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How To Duplicate Items And Get Mew

Hey ho, daddio! Have I got two super-cool cheats for you? Yes I have!

You need Fly, Surf and Cinnabar Island to do this cheat. Put the item you want to clone in the 6th slot in the bag. Talk to the man who teaches you how to capture Pokemon, and say 'no' (and 'no' other answer) to his question. After he catches his Weedle, fly to Cinnabar Island and surf up and down the right (>) hand side of the island, where it looks like you are surfing on land. When you see Missingno, run, and whatever level the Missingno is, that's how many more of that item you will have.


You have to start a new game for this cheat. When you get to nugget bridge, catch an Abra, and save the game just before you battle the kid on the far left of the bridge, who is hiding from them all. Go down and press start straight away. Teleport to the Pokemon Center in Cerulean and go to the kid with the Slowpoke (the 3rd person on the top row). Beat him, then teleport again. Make sure you have a level 5-10 in the 1st slot, or you won't battle Mew. When you go on the bridge again, the start menu pops up. Get off it, and a battle will automatically start. It will be the one and only Mew (Level 7). It's only move is Pound and it learns transform at level 10.

(These cheats do work on Red and Green. The Mew one also works on Yellow.)

Added 14 Apr 2006, ID #4117, by Chaos rule
Ask.com and get

How to find a glitch

Talk to the old man and fly to cinnabar. surf on the coast and you'll find a glitch pokemon.

Added 3 Apr 2006, ID #4103, by missle launcher

Duplicate Items.

First, you need Cinnibar Island. Put the item you want to clone in the sixth slot in your bag( 5 items above it). Then talk to that old man that shows you how to catch a Weedle. Say that you are NOT in a hurry.

After he catches the Weedle, fly to Cinnibar Island. Surf up and down on the right side of the island, where it looks like you are surfing on land.

Eventually, you should see a glitch Pokemon called either Missingo(over level 100) or somthing else that looks exactly like Missingo(lv0). You have to run, or this cheat doesn't work.

Then, look in your bag. You should see a weird sign and then a nine. It means that you have a maximum amount of 999 and a minimum of 109. You can also see really rare Pokemon, like Rhydons and Raichus. They are over lv 100 aswell.

WARNING!! If you catch an over lv 100 or lv 0 and put it in your party, and try battling with it then the game will crash.

Added 27 Mar 2006, ID #4088, by Chaos rule

Max items

Ok this is simple, once you can fly to cinninbar (spelling).

First go to virdrien(spelling),talk to the guy that teaches you how to catch Pokemon,then fly to cinninbar(spelling)surf along the east coastuntil you run into a glitch Pokemon, fight it or run away BUT DO NOT CATCH IT.

It will mess up your game, once the battle is over you will have max out items for the item in the 6th spot.

Added 20 Mar 2006, ID #4082, by pokemonmaster34

Goodd way to train

DO NOT concentrate on training your starter Pokemon only.................it'll be your downfall

Added 18 Mar 2006, ID #4066, by mario999

Get Kangauskhan

So everyone knows the infinite item trick. So do that but when you face missing no. Capture him. (its better if hes lvl 126) use a rare candy on him and it will say missingno is evolving. Missing no.

Will evolve into kangaskhan and he will be able to grow to lvl 154. (dont do it again because it will make the health bar go over the screen and itll glitch the game.) tyhats what happened on my game so don't get mad at me if it doesnt work.

P.S. Somehow, (i don't know) while surfing I forgot to talk to the old man and I ran into a lvl 126 Mew, 126 mewtwo, 126 snorlax, 126 weedle, and a 126 ponyta. I wonder if itll work on you're game.

Added 2 Mar 2006, ID #4047, by Darth Trayus

Well this isnt really a cheat but hey it you can catch every Pokemon in the game including Mew go to trsrockin.com com then go to missingno/glitches and go to either the Mew cheat or go to the blue and red hex list and it should tell you how to get pokemon

Added 19 Feb 2006, ID #4040, by gunsnrosesfan

You can trade an old Pokemon like gyarados with waterfall on it and it will go on your blue but waterfall is a gold version move but it still works it is a cross of tacke, surf, and dig. I is cool.

Added 25 Jan 2006, ID #4018, by dude its true

Dude I heard that there is a Pokemon that is behind bills house that is a pokegod and is level 100 and has a move called blast burn and it is a automatic KO.

Added 25 Jan 2006, ID #4017, by dude its true

Glitch City

Steps to Getting to Glitch City
1. Go to the Safari Zone in Fuscia City and enter it for $500.
2. Once inside the Safari Zone, exit through the door you just came through, and say 'No' to the clerk's offer to leave the zone.
3. Once back in the zone again, save the game ans shut the GameBoy system off.
4. Turn the system back off and exit the Safari Zone. The clerk will, strangely, introduce you to the Safari Zone as you do; just don't take his offer to enter the Safari Zone and exit back to Fuscia City again.
5. Fly to Cinnabar Island and Surf half-land half-water along the shoreline of the island- in other words, surf along the shoreline as close as you can get without hopping onto land again- this creates the visual effect that you are surfing on half-land and half-water.
6. After surfing for a while (500 steps), you will suddenly get the message PA: Ding-dong and you will be quoted that your time is up.
7. You will be teleported back to the Safari Zone building. Leave the building at once through the doorway in which you would use to return to Fuscia City- to find you are in Glitch City instead.

