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Pokemon Blue/Red Part 1

by Joshua Bates

Pok�mon Walkthroughs Part 1

Hello, Welcome to my first Pok�mon Walkthrough. Are you ready to beat the game and get all the Pok�mon? I know I am!

Before I start, I would like to say that I have worked on this for ages and I do not want anyone wrecking it. Anything to ask just e-mail me at [email protected]

Unfortunately, I have to make 7 Walkthroughs. 2 Parts for this, 4 Parts for Gold and Silver (Kanto 2 Parts, Johto 2 Parts) and TMs, Moves and Items

 Pok�mon Walkthrough for Blue/Red Part 1
I would like to tell you some stuff as well.

C =Common
R =Rare
-  =Doesn\'t Appear in that game

You win badges by beating the Gym Leaders. Here is a list of badges:

Brock: Pewter City: Boulder Badge: The power of all Pok�mon increases a little. It 							lets you use FLASH any time.

Misty: Cerulean City: Cascade Badge: Pok�mon up to LV30 obey you. About 10 				 Levels higher and you won\'t be able to control them until 				 you get Erika\'s Badge. It also lets you use CUT at any time.

Lt. Surge: Vermilion City: Thunder Badge: The speed of all Pok�mon increases a 								  little. It lets you use FLY anytime.

Erika: Celadon City: Rainbow Badge: Pok�mon up to LV50 obey. 

NOTE: These are just the Badges for the first half

	This is the start of the walkthrough guide, here you will see how to go through everything in the game and there will be helpful hints on how to win the game.

Pallet Town
This tiny little town is where you were born and raised. Now you\'re leaving to become a Pok�mon Master. Every one feels sad but you have to leave the nest some time. Your goal here is to find Prof. Oak and earn your first Pok�mon.

A little of home-cooked goodness
Inside your house you\'ll find the luxuries that will remind you of being \"home\". Upstairs is your SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Or Super Nintendo) and computer, where you\'ll find a Potion tucked away for the occasion (so I suggest get it out). Downstairs in the living room, you\'ll find your Mother, who\'s always willing to provide comfort and a healing dose of chicken soup when you need it. If you are in town, pay her a visit and she\'ll heal your wounds for free.

Prof. Oak?
Wanna jump start the game? Then just try leaving Pallet Town it will make Prof. Oak come in an instant!

The Lab
Here in Prof. Oak\'s lab, you\'ll receive two different things at two different times. First, you\'ll get your choice to choose between three different Pok�mon. Hmmm... Will you take the flowery Bulbasaur, the Water-squirting Squirtle, or the fiery Charmander? Whichever you choose, be prepared to defend yourself against your Rival from next door. That Bully JUST won\'t leave you alone.
Later on, once you\'ve delivered a certain parcel to Prof. Oak, you\'ll get your Pok�dex and be able to buy Pok� Balls and start your collection of Pok�mon! Happy hunting.

Why should you visit your Rival\'s Home?
I don\'t know, maybe his Sister might have a crush on you or something. Pay her a visit and she will give you a copy of the town map for FREE! This will help you to get from town to town.

Pallet Town                                                                               

Things to do
Choose a Pok�mon
Deliver Prof. Oaks Parcel and get a Pok�dex
Pick up the Town Map

Places to go
Rival\'s Home
Prof. Oaks lab

Things to get
Potion x1
Town Map

Any Pok�mon?
And fish for Poliwag and Goldeen once you get a Rod 

Route 1

The Dangers of long grass
Wherever you see these patches of long grass, you\'ll see Wild Pok�mon. It never fails and, with the exception of dungeons and water (and the Pok�mon tower and the Power Plant), you won\'t find Pok�mon anywhere else! So... If your Pok�mon is low on Hit Points (HP) or you don\'t want to fight in any more random Pok�mon battles stay out of the grass.

The Rewards of being friendly
Whenever you encounter a person in towns/cities or on the road go up and talk to them. They usually have advice and sometimes items to give out.So go up and talk to them, but be carful one of the people could be a trainer who wants to fight.

This is the first opportunity you\'ll have to fight a Pok�mon so don\'t waste it or you won\'t survive other battles.

Route 1

Things to get
Potion x1

Any Pok�mon?
                                    Red                       Blue
Pidgey         C               	     C
Rattata        C               	     C

Viridian City
At first, you won\'t find much to do here since the Gym is closed for a while. But you will get to visit your first Pok�mon Center and Pok� Mart. It\'s a shame they are out of Potions.

My Pok�mon needs Help!
Whenever you enter a new city, one of the first places you\'ll want to find is the Pok�mon Center. Here you can heal your hurt Pok�mon for free. Just give your Pok�mon to the Nurse and she\'ll heal them to \"Fighting Fit\" form. You can also use the little computer in the back of the center. You can use the computer to log on and use Pok�mon Trainer\'s tools. You can log on to Someone\'s P.C. to get and Deposit your Pok�mon (It changes from Someone\'s P.C to Bill\'s P.C when you talk to him in Cerulean City), You can get Prof. Oak to rate your Pok�dex, and you can use your P.C so you can Withdraw and Deposit your items.
Note: You can only have up to six Pok�mon with you, all the rest get sent to Bill\'s P.C.and once it says you can\'t catch anymore Pok�mon change the box,but remember what box the Pok�mon are in.

