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Pokemon Blue


Pokemon Blue/Red Walkthrough Version 1.02

by leothegreat6

Pokemon Blue/Red
Version 1.02
By leothegreat6

I: Introduction
(1.1) The Game
(1.2) Blue Vs Red
(1.3) Controls
II: Different Screens
(2.1) PC's
(2.2) Fights
III: The Boulder Badge
(3.1) Pallet Town
(3.2) Route 1
(3.3) Viridian City
(3.4) Route 22
(3.5) Route 2
(3.6) Viridian Forest
(3.7) Pewter City
IV: The Cascade Badge
(4.1) Route 3
(4.2) Mt. Moon
(4.3) Route 4
(4.4) Cerulean City
V: The Thunder Badge
(5.1) Route 24


Version 1.02
Got to the Thunder Badge

Version 1.01
Started walkthrough and got to the different screens part.

I : Introduction
1.1: The Game
Pokemon are small or big creatures that like to battle. You are a Pokemon trainer. The aim of Pokemon is to gain all eight gym badges from around Kanto (the continent) and fulfil Professor Oak's childhood dream:
to catch all 150 Pokemon. Are you up to it?

1.2: Blue Vs Red
There our a few differences between Blue and Red, for example you may get a Pokemon in Blue you can't get in Red and vice versa, so here is the list of unlucky ones:
Pokemon Blue:
* Sandshrew
* Sandslash
* Meowth
* Persian
* Bellsprout
* Weepinbell
* Victreebel
* Pinsir
* Vulpix
* Ninetales
* Magmar
Pokemon Red:
* Mankey
* Primeape
* Growlithe
* Arcanine
* Scyther
* Ekans
* Arbok
* Electabuzz
* Oddish
* Gloom
* Vileplume
Personally I got Pokemon Blue because I absolutely love Magmar because he kicks ***. Back to the guide...

1.3: Controls
Obviously you have to control your on screen character but don't panic because the controls are really simple:

Button then...
In Game control then...
Start Menu control...

Directions (BUTTON)
Move (IN GAME)
Move around choices (START MENU)

Talk, Do stuff
Select a choice

Not Used
Go back

Use a selected item
Not Used

Get the menu up
Not Used

You can jump down ledges using the down button but you can't climb them (shame!)

II: Different Screens
2.1: PCs
In either Pokemons you store Pokemons/items in different 'boxes.' There are twelve boxes. This is pretty useful because you can only take six Pokemon with you. The PCs look like this:
Someone's PC
Your PC
Prof. Oak's PC
Log Off

Someone's PC: The Pokemon storage system. To store Pokemon you must deposit. To get Pokemon you withdraw. You can also release Pokemon.
Your PC: The item storage system. It is literally the same as above. You must withdraw, deposit and also toss items.
Prof. Oak's PC: The Hall of Fame for the PKMN league. You can see your Pokemon who won the PKMN league.
Log Off: Go back to the game.

PC's are found in the corner of Pokemon Centers.

2.2: Fights
In Pokemon you obviously have to fight. You have a few choices in how to fight and here they are:

Fight   Items
PKMN    Run  

Fight: Your Pokemon can learn 4 moves and here you choose what move to use. Moves are physical or purely tactical.
Items: Use an item such as a potion or an escape rope.
PKMN: Use a different Pokemon.
Run: Run away from WILD Pokemon only. You must fight trainer battles.

You will get to know this screen very well during your quest.

III. The Boulder Badge
3.1: Pallet Town
The game starts with Prof. Oak explaining what Pokemon are and asking what your name is. This name will be your screen name. After that you have to choose your rival's name. Choose what ever you want.
You start in your bedroom in your home. Get the Potion out of the PC and then go downstairs. Exit your house and then head east to Prof. Oak's lab. Let him talk and then choose your starter Pokemon:

                    RED          BLUE
Squirtle            One          One
Charmander          One          One
Bulbasaur           One          One

Bulbasaur is a much faster learner so he becomes a stronger Pokemon quicker, Squirtle can learn some really good HMS (things to help your game such as surfing or flying.) and Charmander is possibly the
best fire pokemon in the game, so it's really up to you. However your rival will pick a different Pokemon. If you choose Charmander, your rival picks Squirtle, Bulbasaur for Charmander and Squirtle for
Bulbasaur. They will battle you but if you win your Pokemon will grow to LV 6. Leave Prof. Oak's lab and head north to Route 1.

NOTE: When you get a fishing rod, you can catch Poliwags and Goldeens.

3.2: Route 1
Not much is along here, except talk to a man for a Potion. The Pokemon along here are LV 2 to 4 so this is a perfect place to level up.

                    RED          BLUE
Pidgey              Loads        Loads
Rattata             Loads        Loads

3.3: Viridian City
You can't do much at the moment but if you go in the Poke Mart you will be given Oak's Parcel. You will need to take this back to Pallet. But before you do, you can head west to Route 22 and battle your 
rival again...

3.4: Route 22
                    RED          BLUE
Rattata             Loads        Loads
Spearow             Rare         Rare
Nidoran (M)         Loads        Rare   
Nidoran (F)         Rare         Loads

Head west along the path and your rival will find you. He has a LV 9 Pidgey and his LV 9 starter. If you have trained you should be able to beat him, so if you haven't already start now!

LV 11 Squirtle

When you have defeated your rival head back to Pallet. When you get there enter Oak's lab. Talk to him and you and your rival will both receive Pokedexs. You are now officially a trainer! When your rival leaves
go to the house above Oak's lab. This is where you can get a Town Map. After that, head up to Viridian City and keep going north into Route 2...

