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Catch any Pokemon game shark code for Pokemon Blue


Catch any Pokemon

These are the codes for all 151 Pokemon:
0101D8CF: Rhydon
0102D8CF: Kangaskhan
0103D8CF: Nidoran Male
0104D8CF: Clefairy
0105D8CF: Spearow
0106D8CF: Voltorb
0107D8CF: Nidoking
0108D8CF: Slowbro
0109D8CF: Ivysaur
010AD8CF: Exeggcutor
010BD8CF: Lickitung
010CD8CF: Exeggcute
010DD8CF: Grimer
010ED8CF: Gengar
010FD8CF: Nidoran Female
0110D8CF: Nidoqueen
0111D8CF: Cubone
0112D8CF: Rhyhorn
0113D8CF: Lapras
0114D8CF: Arcanine
0115D8CF: Mew
0116D8CF: Gyarados
0117D8CF: Shellder
0118D8CF: Tentacool
0119D8CF: Gastly
011AD8CF: Scyther
011BD8CF: Staryu
011CD8CF: Blastoise
011DD8CF: Pincer
011ED8CF: Tangela
0121D8CF: Growlithe
0122D8CF: Onix
0123D8CF: Fearow
0124D8CF: Pidgey
0125D8CF: Slowpoke
0126D8CF: Kadabra
0127D8CF: Graveler
0128D8CF: Chansey
0129D8CF: Machoke
012AD8CF: Mr. Mime
012BD8CF: Hitmonlee
012CD8CF: Hitmonchan
012DD8CF: Arbok
012ED8CF: Parasect
012FD8CF: Psyduck
0130D8CF: Drowzee
0131D8CF: Golem
0133D8CF: Magmar
0135D8CF: Electabuzz
0136D8CF: Magneton
0137D8CF: Koffing
0139D8CF: Mankey
013AD8CF: Seel
013BD8CF: Diglett
013CD8CF: Tauros
0140D8CF: Farfetch'd
0141D8CF: Venonat
0142D8CF: Dragonite
0146D8CF: Dodou
0147D8CF: Poliwag
0148D8CF: Jynx
0149D8CF: Moltres
014AD8CF: Articuno
014BD8CF: Zapdos
014CD8CF: Ditto
014DD8CF: Meowth
014ED8CF: Krabby
0152D8CF: Vulpix
0153D8CF: Ninetales
0154D8CF: Pikachu
0155D8CF: Raichu
0158D8CF: Dratini
0159D8CF: Dragonair
015AD8CF: Kabuto
015BD8CF: Kabutops
015CD8CF: Horsea
015DD8CF: Seadra
0160D8CF: Sandshrew
0161D8CF: Sandslash
0162D8CF: Omanyte
0163D8CF: Omastar
0164D8CF: Jigglypuff
0165D8CF: Wigglytuff
0166D8CF: Eevee
0167D8CF: Flareon
0168D8CF: Jolteon
0169D8CF: Vaporeon
016AD8CF: Machop
016BD8CF: Zubat
016CD8CF: Ekans
016DD8CF: Paras
016ED8CF: Poliwhirl
016FD8CF: Poliwrath
0170D8CF: Weedle
0171D8CF: Kakuna
0172D8CF: Beedrill
0174D8CF: Dodrio
0175D8CF: Primeape
0176D8CF: Dugtrio
0177D8CF: Venomoth
0178D8CF: Dewdong
017BD8CF: Caterpie
017CD8CF: Metapod
017DD8CF: Butterfree
017ED8CF: Machamp
0180D8CF: Golduck
0181D8CF: Hypno
0182D8CF: Golbat
0183D8CF: Mewtwo
0184D8CF: Snorlax
0185D8CF: Magikarp
0188D8CF: Muk
018AD8CF: Kingler
018BD8CF: Cloyster
018DD8CF: Electrode
018ED8CF: Clefable
018FD8CF: Weezing
0190D8CF: Persian
0191D8CF: Marowak
0193D8CF: Haunter
0194D8CF: Abra
0195D8CF: Alakazam
0196D8CF: Pidgeotto
0197D8CF: Pidgeot
0198D8CF: Starmie
0199D8CF: Bulbasaur
019AD8CF: Venusaur
019BD8CF: Tentacruel
019DD8CF: Goldeen
019ED8CF: Seaking
01A3D8CF: Ponyta
01A4D8CF: Rapidash
01A5D8CF: Rattata
01A6D8CF: Raticate
01A7D8CF: Nidorino
01A8D8CF: Nidorina
01A9D8CF: Geodude
01AAD8CF: Porygon
01ABD8CF: Aerodactyl
01ADD8CF: Magnemite
01B0D8CF: Charmander
01B1D8CF: Squirtle
01B2D8CF: Charmeleon
01B3D8CF: Wartortle
01B4D8CF: Charizard
01B9D8CF: Oddish
01BAD8CF: Gloom
01BBD8CF: Vileplume
01BCD8CF: Bellsprout
01BDD8CF: Weepinbell
01BED8CF: Victreebel

Added by: cletusdabomb85 Jun 1st 2009, ID#5050 and get
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41 comments, latest first.
'M Charizard code (01ffd8cf)!