Delivery for Prof. Oak
Here at the Viridian City Pok� Mart, you\'ll find the shelves of bvasic items, but you\'ll find it\'s a Post office as well, well not really but the delivery boy was meant to deliver something to Prof. Oak that he ordered from the Mart but the delivery boy is out sick. So deliver it to Prof. Oak and the Clerk might let you buy stuff.

Pok� Ball               200P
Antidote                 100P
Paralyze Heal        250P
Burn Heal              250P
Potions                  Sold Out!

Pok�mon hunting on route 22
Once you can buy Pok� Balls, I suggest you go hunting on route 22. Here you can find wild Nidoran (M), Nidoran (F), Pidgey, Rattata, and Spearow. But don\'t go too far Your Rival\'s lurking around, and I hope you have trained your Pok�mon to LV9, because he has a LV9 Pidgey and the Pok�mon he started with at LV8.

The Gym is Closed?!
It is Closed until you beat Blaine on Cinnabar Gym (and of cause the other six Gym Leaders before him). So don\'t bother trying to get in right now.
Note: Before going against a Gym Leader they have trainers to try beat the challenger. You can get past some by not letting them see and some you can\'t get past. So just attack them anyway. And another thing you should do is make them grow  to higher levels but don\'t make them grow too high. If they do they won\'t obey you. Here are the Badges you must get to make sure your Pok�mon will obey you;
Cascade Badge: LV30
Rainbow Badge: LV50                                                      
Marsh Badge: LV70
Earth Badge: All Pok�mon obey you.

Gym Leader Lowdown #8: Giovanni of the Viridian Gym
This is the last Gym if you haven\'t beat the other Seven Gyms and don\'t want to spoil the fight, beat them and remember to come back here later!

Giovanni is the leader of Team Rocket, and boy is he mad at you for the other two times! He has Junior trainers around the whole place.
	His Gym consists mainly of Fighting, Poison, Rock, and Ground type Pok�mon. So I suggest you should have; Ice, Water, and Grass types.
	If you defeat him you will get TM27 (Fissure) and ALL Pok�mon you get will Obey You.

Giovani\'s Pok�mon Line up
Rhyhorn             LV45
Dugtrio               LV42
Nidoqueen          LV44
Nidoking             LV45
Rhydon               LV50

Viridian City

Things to do
Pick up Oak\'s Parcel at the Pok� Mart
Defeat Giovanni in the Gym (Much Later in the game of cause)

Places to go
Pok�mon Center
Pok� Mart
Viridian City Gym

Things to get
Oak\'s Parcel
Earth Badge
TM27 (Fissure) x1

Any Pok�mon?
Fish for Poliwag and Goldeen once you have a Rod

Route 2
There\'s not much to do here... Except catch Pok�mon and Cut trees once one of your Pok�mon learns HM01 (Cut).

Entrance to the Viridian Forest
The entrance to the maze called the Virridian Forest in the building are two people who will give you iformation about the Viridian Forest.
Before you go make sure you\'ve stocked up on Pok� Balls and Antidotes and it would be a good idea to go to the Pok�mon Center in Viridian City before you go in to the forest.

Diglett\'s cave
Diglett\'s cave is very good to get from Vermilion City to Pewter City or the reverse. It will take place until you get HM02 (Fly).
Inside you can get LV15 through LV24 Diglett and only LV29 Dugtrio.
So if you want to get from Vermilion City to Pewter City (or the Reverse) without using Fly then take the cave and you\'ll be there before you know it!

Trader Alert
The person in a house wants to trade a Mimer Mr. Mime for a Telportater Abra!
If you don\'t have an Abra make a note to come back there when you do.

An Illuminating Visit
Rumours have been said about the rare HM05 (Flash) in that house and Prof. Oak\'s Aide is there. And if you have caught 10 Pok�mon he will give you HM05 (Flash).

Note: There are five HMs in the world (Except for Gold and Silver Versions because there are seven of them in those version). They are reusable.

Route 2

Things to do
Trade an Abra for Mr. Mime
Get HM05 (Flash)

Things to get
HM05 (Flash)
Hp Up x1
Moon Stone x1

Any Pok�mon?
                               Red                    Blue
Pidge                  C              	         C 
Rattata               C		         C
Weedle                Rare                  -----------
Caterpie               -----------          Rare

Viridian Forest
Viridian forest is where you find your first band of trainers that will haunt you for the rest of the game... Oh yeah, be careful of the bug Pok�mon and be sure to look out for items.

Trainers talk
You have to beat three trainers but you can only sneak past two if you don\'t want to battle. They all have a Kakuna, a Weedle, and a Caterpie all between levels six and nine, and there are wild Metapod, Kakuna, Weedle and Caterpie too.

