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Pokemon Blue Game Shark Codes

Last Updated: by Richard

Enjoy Pokemon Blue even more with these cheats and codes. Get more master balls, rare items, catch any Pokemon, walk through walls and loads more. Check out our collection of Pokemon Blue cheats below. All cheats are entered with a GameShark device or in the cheat menu of your emulator.

Pokemon Blue Cheats

All the GameShark codes on this page are either entered using the code manager of your GameShark which need to be connected to your GameBoy, or in the cheat menu of your emulator. Then just select the cheat you are interested in, read the instructions and off you go.

A few words of warning...

1. Not all cheats will work

There are many different version of Pokemon Red and many different emulators, so the codes will not work on all versions.

2. Save your game before activating a cheat

It's really important to save your game before you try a cheat anytime. Some codes may react badly to the version of the game you are playing, so you should save your progress before you try any code.

3. Check the cheat has worked properly before saving again

Also, you don't really want to save your game that may have been badly affected by a cheat, so check that the cheat has done what it has meant to do and nothing else before you save your progress.

4. Only use one or two cheats at a time.

The more cheats you activate at the same time, the more likely it is that you will run into problems and your game will crash, so whenever you are done with a cheat, deactivate it before trying another.

All of the Pokemon Blue cheats are below. There are quite a few to choose from, it's best to visit the page with the code on for full instructions and to read the comments from other users of the code for extra tips on how to use them.

Pokemon Blue

You may want to check out first these codes:

1. Master ball cheat

For more Master balls!

2. Walk Through Walls cheat

For freedom of movement across all squares in the game.

3. All Pokemon Blue Cheats

For a massive collection of Pokemon Blue cheats of varying usefulness! Most, if not all, cheats are on this page.

4. Catch any Pokemon

A great set of codes to encounter any Pokemon in the wild and catch them.

Have fun with these Pokemon Blue cheats, we have over 400 questions here, and a walkthrough here!

Pokemon Blue Digital Walkthrough and 100% Guide
From cletusdabomb851 Jun 2009, ID #5050

Catch any Pokemon

Use the codes to encounter any of the Pocket Monsters in Pokemon Blue. These Pokemon Blue cheats will allow you to catch any Pokemon from the game.

From pikachu10121 Apr 2006, ID #4133

Master ball free

Enter this code to get master balls

From CheaterCheetah29 Mar 2008, ID #4826

Here ya go, a perfecto walk through walls cheat for pkmn blue

Use this code to walk through walls and walk anywhere on the map in Pokemon Blue. Comes with troubleshooting instructions!

From samaj9111 Dec 2003, ID #2242

Here are some cheats that will help you alot!

This popular selection of Pokemon Blue cheats includes Battle Boosters, Pokemon/Item/Skill/Level Modifying Codes, Music Codes, Trainer Fighting, Pre-modified Pokemon, Random Doodads

From Count_Draculina11 Jul 2004, ID #2856

Just some code to use

Pokemon code: 01??D8CF
replace ?? with numbers below for desired pokemon--used in following codes

01: Rhydon
02: Kangaskhan
03: Nidoran M..

From Guest19 Jun 2012, ID #5440

Professor oak woman

First turn the walk through walls cheat 010138CD.

Then go to oaks lab and head south.

Walk over the water to Cinnibar island.

Then head to ..

From CheaterCheetah29 Mar 2008, ID #4827

Walk through walls GS code

This is the code: 010138CD it should work!!!!!! :D note: do not go to disorted areas or else your game screen will glitch up badly! If for some reas..

From Dragongirl12 Aug 2003, ID #1990


Various codes for Pokemon Blue

From sathya siva19 Apr 2006, ID #4130

These cheats helps you to buy items



From aleo1315 Jul 2013, ID #5520

I've got an cheats codes!

Walk Through Walls
Always Riding Bike
Change XX to the number of pokémon01XXD7CF
000 00..

From Pokemonrules00007 Jan 2012, ID #5386

My Collection Of Pokemon Blue Gameshark Codes (part 1)

Here is my Part One Collection of GameShark cheats for Pokemon Blue includes codes to catch some of the best Pokemon in the game, free master balls and loads more.

From Billy the Master ID #526

Hi i play pokemon games but i dont cheat often.

Here are some Gameshark codes:
01FF55D3 or 01FF56D3 - All Badge
0142D7CF - Catch Dragonite Ne..

From Guest ID #534

Buy masterballs for o dollars-0101ccf

From TLOZTWW23 Feb 2004, ID #2470

Catch Mew

You need a Game Genie (only avalable for NES SNES and Game Boy) for this if you don't have one you can probably only buy one online.

From jamespkmn17 Apr 2005, ID #3366

Some cool codes

As many of you know,gameshark has always been a spark of hope for that person stuck in the pyramid in TombRaider 1 with no flares or no keys,or stuc..


Do not use this code unless you want every pokemon you steal to turn into mew, every pokemon to turn into mew,have all of the trainers to turn int..

From Da Bomb ID #531

I can assure these cheats will work:

Buy master balls for free,01017ccf.

PikaBlue Line 1:013973D1

PikaBlue Line 2:015564D1

All badges:..

From Hot Shot ID #535


This code enables ever, that's right every pokemon(even trainers)(except your's) to turn into Mew!

0101D8CF enables Rydon.

Try cod..

From deleted5 Aug 2005, ID #3726

Fight any pokemon

Fight any pokemon:
0DxxD1B5 the xx means you must put the Pokemon you desire to catch has a number on it put it where the xx is�

BA: Bulbasaur

From feelber15 Oct 2016, ID #5620

Always Catch Pokemon Successfully

This seemed like a code that should be available, but I didn't see it anywhere. So here is a Game Genie code to easily catch any Pokemon.

From Thomas ID #530


Fight a trainer until you get to the pokemon you want to steal,weaken it,and when you get to the "FIGH..

From Guest25 Apr 2006, ID #4140

Hey it's me siva

01297ccf - dome fossil
01287ccf - rarecandy
01327ccf - pp up
019949d3 - unlimited money

You should go to t..

From pikachu10122 Apr 2006, ID #4137

Fight all the Pokemon up to 151

Fight any pokemon:
0DxxD1B5 the xx means you must put the Pokemon you desire to catch has a number on it put it where the xx is�

BA: Bulbasaur

From Guest5 Feb 2012, ID #5389


Loads of item codes to get you unlimited items from the list of codes.