Added 17th Nov 2015, ID #626131

Missingno has a lot of code, Can you believe that? A lot of Missingno Nidoran Male cry. Other Missingno has only 1 code. But Dragonair cry only has 2 code. Right?

Added 17th Nov 2015, ID #626126

Do u no a code for proffesor oaks red pokemon that doesnt have a name? Its just a glitch pokemon so go on youtube to see wat im talking about

Added 6th Oct 2015, ID #614347

I entered the code but I dont know what to do now. Are all the wild pokemon supposed to become the pokemon you want?

Added 1st Oct 2015, ID #613026

Lol noob's I got a theam of mew's it's easy to do the chosen

Added 7th Aug 2015, ID #594783

How do you get GameShark on the GameBoy?

Added 12th Jul 2015, ID #583335

Outta nowhere Charmander was disobedient & Didnt listen

Added 9th Jul 2015, ID #581924

All of a sudden meander was disobedient

Added 9th Jul 2015, ID #581923

If put in one of these cheats and put on high level also master balls.100 lv pokemon once caught and win a battle or wild in counter.=).

Added 23rd Jun 2015, ID #574392

Couldn't find mew on this list. =(.

Added 23rd Jun 2015, ID #574388

0115D8CF is mew ;)

Added 28th Jun 2015, ID #576797

Don't worry about the glitched sprites, guys. They fix themselves when you catch them.

Added 5th Jun 2015, ID #566047

how to user code

Added 18th Feb 2015, ID #517675

Im swag

Added 17th Feb 2015, ID #517086

i tryed to catch cubone but the game crashed :(

Added 19th Dec 2014, ID #486782

Was Very Helpful For VBAA

Added 14th Oct 2014, ID #458428

oh yes 011FD8CF - missigno

Added 21st Aug 2014, ID #438977

0100D8CF gives glitched pokemon

Added 21st Aug 2014, ID #438957

Encountered a missingno raichu o-o I'm scared to catch it

Added 3rd Aug 2014, ID #430413

:D Rhydoooon

Added 3rd Aug 2014, ID #430328

do these work with gameboy color

Added 20th Jul 2014, ID #422198

I thought missingno would be on this list

Added 8th Jul 2014, ID #414148

Works good

Added 6th Jul 2014, ID #413350

If any of these pokemon look weird like a pikachu a caterpie or anything like that once u catch it will be a normal of whatever you wanted it to be like a glichted pikachu will be a normal pikachu so its ok i tries it no glitched.

Added 6th Jul 2014, ID #413049

Lol, Mew the Epic Glitchy Box. I luv Mew...

Added 20th Jun 2014, ID #402947

HOw can disables the cheats?

Added 22nd May 2014, ID #386709

Lol lvl 3 Charizard,Ps:the charizard sprite is so awesome!

Added 15th Apr 2014, ID #375263

this is ok

Added 14th Feb 2014, ID #355028

added code for mew nd now all the wild pokemon r mew nd isnt going back to the way it was.
wht do i do?

Added 26th Jan 2014, ID #348591

Just turn off the code.

Added 14th Jun 2015, ID #570343

thanks bro

Added 6th Jan 2014, ID #340349

You always get glitchy sprites, because you just activated the cheat. At the second encounter, the sprites are normal. It is safe to catch them while their sprites are glitchy.

Added 23rd Dec 2013, ID #332884

Mew two lvl 3

Added 7th Dec 2013, ID #326232

I cant catch this lapras with my poke ball... any suggestion?

Added 14th May 2013, ID #282513

how do enter the code plzzzzzzzz tell to me

Added 7th Apr 2013, ID #271395

for squirtle I get some weird block and for bulbasaur I get a growlithe called BULBASAUR and for Pikachu I get some other weird block.

Added 9th Jun 2012, ID #150550

[b][u][i][/i] [/u] [/b] hi

Added 17th Apr 2012, ID #134456

Squirtle code gives me a glitched sprite... Afraid to catch it.

Added 1st Dec 2011, ID #91828

its codes you put in gamesharks duhh lol

Added 9th Oct 2011, ID #79386

how to enter this codes? answer me. please

Added 24th Sep 2011, ID #76159

What do u do with these codes?

Added 22nd Jun 2011, ID #51303


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