Note: Calling all Pikachu fans for the first time in the game you can catch very own Pikachu at LV3! WOW!

Viridian Forest

Things to get
Pok� Ball x1
Antidote x1
Potion x1

Any Pok�mon?
                              Red                    Blue
Weedle                  C            		R
Kakuna                 C		                R
Caterpie                R	                        C
Metapod               R                	 	C
Pikachu                R	                	R

Pewter City
Defeating Brock is the first step of your Goal to become a Pok�mon master. And be sure to visit the museum because they have facts about the ancient Pok�mon.

Visit the Pok� Mart
Before facing Brock or heading down to Route 3 to explore Mt. Moon, Be sure to buy some Potions at the Pok� Mart first.

Pok� Ball               200P
Potion                     300P
Escape Rope           550P
Antidote                  100P 
Burn Heal               250P
Awakening              200P
Parlyz Heal             200P

Fight at the Gym!
Are you ready for your first battle with a Gym Leader? And from the looks of that pillar your Rival has been and gone! BURN!

Gym Leader Lowdown #1 Brock of the Pewter Gym
Your up to your first Gym challenge let\'s hope Bulbasaur knows Vine Whip and Leech Seed, Squirtle has been trained to learn Bubble and Water Gun, or the Charmander has grown to lV13 (Ember is your best attack there).
You\'ve Battled against small weak Pok�mon like Rattata and Pidgey, but are you ready to go against big strong Rock Pok�mon like Geodude and Onix?
	If you win Brock will give you TM34 (Bide) and the Boulder Badge which boosts your Pok�mon\'s attack strength and let\'s you use Flash at all times!

Note: The trainers before the Gym Leaders are a warm up for the big battle against the Gym Leader so study their Pok�mon type and attacks.

Brocks Lineup
Geodude        LV12
Onix               LV14

The Pewter Museam of Science
This month\'s exibit is about extinct Pok�mon and judging by their skeletons they were fierce, so go ahead and pay 50P it\'s worth it!

I wonder what they are doing in there?
Once you learn cut you can get in that building next to the museum and, talk to one of the guys in there and he will give you the Old Amber to take to Cinnabar Island research center and it will turn out to be an Aerodactyl!

Pewter City

Things to do
Defeat Brock at the Gym
Get the Old Amber from the Scientists

Places to go
Pok�mon Center
Pok� Mart
Pewter Gym
Pewter Museum of Science
Museum Research Facillity

Things to get
Boulder Badge
TM34 x1
Old Amber

Any Pok�mon?

Route 3
After the hard battle with Brock, you can just relax with a few bouts with some easy trainers until you get to Mt. Moon, because your butt might get kicked!

You Want to Sell me What?!
A man in the Pok�mon center wants to sell you a Magikarp for 500P!
Don\'t bother unless you want to, but I would just wait until you get to Vermilion City and then you can fish for one for free!

Note: Before you go into Mt. Moon search the Grass for a Jigglypuff these are pretty rare and once you use a Moon Stone on it, it will evolve in to a Wigglytuff!

Route 3

Things to get

Any Pok�mon?
                                 Red                           Blue
Pidgey                 C                		  C
Spearow              C		                  C
Jigglypuff            R	                          R

Mt. Moon
Team Rocket have taken over Mt. Moon searching for Fossils and it is up to you to stop them, and on your way search for the rare Clefairy.

Trainers Talk
Much like Route 3, the first floor is filled with Youngsters, Bug Catchers, and Lasses. Their Pok�mon are on levels 10 and 11. Look out for new Pok�mon including a level 14 Clefairy, an Oddish and Bellsprout duo, and a Super Nerd\'s Magnemite and Voltorb. Expect to battle seven of them before the floor is cleared. And please make good use of the Pok�mon Center outside.
	Floor B2 is filled by the bad dudes you\'ve seen on T.V... Team Rocket!
These guys are known for there evil of mistreating Pok�mon. And be careful, because they have Poison, Rock, and Normal Pok�mon. But at least there are only five of them on this floor.

Decisions, which one is right?
When you go to floor B2 and knock out all the Rockets there will be a decision between the Helix Fossil and the Dome Fossil. Which one will it be? The Helix Fossil carries the DNA of an Omanyte and the Dome ossil carries the DNA of a Kabuto. It is your decision, not mine.

Mt. Moon

Things to Get
Potion x1
TM12 (Water Gun) x1
Potion x1
Rare Candy x1
Escape Rope x1
Moon Stone x1
HP Up x1
TM01 (Mega Punch) x1
Dome Fossil or Helix Fossil

Any Pok�mon?
				Red			Blue
Zubat              	C            		C
Geodude        	R                 	R
Paras                   R                 	R
Clefairy                R                 	R

Route 4
Man you would love this place. It\'s basicly a training ground.

