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IllusionTyrant5's Comprehensive Missingno Guide

by IllusionTyrant5

     Written by IllusionTyrant5
            Pokemon red version/Pokemon blue version
            /     Pokemon              /
           / Red/Blue Versions        /
          /Comprehensive MissingnoFAQ/

               Platforms: Nintendo Gameboy               
                   written 19/6/2005

Before Reading, make sure your browser can read this by checking if the
 below letters are lined up;


Also, please set wordpad to wordwrap option "wrap to window"

IllusionTyrant5's special promise:
In my guides you can be sure that no secret was left, and that all secrets are tested and are real. You also have my word that this guide is the best you can get and is 100% typo and mispell free.

What is Missingno?

Missingno is often called a virus. I call it a glitch. I have no idea why it is named missingno, because I did not name it. Missingno is not even its real name, it is just what the game calls them. A missingno appears when the game is unsure of what pokemon it should be. It has its own pokedex data, which is only viewable right when you catch it. It will not appear in the pokedex. This is because Nintendo knew that it would show up, and because they knew about it from the Game Boy color pokemon games.  There are many ways to get missingno, all of  which involve confusing the game.
Misssingos can ruin or delete your game but, if you are willing to risk your data, can provide some ammusing side effects if found. 
How to find a missingno

You are probably wondering how to find this glitch pokemon by now, so I will tell you where to see it. But first, you must understand the many forms of missingno. These are the forms:

Pokedex no. 000
Looks like: The static otherwise known as "snow" on TV.

Name: [[ ]], 'M ::
Pokedex no. 999
Looks like: Read discription of MISSINGNO.

Name: KANGAS::::
Pokedex no. 132
Looks like: A Kangaskaun. It evolves from [[ ]], 'M ::.

Pokedex no. 114
Looks like: A rhydon. It evolves from MISSINGNO.

Now for what you've been waiting for, how to find one of the missingnos!
Note: You must have SURF and FLY and the badges to use them.

Step 1. Get to Viridian City and make the coffee loving old man capture a weedle by talking to him.
Step 2. Fly to Cinnabar Island and surf up and down the east shore. One of the missingnos will eventualy appear. Pokemon over level 100 also appear in this spot.

Missingno's move set

Although there are many different missingnos available, they all have the same move set. They start with two WATER GUNs and SKY ATTACK but soon learn more attacks. Those are:

Name: PROF OAK: ASH! It's no. (appears as FIRE BLAST in the move selection)
Effect: Slows down the music and turns opponent's picture into that of Alakazam's.

Effect: Changes Missingno into a pokemon called JR.TRAINER and makes it use an attack called JR.TRAINER sent out.

Name: JR.TRAINER sent out(follows above attack)
Effect: Turns the opponent into a level 166 Caterpie and turns off the music.

Effect: Warps you out of battle and you arrive in Mt Moon.

Name: (rival's name): I know! I'l
Effect: Only works outside of battle. In battle, when used, Missingno becomes burned. Out of battle, it makes Missingno fly to a glitched forest with a sign at the entrance reading NICE PLACE. Lv 888 Pokemon with funny names and pictures appear here, including one called SHINY HA. When you exit this forest, you find yourself in front of BRUNO of the elite four!

Name: () pkmn
Effect: Throws a pokeball called "Faaaaa" at the enemy and it always misses.

Funny Missingno tricks

Now for the sad final part of this short, short guide. Here are some funny effects that missingno will activate, if you are willing to risk your data.

. Along with missingno, over level 100 pokemon may appear. These pokemon always return to level 100 after they are used in a battle but, if you use rare candies on them, they can grow all the way to level 299 , then if you use another candy at this point, they revert to level 0.

. Missingno learns every move. It has WATER GUN, WATER GUN and SKY ATTACK when you first catch it.

. Having missingno in your party gives a hilarious effect. The trainer and pokemon you encounter appeaer the wrong way around! Also, when you attack enemies, they explode into pieces!

. Catching missingno ruins your hall of fame record by adding pokemon you've never heard of before into the winning party. I found these ones in my hall of fame record:
HR5[[ . M it had growlithe's picture and was at level 705.
:  :  ; N it had Prof Oak's picture and was at level 56.
+_NIDOR:8 it had nidoqueen's picture and was at level Shoot it was so close!

. Missingno's most famous effect however, is this. When you encounter the monster, either catching it or defeating it, the item in the 6th item slot's quantity becomes (9, which is about 184. Try this with rare candy and master ball.

. This is NOT a trick, it's a precaution I forgot to put in before. Each time you leave Cinnabar Island, you must repeat the above finding missingno prosess to see missingno again.

. Trade a missingno onto Gold, Silver or Crystal versions of Pokemon and it turns into either a Celebi or a Smeargle. But this only happens rarely.

. You didn't know this, but by catching missingno, you can actualy access the 151st ultra rare pokemon, Mew! This is how to do it:

1. Catch missingno and put it in your fifth pokemon slot.
2. Go into the underground path near Celedon City. Travel out the other side. A man awaits now to battle you, just off your screen.(you better not have beaten him already, or goodbye mew) Hold START as you step into the man's view. Your menu comes up, so fly to Cerulean City, The man spots you just as you fly off.
3. When you arrive in Cerulean, your start button does not work! Get up to Cerulean Cape and battle that Slowpoke trainer I told you not to battle in my Red/Blue walkthrough.(you better not have beaten him already, or goodbye mew)
4. Once done, your START button starts to work again. Fly to Lavender Town and try to leave the town by it's west exit. Your menu now opens on it's own! As soon as you close it, a level 7 mew appears, yours for the catching! 
Note: This only works once. After fighting mew, if you find another way to repeat this, a missingno appears instead of mew and it's at level 7.

. When missingno is traded onto one of the Metal versions(gold, silver)
and it DOES NOT turn into Celebi or Smeargle but remains a missingno, it holds an item called "GiieFnH" which you can not remove. I promise you that one day I will find out how to remove it and tell you what it does.

My final note

This guide was only written because a friend asked me for a missingno guide and it was meant originaly for his use only. Hence, it is only available for a limited time on this site, only until 30/12/2005.

Have fun, I did writing this. I will write again soon, in my next project, but for now it's LATERS! Laters I tells ya!