Added 17 Jan 2006, ID #4008, by darkboarder_77

Error Pokemon

Alongside Seafoam Islands (where you would surf to find Missingno) Pokemon above level 100, called 'Error Pokemon', can sometimes appear. The Pokemon that appear depends on the letter placement of your character's name- Mewtwo, for example, will appear if the letter 'R' is in the 3rd, 5th, or 7th place of your character's name, i.e., 'Red'. Apparently, naming yourself 'Xavier' will earn you Error Mews, but this is not a proven fact. And in some cases, your name won't produce any Error Pokemon at all, so don't count on them being there whenever you need them.

Added 17 Jan 2006, ID #4007, by darkboarder_77

Tree cheat

Go to viridian, just above where the old man is there is a tree go up to it and press A, you get a potion, now cut down the tree and save, turn it on, not only will you be facing the other direction but you will be standing on the tree, walk off of it.

(I know more if you'd like)

Added 17 Jan 2006, ID #4005, by Skellington

Invisisble Computer

Go to Celedon City ( the city with the grass gym and gaint super market) in the row of hosues by the casino further to the right their is a building about twice the size of a house go in it.

Up in the right hand corner of the building one space away from the wall, there is an invisible computer, stand on the second space down form the wall and the second space to the left of the wall and look forward, then press A.

Added 17 Jan 2006, ID #4004, by Skellington

Save Silph!

If you can save Silph Co. From Team Rocket in Saffron City, you will receive the Master Ball. If any Pokemon should be worthy of being caught by this, it should be Mewtwo.

Added 23 Nov 2005, ID #3923, by darkboarder_77


After defeating the Elite Four, Mewtwo can be found within the Cerulean cave. To get there, head up Nugget Bridge, then go left then down the grassy bridge, and follow the water down until you see a piece of land to stand on and a cave to enter.

Added 10 Nov 2005, ID #3876, by darkboarder_77

Disproving Rumours

1. You CANNOT get Mew from the Game Freak man in Celadon City in any of the Japanese games. You just get the diploma. Why is this still around?
2. In G/S/C, you can't breed a Nidoking and a Nidoqueen to get a super powerful Pokemon. Nidoqueens can't breed for some reason.
3. There is no possible way to see Mew instead of Mewtwo in the Cerulean Cave.
4. Missingno is a Water/BIRD type, not a Water/Flying.

Added 25 Sep 2005, ID #3823, by Suicune_Fire

Unlockable: Diploma

You must catch all 151 Pokemon and go and see Professor Oak in his lab. At that point, he will then give you the diploma.

Added 4 Sep 2005, ID #3801, by Spaz_Addict

Catch Missingno...WITHOUT FAIL!

The following is a way to catch Missingno without a certain name required:

1) Trade a pokemon with any Trainer in the game ( I recommend one in the Pokemon Lab in Cinnabar ).

2) Surf along the right side of the Island.

3) You will eventually encounter many pixel Missingnos.

Added 21 Aug 2005, ID #3770, by DigDug Dude

Some general battling tips (that is, player against player)

Here are some tips for battling in Red/Blue/Yellow. They aren't expansive but they will serve as an adequate introduction.

- the in-game team you beat the Elite 4 with? No, that's not your team. Trust me, most talented players would be able to tell your lack of skill just by looking at your *team* (I've seem far too many teams fall into the mewtwo - 4 ubers and a starter - pidgeot/some other useless Pokemon mold. These teams, although effective against the Elite Four, won't cut it in the Colloseum.
- don't double up on similar attacks (especially attacks). Don't put Flamethrower AND Fire Blast on your Pokemon - they serve an extremely similar purpose and are redundant. Choosing one over the other (in this case, usually Fire Blast) and using the open spot to store an extra move is a much better way of using your moveslot
- defensive/status moves are good. Nothing like being confused, paralyzed or asleep in battle. Using attacks that don't directly damage the opponent seems counterintuitive at first, but once you see what a status inflictor can do, it becomes obvious their benefits.
- having lots of Psychic types on your team is OK - the only things you'll be weak to are weak bug attacks thrown by weak Pokemon. Having lots of any other type is not OK. Having any Fighting types or Poisons is rare and usually means quick death to the said Pokemon (because Psychic is so dominant, and most Fightings/Poisons have low special.
- fast is good. If a Pokemon isn't fast, it has to have a lot of other redeeming features to compensate (Eggy, Snorlax and Chansey are three slow Pokemon that manage to do well because of their excellent stats in other areas.
- there are lots of water-types. Although they are popular, Blastoise, Gyarados and Poliwrath are not among the better of them. Depending on the purpose needed to be filled, Starmie and Slowbro are probably your best bets. Still, there are tons of other water types to use - many are good, many are bad.

Added 6 Jul 2005, ID #3660, by Mask-o-Sheik

Don't listen to him

Theres this guy on the internet saying that there's a site where you can make your own Pokemon but I tried it and it didnt work so if you see this cheat your wasting your time because it doesnt work. The site is called: tbp.berkeley.edu/~jdonald/pokemon/factory but remeber it wont work

Added 18 Jun 2005, ID #3599, by gibmyster
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