Route 4

Things to Get
TM04 (Whirlwind) x1

Any Pok�mon?
					Red				Blue
Rattata				C				C
Spearow			R				R
Ekans				R				-
Sandshrew			-				R

Cerulean City
Finally! You\'re at Cerulean City. I reckon you should check out Nugget Bridge, but watch out for your Rival.

Trader Alert!
The question isn\'t; how did he get it? Or; Is he an idiot? But it is; What does he want for it?
In one of the houses a Trainer wants to trade a rare Jynx for a Poliwhirl and my advice is... Do it!

What a Bike, but look at the tag!
Have you ever spent 100 bucks on a bike? Well look at the tag on this one... 1,000,000P!!! What a rip off!
Maybe the President of the Pok�mon Fan Club in Vermilion City has something...

Anyone Up for a spot of Shopping?
Heard about Repel before? Well apparantly it keeps Pok�mon away, but it only lasts for about 50 steps.
Here\'s a list of wares you can get.

Pok� Ball               200P
Potion                     300P
Repel                       350P
Antidote                  100P
Burn Heal               250P
Awakening              200P
Parlyz Heal             200P

Is that the Cerulean Gym or the pool?
At first, you would think the Gym was flooded or it was the pool. But there are trainers here so it must be the gym. 
	The Swimmer in the water will battle you with a Horsea and a Shellder. After that you will fight a Junior Trainer that will attack you with a level 19 Goldeen.

Gym Leader Lowdown #2 Misty of the Cerulean City Gym
She\'s a cute girl always in her bathing suit. She is Misty and she means buisness.
		Now to beat her (If you have a Charmander) you will need a Pikachu that you have hopefully caught in the Viridian Forest or someone to trade you an Electric Pok�mon at least at level 20. Squirtle/Wartortle will do good because they are strong especially if you taught it Mega Punch in Mt. Moon and not to mention they are water Pok�mon. Bulbasaur/Ivysaur would stand a chance and beat them if they know Vine Whip or Leech Seed, even a Paras will do. Charmander/Charmeleon at LVs 20-25 won\'t stand much of a chance if you haven\'t got a Pok�mon team with Electric or Grass moves or you haven\'t trained hard enough.
If you win, Misty will give you a Cascade Badge and her favourite TM. TM11 (Bubblebeam) and as an extra bonus you can use HM01 (Cut) outside of battle.

Misty\'s Line Up
Staryu LV18
Starmie LV21

What has a Rocket been doing here?
It seems that a Team Rocket member has been through a house and gone taking an man\'s TM28 (Dig).
I wonder if the man out the back has somthing to do with it...?

The Unknown Dungeon
You don\'t get to go in this place until you beat the Elite Four. I\'ll tell you about it later.

Cerulean City

Things to do
Defeat Misty at the Gym
Trade Poliwhirl for Jynx 
Get Bicycle
Defeat Rocket at back of house
Go to Nugget Bridge

Places to Go
Pok�mon Center
Pok� Mart
Cerulean City Gym
Trader\'s House
Burgled House

Things to Get
Cascade Badge
TM11 (Bubble Beam) x1
TM28 (Dig) x1

Any Pok�mon?
Try fishing in the gym for Goldeen, Krabby, and Psyduck.

Routes 24 and 25
To reach Bill\'s house, you\'ll first have to defeat the 17 trainers blocking your path. The first one to come up is your Rival, and like you he has got the Cascade and Boulder badges and is a bit stronger, but you can beat him because he will only have a Pidgeotto, an Abra, a Rattata and his starting Pok�mon. I just hope you haven\'t been slacking off.

Nugget Bridge
Once you have kicked your Rival\'s butt, you will battle another five trainers, and since this isn\'t a battle where after you beat one trainer you battle the next one they send out, you can use the Pok�mon Center. After those tough battles, you should heal your Pok�mon at the Pok�mon Center because there is a guy who gives you a Nugget and asks you to join... Team Rocket!
You refuse, Result: Battle

The Practice area
After the rumble on Nugget Bridge, make sure your Pok�mon are healed because now you have to battle at least 5-10 trainers! So don\'t expect a battle against a Caterpie, instead expect a battle against tough Pok�mon like Onix and Machop.

Bill\'s House
Man Bill is one huge Pok�maniac! He\'s even a Pok�mon! Hey wait a second! He\'s not a Pok�mon he\'s a human stuck in a Pok�mon Costume. Maybe if you help him he might give you a S.S. Anne Ticket!
Go back a second time and have a look at his Pok�mon files to add to your Pok�dex and as a bonus you will find out his favourite Pok�mon.

