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Pokémon Hub
Pokemon Blue Pack Shot

Pokemon Blue

Thank you for printing this page from Remember to come back to check for more great content for Pokemon Blue.

Here are some cheats that will help you alot! game shark code for Pokemon Blue

Here are some cheats that will help you alot!

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Battle Boosters--Pokemon/Item/Skill/Level Modifying Codes--Music--Trainer Fighting--Pre-modified Pokemon--Random Doodads
Max HP
These work in the game (normal and linked battles) only on the pokemon in the first position
Max Attack
These work in the game (normal and linked battles) only on the pokemon in the first position
Max Defense
These work in the game (normal and linked battles) only on the pokemon in the first position
Max Speed
These work in the game (normal and linked battles) only on the pokemon in the first position
Max Special
These work in the game (normal and linked battles) only on the pokemon in the first position
Infinite HP
Infinite PP
Never Miss
Protect Status
Enemy Can't Attack & Burned At Beginning of Match
Enemy HP 0
Steal other trainer's Pokemon
Get into a match with another trainer and fight until you're up against the Pokemon you want to steal. When you're at the "FIGHT/ITEM/PKMN/RUN" menu, flip the GS switch into the "On" position, then flip it back into the "Off" position. You may now use your Pokeball to capture the Pokemon! Also allows you to run from a match, use a poke doll in a match, whirlwind out of a match, or teleport out of a match, all resulting in victory. This code temporarily stops random battles.
No Random Battles
replace XX with numbers below for desired pokemon--used in following codes
01: Rhydon
02: Kangaskhan
03: Nidoran Male
04: Clefairy
05: Spearow
06: Voltorb
07: Nidoking
08: Slowbro
09: Ivysaur
0A: Exeggcutor
0B: Lickitung
0C: Exeggcute
0D: Grimer
0E: Gengar
0F: Nidoran Female
10: Nidoqueen
11: Cubone
12: Rhyhorn
13: Lapras
14: Arcanine
15: Mew
16: Gyarados
17: Shellder
18: Tentacool
19: Gastly
1A: Scyther
1B: Staryu
1C: Blastoise
1D: Pincer
1E: Tangela
21: Growlithe
22: Onix
23: Fearow
24: Pidgey
25: Slowpoke
26: Kadabra
27: Graveler
28: Chansey
29: Machoke
2A: Mr. Mime
2B: Hitmonlee
2C: Hitmonchan
2D: Arbok
2E: Parasect
2F: Psyduck
30: Drowzee
31: Golem
33: Magmar
35: Electabuzz
36: Magneton
37: Koffing
39: Mankey
3A: Seel
3B: Diglett
3C: Tauros
40: Farfetch'd
41: Venonat
42: Dragonite
46: Dodou
47: Poliwag
48: Jynx
49: Moltres
4A: Articuno
4B: Zapdos
4C: Ditto
4D: Meowth
4E: Krabby
52: Vulpix
53: Ninetales
54: Pikachu
55: Raichu
58: Dratini
59: Dragonair
5A: Kabuto
5B: Kabutops
5C: Horsea
5D: Seadra
60: Sandshrew
61: Sandslash
62: Omanyte
63: Omastar
64: Jigglypuff
65: Wigglytuff
66: Eevee
67: Flareon
68: Jolteon
69: Vaporeon
6A: Machop
6B: Zubat
6C: Ekans
6D: Paras
6E: Poliwhirl
6F: Poliwrath
70: Weedle
71: Kakuna
72: Beedrill
74: Dodrio
75: Primeape
76: Dugtrio
77: Venomoth
78: Dewdong
7B: Caterpie
7C: Metapod
7D: Butterfree
7E: Machamp
80: Golduck
81: Hypno
82: Golbat
83: Mewtwo
84: Snorlax
85: Magikarp
88: Muk
8A: Kingler
8B: Cloyster
8D: Electrode
8E: Clefable
8F: Weezing
For following Pokemon modification codes: replace XX with desired Pokemon's number
1st Pokemon
Have Pokemon In Selected Position
2nd Pokemon
Have Pokemon In Selected Position
3rd Pokemon
Have Pokemon In Selected Position
4th Pokemon
Have Pokemon In Selected Position
5th Pokemon
Have Pokemon In Selected Position
6th Pokemon
Have Pokemon In Selected Position
Fossilized Pokemon in Cinnibar Island
Change Pokemon Pic
Fight Selected Pokemon In Every Battle
Rival's starting Pokemon
For the following level codes, replace XX with 00-FF. 00=lowest FF=highest
Wild Pokemon Level Modifier
Enemy Level Modifier
Pokemon Level Modifier--linked battles
Replace XX with numbers below for desired item--used in following codes
00 - ??????
01 - Master Ball
02 - Ultra Ball
03 - Great Ball
04 - PokÚ Ball
05 - Town Map
06 - Bicycle
07 - Surf W/O PokÚmon
08 - Safari Ball
09 - PokÚ-Dex
0A - Moon Stone
0B - Antidote
0C - Burn Heal
0D - Ice Heal