3.5: Route 2
                    RED           BLUE
Pidgey              Loads         Loads
Rattata             Loads         Loads
Caterpie            None          Rare
Weedle              Rare          None

Heal first and then just keep heading north to Viridian Forest...

NOTE: When you have Cut, you can come back here to get HM 05, Flash. You can also trade an Abra for a Mr Mime in a house along there.
3.6: Viridian Forest
In this forest you will encounter your first Pokemon trainers. Their Pokemon will be roughly LV 6 to LV 9, so take care in there. It is a bit like a maze in there but this is just a taster of things to come. When finished
head out to Pewter City...

                    RED           BLUE
Caterpie            Rare          Loads
Metapod             Loads         Loads
Weedle              Loads         Rare
Kakuna              Loads         Rare
Pikachu             Rare          Rare

Poke Ball

3.7: Pewter City
This is it! The town of the first badge, the Boulder Badge. Heal your Pokemon, but don't buy Magikarp of the man. After that head to the Gym...

Name: Brock
Pokemon: LV 12 Geodude
         LV 14 Onix

These are both Rock types so if you chose Bulbasaur or Squirtle you will be fine, but if you have Charmander, things will be difficult. Well done
if you win. You will receive TM 34, Bide, a move you can teach to a Pokemon and that all important Boulder Badge. When you finish head east to 
Route 3...

LV 16 Wartortle
LV 12 Pikachu
LV 14 Pidgey

NOTE: When you have Cut you can enter the museum and get the Old Amber, an item which you can take to Cinnabar Island, to restore the ancient 
Pokemon, Aerodactyl...

IV. The Cascade Badge
4.1: Route 3
Route 3 is a brilliant place for training your Pokemon, with creatures up to a terrifying LV 14. So my advice is battle everyone, and then you
will be ahead on your training. Follow Route 3 around to your next stop, Mt. Moon...

                    RED          BLUE
Pidgey              Loads        Loads             
Spearow             Loads        Loads
Jigglypuff          Rare         Rare

4.2: Mt. Moon
Mt. Moon was named after an ancient myth, that long ago a meteor crashed into Earth and created a huge mountain, Mt. Moon. However, this crash was
said to have awaken cute little Pokemon called Clefairies. The meteor that crashed, contained Moon Stones which could evolve some Pokemon including
the Clefairies.

Mt. Moon is even bigger than Viridian Forest and alot more confusing. First use the stairs in the top-left hand corner of the first room and follow 
the path around. Here you will find Team Rocket, a gang of criminals who like to steal Pokemon. They are a big part of the game. Defeat the Rockets
and follow the path until you find the Super Nerd. He has two fossils. When you beat him, you can choose either the Dome or the Helix Fossil. The 
Dome Fossil is a Kabuto, and the Helix Fossil is an Omanyte. Really it is up to you but you have to wait until Cinnabar Island to get the Pokemon.

Now exit the cave via the path behind Super Nerd, taking you out to Route 4...

                    RED          BLUE
Paras               Rare         Rare
Clefairy            Rare         Rare
Geodude             Rare         Rare
Zubat               Loads        Loads

2 Potions
TM 12, Water Gun
Rare Candy
Escape Rope
Moon Stone
TM O1, Mega Punch

4.3: Route 4
Not much here, except TM O4, Whirlwind. Grab this first because if you jump the barrier at the end, you can't return. After head east to Cerulean City and your 
next Gym battle...

                    RED          BLUE
Spearow             Rare         Rare
Rattata             Loads        Loads
Ekans               Rare         None
Sandshrew           None         Rare

4.4: Cerulean City
Cerulean City is home to alot of stuff. First is the bike shop, where you can get a bike, (Wait until you get a Bike Voucher in Vermillion City though.) 
It is the house in the bottom left so keep that in mind. You can also trade a Poliwhirl for a rare Jynx.But more importantly, Cerulean City is the home of the
second badge, the Cascade Badge...

Name: Misty
Pokemon: LV 18 Staryu
         LV 22 Starmie

Misty trains Water Pokemon so if you have Squirtle or Charmander, it will be hard. However, Bulbasaur is super effective against Water Pokemon, so use him. Also
Electric Pokemon are brilliant so use a Pikachu if you have one. When you beat Misty you will have the handy TM 11, Bubblebeam as well as that Cascade Badge!
When done, head north to Route 24, where you rival waits... 

LV 25 Wartortle
LV 21 Pikachu
LV 20 Pidgeotto
LV 17 Geodude

V: The Thunder Badge
5.1: Route 24
Route 24 is home to the famous Nugget Bridge, but before we start there you must battle your rival. He has a LV 18 Pidgeotto, LV 15 Abra and Rattata and his 
starter at LV 17. For Pidgeotto, use Electric, Abra can be beaten easily because he only knows Teleport, Rattata is weak against Rock Pokemon like Geodude, 
and his starter should be whupped easily if you have a high level Pokemon. After your rival, heal and then take on Nugget Bridge. There are five trainers along
the bridge and if beat them all, you will win a Nugget, which sells quite high. After Nugget Bridge, heal again and head to Route 25...

NOTE: When you have a fishing rod, you can catch Krabbys, Psyducks and Goldeens.

5.2: Route 25
Route 25 is possibly the hardest route in the game, with an amazing 17 trainers here, with Pokemon up to LV 18 up here. Use the Cerulean City Pokemon Center as
often as you can, otherwise you will NOT survive. Keep heading east to the cottage at the end of Route 25, Bill's House. Bill created the Pokemon Storage 
System and he needs your help. He has turned into a Pokemon and he wants you to operate a machine for him. When you have done this he will give you a ticket to
get on to the SS Anne in Vermillon City.