Routes 24 & 25

Things to Get
Nugget x1
TM45 (Thunderwave) x1
TM19 (Seismic Toss) x1
S.S. Ticket (From Bill) x1

Any Pok�mon?
                               Red                                   Blue
Weedle                                C                                              	R
Kakuna                                C                                 	  	R
Caterpie                               R           		                        C
Metapod                               R                                             C
Oddish                                  R                                             -
Bellsprout                             -        	             			R
Abra                                     R                                             R
Pidgey                                  R                                             R
Fish for Psyduck, Krabby, and Goldeen once you get a rod

Route 5
Once you leave Cerulean City through the Burgled House, you will find that the only way to get back through is the way you got out. Well, it isn\'t really the only way because you can get back in when you get HM01 (Cut) or HM02 (Fly) and there is a gatehouse you can use on one condition. You have to give the guard some Fresh Water or Soda Pop from the roof top of Celadon City\'s Store and it is big. You can use the elevator but it only gets up to the last floor so when you get to 5th floor your going to have to use the stairs.

Daycare for Pok�mon
When you leave Cerulean City can you can see some ledges with some grass over them. Jump them until you reach a small building, this is the daycare for Pok�mon. Inside is an expert baby sitter and he will mind and raise your Pok�mon for a small fee. Just remember to pick it up because I left my Nidoqueen there and it grew 9 levels! So if you leave it there, pick it up or else your in for a big bill because its 100P a level and it costs 100P to leave it there and pick it up before it grows just one level!

Thirsty Guards
There\'s a city closer than you think. Unfortunately the roads are under construction and the gate-house guards are feeling a little bit grouchy because they\'re really thirsty. Maybe they\'d let you pass If you had some Fresh Water or  a Soda Pop.

Underground Path
Don\'t let the closed roads scare you. There are other ways to get around this area. In the house near the gatehouse (Not the Daycare Center) is the entrance to an Underground Path.

Route 5

Things to get

Any Pok�mon?
	Red					Blue
Pidgey	C						C
Oddish	R						-
Mankey	R						-
Bellsprout	-						R
Meowth	-						R

Route 6
Now you\'re through the Underground, you only need to walk south to get to Vermilion City. On your way check the grass for new Poke\'mon.

Trainer\'s Talk
You\'ll find Bug Catchers and Junior Trainers. The Bug Catcher will be a bit harder because of his LV20 Butterfree that can put you to sleep with it\'s Sleep Powder. Make sure you stock up on Awakening before you fight the Bug Catcher.

Route 6

Things to get

Any Pok�mon?
	Red					Blue
Pidgey	C						C
Oddish	R						-
Mankey	R						-
Bellsprout	-	              				R
Meowth	-						R

Vermilion City
Welcome to the seaside of Vemilion City. Pok�mon and Pok�maniacs are celebrated by all. Go to the Pok�mon Fan Club, I hear the Chairman is desperate to tell someone about his Pok�mon.

Hand-Me-Down Fishing Rod
The fishing Guru of Vermilion is willing to give you his Old Rod. This rod may be bad unless you want to catch some Magikarp. He has to brothers also giving rods that are better.

Vermilion City Pok� Mart
Here\'s the list of merchandise that you will be able to buy here at the Pok� Mart. You should get a heap of Super Potions before boarding the S.S. Anne and fighting Lt. Surge at the Vermilion Gym.

Pok� Ball                         200P
Super Potion                    700P
Ice Heal                           250P
Awakening                      200P
Parlyz Heal                     200P
Repel                              350P

Pok�mon Fans Gather!
The president of the Fan Club loves to talk about his rare Pok�mon. Did you know his favorite is Rapidash? Hear about Rapidash and he will give you his Bike Voucher! He doesn\'t need it because he has a Fearow that knows Fly. Now you have a Bike Voucher, you can get a bike for free in Cerulean City!

Trader Alert!
A guy in a house wants to trade his very rare Farfetch\'d for a very common Spearow. Surely you have one.

Party on the S.S. Anne
Before you can do anything in the city, like challenge Surge, you might want to go on the S.S. Anne. The captain will be able to give you cut so you can access the gym!

An Electric Gym!
Before you can enter the Vermilion City Gym, you must have HM01 (Cut) taught to a Pok�mon. A Sasndshrew would be good because you have to fight Electric Pok�mon.
To unlock Surges door, you have to figure out a code. Defeat Each Trainer (Except maybe the Old Guy who just says \"Lt. Surge\'s Pok�mon Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah\".) to get them to talk about the code.

Gym Leader Lowdown #3: Lt. Surge of the Vermilion City Gym
Before you can Challenge Lt. Surge you have to undo the electrical lock that he uses to keep people out. The trainers will talk - once you\'ve beaten them - and tell you it\'s secret. You have to look in the bins (YUCK!) and when you find the first lock, the second is just next door.
   Lt. Surge is the leader of an order of Pok�mon Trainers dedicated to Electric Pok�mon. Only Ground Poke\'mon have a special affinity for defeating Electric Pok�mon, so if you were able to pick one up during your travels, you might want to equip it with the Dig skill you picked up in Cerulean City (You know, off the weak Rocket).
   When you defeat Lt. Surge you\'ll receive the Thunder Badge. This badge allows you to use HM02 (Fly) in and out of battle. It also ups all of your Pok�mon\'s speed. In addition to the Badge, Lt. Surge will also give you his TM24. This TM teaches Thunderbolt to one of your Electric Pok�mon (Maybe Mew and a few more).
Lt. Surge\'s Lineup
Voltorb         LV21
Pikachu        LV18
Raichu          LV24

S.S. Anne
This Cruise ship is filled with Trainers waiting for a good challenge. As you wander through the decks of this luxury ship, you have the opportunity to talk to the passengers resting in their staterooms. Beware, some will want to fight, while others will dispense good advice.

