra balls, and when you throw a ball, make you you hold b and up arrow as soon as the ball opens up.

Added 6 Jul 2011, ID #13510, by coreyolsen

How to Make Latios/Latias Not Running Away from Battle

You Should Have a Pokemon With Mean Look...
Like Golbat train it to the level where it learns Mean Look put in 1st in the Party and all other Pokemon Train Between Level 28-39 than get a ACRO BIKE and go to ForTree(I think it's called so where the people lives in trees)find the house where the boy lives with a Wingull talk to him his wingull will run away go to the next route with the tall grass get in the grass the save the game...Restart the Game and set hours at 11:10-15:03 then walk trough Grass and he will apearr(it will take more tryes he doesn't will come a the first time)Oh Yes and Make Sure That is Golbat's Speed Higher then 105...use Zinc to make it Higher...The When Latias/Latios Appears use Mean Look and change the Pokemon to a type that is week to Psycho and fight him paralyze,sleepy,iceny him and be sure you have a lot of ultra balls

Hope This Helps!!

Added 6 Jun 2011, ID #13486, by Guest

Meet missing no and prove it is real

First go to forbidden cave if you acces it acess it by doing this first have a kyogre and a groudon then let kyogre to the top of your Pokemon list and groudon to the lowest at your Pokemon list now the forbiden cave is accesiable go exploring you will encounter a heck a lotta of trainers at the end you will haer a voice then it's challenge time the enemy is a kanggaskan but actually it is missing no

Added 2 Jun 2011, ID #13479, by Guest

Catching Latias/Latios

Make sure you have plenty of repels (max,super,regular as it doesnt matter) then go to Slateport city. Make sure you have a Pokemon that is level 25-39 in front, it can't be above level 39 (Latios/Latias is 40 so if you are higher than that you will repel it) Use a repel and run around in the grass that is just below the cycling road building. Run for about 20-30 steps then go inside the building and out to run in grass again. Keep doing this until you find him. When you do see it USE THE MASTER BALL because it WILL run away when it's his turn (even if it's asleep, frozen, etc.) trust me I caught the regi‘s and rayqauza with ultra balls fairly easily. If you used the master ball already then you‘ll have to whittle down it's health over time and then hope that you catch it with your first ultra ball.

Added 1 May 2011, ID #13471, by Guest

Key Item Info.

Arco Bike - Allows you to hop Steeps and ride on narrow Bridges
Found: Mauville City

Blue Orb - For Sapphire Only
Found: Mt. Pyre

Claw Fossil - Changes into Anorith
Found: Route 111

Coin Case - Holds Coins for Game Corner
Found: Mauville City

Contest Pass - Lets you enter contest
Found: Verdanturf City

Devon Goods - Needs to be delivered to Capt. Stern in the game
Found: Rusturf Tunnel

Devon Scope - Allows you to see and find invisible Pokemon
Found: Route 120

Go-Goggles - Allows you to enter the standstorm on Route 111
Found: Lavaridge Town

Good Rod - Fishes for better Pokemon than the old Rod
Found: Route 118

Itemfinder - Helps you find items that are hidden around you
Found: Route 110

Letter - A letter that is address to Steven and that needs to be delivered to him
Found: Rustbro City

Mach Bike - Allows you to ride on Slippery Slopes and speed across weak grounds like in Sky Tower.
Found: Mauville City

Meteorite - Something wanted by Team Magma/Aqua
Found: Mt. Chimney

Old Rod - Lets you fish out Pokemon in water and battle them
Found: Dewford Town

PokeBlock Case - Contains PokeBlock that is made by the Berry Blender
Found: Slateport City

Red Ord - Is used in Ruby Only
Found: Mt. Pyre

Room Keys 1,2,3,4 - Allows you to enter the rooms with the numbers on the key when on the Abandon Ship.
Found: Abandon Ship

Root Fossil - Turns into Lileep when resurrected.
Found: Route 111

Scanner - can exchange it for a Deepseatooth or a Deepseascale when talking to Capt. Stern
Found: Abandon Ship

Soot Sack - Gathers Volcanic ash that can be used to build flutes.
Found: Route 113

S.S Ticket - Allows you to get on the S.S. Tidal
Found: Littleroot Town.

Storage Key - Allows you to enter the storage area in the Abandon Ship
Found: Abandon Ship

Super Rod - Catches better Pokemon than Good Rod and the old Rod.
Found: Mossdeep City.

Underground Key - Enter the New Mauville that is just south of Mauville City
Found: Mauville City

Wailmer Pail - Use to water berry plants to encourage them to grow.
Found: Route 104

Added 9 Apr 2011, ID #13456, by kimmy456

Items that help raise Skill Level

Items that you can get that will help Raise Pokemon Skill levels both in and out of battle.

Calcium - Raises Special Attack Permanently
Carbos - Raises Speed Permanently
Dire Hit - Increases Chances of a critical hit while in one battle
Guard Spec. - Raises guard against a special attack for one battle.
HP Up - Raises Maximum HP Permanently
Iron - Raises Defense Permanently
PP Max - Raises PP to it's maximum Permanently
PP Up - Raises PP Permanently
Protein - Raises Attack Permanently
Rare Candy - Raises Pokemon Level by 1
X Accuracy - Raises Accuracy in one battle
X Attack - Raises Attack for one battle
X Defend - Raises Defense for one battle
X Special - Raises Special Attack for one battle
X Speed - Raises Speed for one battle
Zinc - Raises Special Defense Permanently

Added 13 Mar 2011, ID #13420, by kimmy456
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