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Pokemon Blue

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Catch any Pokemon game shark code for Pokemon Blue

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Catch any Pokemon


Use the codes to encounter any of the Pocket Monsters in Pokemon Blue. These Pokemon Blue cheats will allow you to catch any Pokemon from the game.

Add one of the codes below as a GameShark code in your emulator's cheat menu.

Save your game before you activate the cheat in case anything goes wrong.

If you are playing on a GameBoy with the original Pokemon Blue cartridge, then you will need an actual GameShark device to enter this or any GameShark code into the game.

You should now be able to meet your chosen Pokemon in the wild and try to catch them.

These are the codes for all 151 Pokemon:.
0101D8CF: Rhydon.
0102D8CF: Kangaskhan.
0103D8CF: Nidoran Male.
0104D8CF: Clefairy.
0105D8CF: Spearow.
0106D8CF: Voltorb.
0107D8CF: Nidoking.
0108D8CF: Slowbro.
0109D8CF: Ivysaur.
010AD8CF: Exeggcutor.
010BD8CF: Lickitung.
010CD8CF: Exeggcute.
010DD8CF: Grimer.
010ED8CF: Gengar.
010FD8CF: Nidoran Female.
0110D8CF: Nidoqueen.
0111D8CF: Cubone.
0112D8CF: Rhyhorn.
0113D8CF: Lapras.
0114D8CF: Arcanine.
0115D8CF: Mew.
0116D8CF: Gyarados.
0117D8CF: Shellder.

0118D8CF: Tentacool.
0119D8CF: Gastly.
011AD8CF: Scyther.
011BD8CF: Staryu.
011CD8CF: Blastoise.
011DD8CF: Pincer.
011ED8CF: Tangela.
0121D8CF: Growlithe.
0122D8CF: Onix.
0123D8CF: Fearow.
0124D8CF: Pidgey.
0125D8CF: Slowpoke.
0126D8CF: Kadabra.
0127D8CF: Graveler.
0128D8CF: Chansey.
0129D8CF: Machoke.
012AD8CF: Mr. Mime.
012BD8CF: Hitmonlee.
012CD8CF: Hitmonchan.
012DD8CF: Arbok.
012ED8CF: Parasect.
012FD8CF: Psyduck.
0130D8CF: Drowzee.
0131D8CF: Golem.

0133D8CF: Magmar.
0135D8CF: Electabuzz.
0136D8CF: Magneton.
0137D8CF: Koffing.
0139D8CF: Mankey.
013AD8CF: Seel.
013BD8CF: Diglett.
013CD8CF: Tauros.
0140D8CF: Farfetch'd.
0141D8CF: Venonat.
0142D8CF: Dragonite.
0146D8CF: Dodou.
0147D8CF: Poliwag.
0148D8CF: Jynx.
0149D8CF: Moltres.
014AD8CF: Articuno.
014BD8CF: Zapdos.
014CD8CF: Ditto.
014DD8CF: Meowth.
014ED8CF: Krabby.
0152D8CF: Vulpix.
0153D8CF: Ninetales.
0154D8CF: Pikachu.
0155D8CF: Raichu.

0158D8CF: Dratini.
0159D8CF: Dragonair.
015AD8CF: Kabuto.
015BD8CF: Kabutops.
015CD8CF: Horsea.
015DD8CF: Seadra.
0160D8CF: Sandshrew.
0161D8CF: Sandslash.
0162D8CF: Omanyte.
0163D8CF: Omastar.
0164D8CF: Jigglypuff.
0165D8CF: Wigglytuff.
0166D8CF: Eevee.
0167D8CF: Flareon.
0168D8CF: Jolteon.
0169D8CF: Vaporeon.
016AD8CF: Machop.
016BD8CF: Zubat.
016CD8CF: Ekans.
016DD8CF: Paras.
016ED8CF: Poliwhirl.
016FD8CF: Poliwrath.
0170D8CF: Weedle.
0171D8CF: Kakuna.

0172D8CF: Beedrill.
0174D8CF: Dodrio.
0175D8CF: Primeape.
0176D8CF: Dugtrio.
0177D8CF: Venomoth.
0178D8CF: Dewdong.
017BD8CF: Caterpie.
017CD8CF: Metapod.
017DD8CF: Butterfree.
017ED8CF: Machamp.
0180D8CF: Golduck.
0181D8CF: Hypno.
0182D8CF: Golbat.
0183D8CF: Mewtwo.
0184D8CF: Snorlax.
0185D8CF: Magikarp.
0188D8CF: Muk.
018AD8CF: Kingler.
018BD8CF: Cloyster.
018DD8CF: Electrode.
018ED8CF: Clefable.
018FD8CF: Weezing.
0190D8CF: Persian.
0191D8CF: Marowak.

0193D8CF: Haunter.
0194D8CF: Abra.
0195D8CF: Alakazam.
0196D8CF: Pidgeotto.
0197D8CF: Pidgeot.
0198D8CF: Starmie.
0199D8CF: Bulbasaur.
019AD8CF: Venusaur.
019BD8CF: Tentacruel.
019DD8CF: Goldeen.
019ED8CF: Seaking.
01A3D8CF: Ponyta.
01A4D8CF: Rapidash.
01A5D8CF: Rattata.
01A6D8CF: Raticate.
01A7D8CF: Nidorino.
01A8D8CF: Nidorina.
01A9D8CF: Geodude.
01AAD8CF: Porygon.
01ABD8CF: Aerodactyl.
01ADD8CF: Magnemite.
01B0D8CF: Charmander.
01B1D8CF: Squirtle.
01B2D8CF: Charmeleon.

01B3D8CF: Wartortle.
01B4D8CF: Charizard.
01B9D8CF: Oddish.
01BAD8CF: Gloom.
01BBD8CF: Vileplume.
01BCD8CF: Bellsprout.
01BDD8CF: Weepinbell.
01BED8CF: Victreebel.

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