Trainers talk
The gang of trainers on the S.S. Anne are a motley bunch ranging from distinguished Lasses and Gentlemen to coarse Fisherman and Sailors. Their Pok�mon are also a mixed bag, but you can count on one thing: when you battle a fishermen or a Sailor, you can expect to see a lot of Water Pok�mon. All of them fall within the LV17 to LV23 range of experience levels.

What\'s a party without good friends?
Well, I wouldn\'t exactly call your Rival a good friend, but he\'s here on the S.S. Anne. Use this battle to check your progress. If you need to use all of your Pok�mon, you need more training. Three Pok�mon, good. If you use one or two, Excellent!

\"Do you have anything for SEASICKNESS?\"
The Captain is suffering from a dangerous case of seasickness (And I advise you not to look in the bucket). When you help him out he will give you the first HM or Hidden Machine. This one teaches you the Cut skill which is needed alot in the game. Cut allows you to cut down small bushes (Like the one next to the coffee guy in Viridian City or the one blocking the path to the gym in Vermilion City). This allows you to go in Vermilion City Gym and Cerulean City (The easy way in).

Note: Once the captain regains his sea legs, it\'s time to set sail. Leave the boat for any reason, and it will take off without you. If you want to fight all of the Trainers and pick up all of the loot lying around, make sure you save the trip to the Captain\'s room until the end. this way you can fight and run out to the Pok�mon Center as much as you like.

S.S. Anne

Things to get
 TM 08 (Body Slam) x1
Great Ball x1
Max Ether x1
Rare Candy x1
HM01 (Cut)
TM44 (Rest) x1
Ether x1
Max Potion

Vermilion City

Things To Do
Get HM01 (Cut) from the Captain of the S.S. Anne
Defeat Lt. Surge at the gym
Talk to the president of the Pok�mon fan club
Trade a Spearow for Farfetch\'d
Get the Old Rod from the Fishing Guru

Places to go
Pok�mon Center
Pok� Mart
Vermilion City Gym
Trader\'s House
Pok�mon Fan Club
Fishing Guru\'s House

Things to get
Bike Voucher
Old Rod
Thunder Badge
TM24 (Thunderbolt) x1

Route 11
Tackle this route after you have finished your bisiness on the S.S. Anne and in Vermilion City. Unfortunatly you won\'t be able to continue to Route 12 thanks to the Snorlax blocking the way. Come back when you have the Pok� item to get past it (Pok� item wasn\'t the word, but I\'m not telling). But fortunatly you can climb up the gatehouse and meet Prof. Oak\'s Aide. Have 30 or more Pok�mon and you get an Item finder off him (Check Items guide in back)!

Trainers Talk
This field is full of Trainers (10 to be exact). Sigh! A bit of wiping up. It\'s a dirty job but someone has to do it! Youngsters, Gamblers, and Engineers. Out of the three, Engineers are the most predictable. Come on! Think about what Engineers are about... Electricity! The electric Pok�mon are easy if you got a Sandshrew or a Geodude back at Mt. Moon. The Level of Pok�mon is LV18-LV21. Sing the song \"Enjo, Enjo, Enjo, En cleaning we will go!\" and make it happen!

Diglett\'s Cave
With Snorlax blocking the road, you\'ll have no other choice but to take Diglett\'s Cave back to Route 2 below Pewter City. Only to different Pok�mon here. Diglett and Dugtrio, Pretty good Pok�mon and that is the only place to get them.So go there and you need to get HM05 (Flash) from that house.

Route 11

Things to get
Item Finder

Any Pok�mon?
				Red			Blue
Spearow			C			C
Arbok			C			-
Sandshrew		-			C
Drowzee			R			R

Route 9
Now that you have the Cut ability, you can take this Route to Rock Tunnel and Lavender Town. The Trainers here are about as tough as the ones on the S.S. Anne and Route 11. When I was playing Blue version, I had Blastoise here, same on Red but I had a Charizard. You should have an easy time with them unless you\'ve been slacking off and your party is this:
Starter Pok�mon: LV15
Geodude: LV12-18, Dig, Tackle, Defense Curl and Rock Throw
Paras: LV11, Scratch
Rattata: LV7, Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack
Clefable: LV14, Sing, Double Slap, Minimize, Metronome
Zubat: LV12, Leech Life, Supersonic

Your party should be this:
Charmeleon/Charizard, Wartortle/Blastoise, or Ivysaur/Venusaur: LV28-40 (But make sure it obeys you)
The other Pok�mon I mentioned at the top should be this:
Geodude/Graveler: LV27
Paras/Parasect: LV26-30
Raticate: LV20
Clefairy: LV30-40 (Good moves if not evolved with Moon Stone until LV45)
Zubat/Golbat: LV25-30

You can have a bit less Levels then that but those are good. Just don\'t go over the top and at the start I told you what the badges do. If you aren\'t sure, check!

Back to Route 9, if your Pok�mon run out of health just use the Pok�mon right outside Rock Tunnel. 

Trainers Talk
This area is full of a whole heap of trainers. But hopefully you should be able to beat all of them. If your running out of energy and would be to hard to battle, some trainers you can dodge.
I think you would find Junior Trainers provide you with a challenge. With there Pok�mon at LV19-23 I don\'t think they will be hard and they also have some rare Pok�mon liuke a Charmander and a powerful Meowth.

A Lovely Stream
When you get the HM 03 (Surf), you\'ll want to come back here and explore the stream north of the Pok�mon Center. An abandoned Power Plant is doen the stream. You will be able to find tons of electric Pok�mon and it is said, after the Plant was abandoned, Zapdos, the legendary bird of Thunder, came to roost here.

Rock Tunnel
Make good use of the Pok�mon Center outside the tunnel. You don\'t know what\'s inside. For now any way.

Route 9

Things to get
TM30 (Teleport)

Any Pok�mon?
			Red				Blue
Rattata		C				C
Spearow		C				C
Arbok		C				-
Sandshrew	-				C
Voltorb		C				C

Rock Tunnel
The Rock Tunnel is a dark place. If you have a lanturn then you must have  switched data in your game around with Final Fantasy or some other game (Please Don\'t try that at home). If you required HM05 (Flash) then good on you. You also better have a Pok�mon to use it. At least some people are doing it right.
Actually I shouldn\'t say \"at least some people are getting it right\" because I didn\'t get Flash in my first game. So back to the walkthrough... Good Luck.

Trainers Talk
As you would think, the Rock Tunnel is full of... Rock Pok�mon and people with rock Pok�mon. The Trainer\'s Pok�mon Levels are LV19-25.

It sure is dark in here
As I said up there, I did this without Flash. And you can too. Just walk along the walls. It may be hard and long but you will make it!

Things to get

Any Pok�mon?
			Red			Blue
Zubat		C			C
Geodude		R			R	
Machop		R			R
Onix			R			R

Route 10
When you just left the rock tunnel you got surrounded by 4 Trainers. Take the path to the right if you don\'t want a fight. And that tree by it self seems suspicious.

Lavender Town
The town south of Rock Tunnel is-Lavender Town. It is home of the Pok�mon Tower which is home to many dead Pok�mon. May they Rest in Peace. ANd the town is talking a lot about ghosts haunting...

A Spooky Building
The safest of all the floors (Yeah, only humans). It seems Team Rocket has been PHYSICALLY abusing all the Cubones there. You can try to get up the top but you won\'t get far without a SILPH SCOPE...

Thank you come again!
In the Pok� Mart there are some new items you will need so as Apu says on the Simpsons \"Thankyou come again\" you might need to.

Great Ball		600P
Super Potion	700P
Revive	      1500P
Escape Rope	550P
Super Repel	500P
Antidote		100P
Burn Heal		250P
Ice Heal		250P
Paralyz Heal	200P

Home of the Name Rater
If you need to change a Pok�mon\'s Nickname, for example: If my sister were to call my Pikachu \"IDIOT\" I could go to the Name Rater and fix that.
But the sad thing is if you traded a Pok�mon with a friend and your friend called it a dumb Nickname or a naughty Nickname (Like my friend), then Mr. Big Shot Rater can\'t change it.

Community Service
Mr. Fuji\'s Abandoned Pok�mon Shelter is run by some nice community people. Unfortunately, the Draw out competition form has been clipped out. Well... that\'s not REALLY unfortunate. But the UNFORTUNATE news is Mr Fuji is being held at the top of the Pok�mon Tower by, well let\'s take a guess. I think your RIVAL. Oh I was wrong. It was TEAM ROCKET! Oh how could I be so stupid (Sarcasm).

Lavender Town

Things to do
Free the restless ghost using the Silph Scope
Rescue Mr. Fuji and get the Pok� Flute

Places to Go
Pok�mon Center
Pok� Mart
Name Rater
Pok�mon Tower
Mr Fuji\'s Pok�mon Shelter

Things to Get
Pok� Flute

Any Pok�mon?

Route 8
Once again, you are in an area with Road Construction. You have to use the underground path (I wish they added a subway so it would be easier) to get to Celadon City. Taking the Underground will take you to Route 7. And you know, if you do things right you will only have to one battle with a trainer. I\'ll tell you what you do:
1. When you enter Route 8 there will be two trainers, battle one and walk left until you see a tree you can cut.
2. Cut the tree and go through to the other side (NOTE: There are 3 ways you can do this: Go through the grass, cut the grass or go down the bottom)
3. Cut the next tree and walk left until you see these boulder-type-wall-thingys walk up on the edge of them until you are level with the bottom of the house walk until you reach the door and your done.

Route 8

Things to Get

Any Pok�mon?
                 Red                       Blue
Pidgey            C	C
Oddish            R	-
Mankey           R	-
Arbok              R	-
Growlithe        R	-
Bellsprout        -	R
Sandshrew      -	R
Meowth           -	R
Vulpix              -	R

Route 7

Same as Route 8 but doesn\'t have Sandshrew or Arbok.

Celadon City
Celadon City i known for the Department Store and it\'s Game Corner. Rumors are going around about the Game Corner. When you talk to the guy running the Game Corner for 50 coins you will see why it\'s suspicious (They gave away who runs it in the game!). And the Pok�mon Mansion isn\'t that bad.

Two Birds hit with one stone
From what you can see when you enter Celadon City, the Mansion only has one entrance but in fact, if your smart enough you might be able to find a door to get you in a different place(Your IQ has to be 10 or higher to find it).
On the first floor (This is through normal door), you will find a person who is in the Managers Suite and gets Meowth to bring money back. The second floor is the Game Freak Meeting Room but is free for your own use. But the only thing you can do is use the PC. On the third floor, the game designers are working. One created the player (Talk about playing God), and others are designing. The guy not using the computer will give you a Diploma if you catch the first 150 (You don\'t need Mew).
The mysterious fourth floor requires you to use the secret entrance. Inside is a man. Take the Pok� Ball which contains... Eevee!
Check the blackboard to see information.

Elmo wants to know if Celadon\'s Store is bigger the Hoopers Store
Well Elmo, Celadon\'s store is ten times bigger than Hooper\'s Store. And it has some darn good stuff. TMs, Battle stuff, drugs and at the top (You have to use door on 5th floor)-Drinks!

Merchandise-Second Floor

Great Ball               	600P
Super Potion           	700P
Revive	1500P
Super Repel            	500P
Antidote                  	100P
Burn Heal               	250P
Ice Heal                  	250P
Awakening	200P
Parlyz Heal	200P
TM01 (Mega Punch)	3000P
TM02 (Razor Wind)	2000P
TM05 (Mega Kick)	3000P
TM07 (Horn Drill)	2000P
TM09 (Take Down)	3000P
TM17 (Submission)	3000P
TM32 (Double Team)	1000P
TM33 (Reflect)	1000P
TM37 (Egg Bomb)	2000P

Merchandise-Third Floor
You can\'t buy anything here. There are SNES games and other electronics you can\'t buy. But talk to the guy at the counter to get TM18 which contains COUNTER!

Merchandise-Fourth Floor
Pok� Doll             1000P
Fire Stone            2100P
Leaf Stone           2100P
Thunder Stone     2100P
Water Stone        2100P

Merchandise-Fifth Floor
Dire Hit                 950P
Guard Spec.          700P
X Accuracy            650P
X Attack                500P
X Defend               550P
X Speed                 350P
X Special               350P
Calcium               9800P
Carbos                 9800P
Iron                     9800P
Protein                9800P

Fresh Water           200P
Soda Pop               300P
Lemonade             350P

Mummy, I\'m thirsty!
Up on the roof there is a thirsty girl. Give her all three drinks and she will give you all three of her TMs! And remember to buy Fresh Water or Soda Pop for the guards.

Hey what am I doing in the forest?
This forest happens to be the gym! Only females allowed to join. Too bad. If you do things right, you will only have to fight one trainer before Erika.

Gym Leader Lowdown #4: Erika of the Celadon City Gym
Erika is one strong person with a green thumb. She uses grass Pok�mon. All three starter Pok�mon are good against her. Charmander uses fire attacks, Squirtle is good if you get Ice Beam off the girl on Celadon Department Store Rooftop. And Bulbasaur is a grass Pok�mon himself so if you taught him Body Slam or something like that-Good Work!
If you win Erika will give you the Rainbow Badge and TM21 (Mega Drain) and in addition to that all Pok�mon up to LV50 will obey.

Erika\'s Lineup
Victreebel		LV29
Tangela		LV24
Vileplume		LV29

Darn Game Corner

One of the men here are fed up with the Game Corner. Talk to him to get the Coin Case!

Celadon City

Places to Do
Defeat Erika
Get Eevee at Celadon Mansion
Get Coin Case from Caf�
Visit Game Corner
Buy fron Celadon Department Store

Places to Go
Pok�mon Center
Celadon Department Store
Celadon Mansion
Celadon Gym
Game Corner
Coin Exchange

Things to Get
Rainbow Badge
Coin Case
TM13 (Ice Beam)
TM18 (Counter)
TM21 (Mega Drain)
TM41 (Softboiled)
TM48 (Rock Slide)
TM49 (Tri Attack)

Any Pok�mon?
Try fishing for Poliwhirl and Slowpoke

So we have been from Pallet Town to Half way through the game.
My next parts will come later including the Rocket Hideout and the Legendary Bird places.

Prima\'s Official Strategy Guide for reference.