0E - Awakening
0F - Parlyz Heal
10 - Full Restore
11 - Max Potion
12 - Hyper Potion
13 - Super Potion
14 - Potion
15 - Boulder Badge
16 - Cacade Badge
17 - Thunder Badge
18 - Rainbow Badge
19 - Soul Badge
1A - Marsh Badge
1B - Volcano Badge
1C - Earth Badge
1D - Escape Rope
1E - Repel
1F - Old Amber
20 - Fire Stone
21 - Thunder Stone
22 - Water Stone
23 - HP Up
24 - Protein
25 - Iron
26 - Carbos
27 - Calcium
28 - Rare Candy
29 - Dome Fossil
2A - Helix Fossil
2B - Secret Key
2C - ??????
2D - Bike Voucher
2E - X Accuracy
2F - Leaf Stone
30 - Card Key
31 - Nugget
32 - PP Up
33 - PokÚ Doll
34 - Full Heal
35 - Revive
36 - Max Revive
37 - Grand Special
38 - Super Repel
39 - Max Repel
3A - Dire Hit
3B - Coin
3C - Fresh Water
3D - Soda Pop
3E - Lemonade
3F - S.S. Ticket
40 - Gold Teeth
41 - X Attack
42 - X Defend
43 - X Speed
44 - X Special
45 - Coin Case
46 - Oak's Parcel
47 - Item Finder
48 - Silph Scope
49 - PokÚ Flute
4A - Lift Key
4B - Exp. All
4C - Old Rod
4D - Good Rod
4E - Super Rod
4F - PP Up
50 - Ether
51 - Max Ether
52 - Elixer
53 - Max Elixer
For the following item codes, replace XX with number of desired item
Total Item Number Modifier 01??1CD3 Item Modifier 1st Position 01??1DD3 Infinite Quantity 1st Position 01631ED3 Item Modifier 2nd Position 01??1FD3 Infinite Quantity 2nd Position 016320D3 Item Modifier 3rd Position 01??21D3 Infinite Quantity 3rd Position 016322D3 Item Modifier 4th Position 01??23D3 Infinite Quantity 4th Position 016324D3 Item Modifier 5th Position 01??25D3 Infinite Quantity 5th Position 016326D3 Item Modifier 6th Position 01??27D3 Infinite Quantity 6th Position 016328D3 Item Modifier 7th Position 01??29D3 Infinite Quantity 7th Position 01632AD3 Item Modifier 8th Position 01??2BD3 Infinite Quantity 8th Position 01632CD3 Item Modifier 9th Position 01??2DD3 Infinite Quantity 9th Position 01632ED3 Item Modifier 10th Position 01??2FD3 Infinite Quantity 10th Position 016330D3 Item Modifier 11th Position 01??31D3 Infinite Quantity 11th Position 016332D3 Item Modifier 12th Position 01??33D3 Infinite Quantity 12th Position 016334D3 Item Modifier 13th Position 01??35D3 Infinite Quantity 13th Position 016336D3 Item Modifier 14th Position 01??37D3 Infinite Quantity 14th Position 016338D3 Item Modifier 15th Position 01??39D3 Infinite Quantity 15th Position 01633AD3
Replace XX with numbers below for desired skill--used in following codes
01 Pound
02 Karate Chop
03 Double Slap
04 Comet Punch
05 Mega Punch
06 Payday
07 Fire Punch
08 Ice Punch
09 Thunder Punch
0A Scratch
0B Vice Grip
0C Guillotine
0D Razor Wind
0E Swords Dance
0F Cut
10 Gust
11 Wing Attack
12 Whirlwind
13 Fly
14 Bind
15 Slam
16 Vine Whip
17 Stomp
18 Double Kick
19 Mega Kick
1A Jump Kick
1B Rolling Kick
1C Sand Attack
1D Headbutt
1E Horn Attack
1F Fury Attack
20 Horn Drill
21 Tackle
22 Body Slam
23 Wrap
24 Take Down
25 Thrash
26 Double Edge
27 Tail Whip
28 Poison Sting
29 Twin Needle
2A Pin Missile
2B Leer
2C Bite
2D Growl
2E Roar
2F Sing
30 Supersonic
31 Sonic Boom
32 Disable
33 Acid
34 Ember
35 Flamethrower
36 Mist
37 Water Gun
38 Hydro Pump
39 Surf
3A Ice Beam
3B Blizzard
3C Psybeam
3D Bubblebeam
3E Aurora Beam
3F Hyper Beam
40 Peck
41 Drill Peck
42 Submission
43 Low Kick
44 Counter
45 Seismic Toss
46 Strength
47 Absorb
48 Mega Drain
49 Leech Seed
4A Growth
4B Razor Leaf
4C Solar Beam
4D Poisonpowder
4E Stun Spore
4F Sleep Powder
50 Petal Dance
51 String Shot
52 Dragon Rage
53 Fire Spin
54 Thundershock
55 Thunderbolt
56 Thunder Wave
57 Thunder
58 Rock Throw
59 Earthquake
5A Fissure
5B Dig
5C Toxic
5D Confusion
5E Psychic
5F Hypnosis
60 Meditate
61 Agility
62 Quick Attack
63 Rage
64 Teleport
65 Night Shade
66 Mimic
67 Screech
68 Double Team
69 Recover
6A Harden
6B Minimize
6C Smoke Screen
6D Confuse Ray
6E Withdraw
6F Defense Curl
70 Barrier
71 Light Screen
72 Haze
73 Reflect
74 Focus Energy
75 Hide
76 Metronome
77 Mirror Move
78 Selfdestruct
79 Egg Bomb
7A Lick
7B Smog
7C Sludge
7D Bone Club
7E Fire Blast
7F Waterfall
80 Clamp
81 Swift
82 Skull Bash
83 Spike Cannon
84 Constrict
85 Amnesia
86 Kinesis
87 Softboiled
88 Hi Jump Kick
89 Glare
8A Dream Eater
8B Poison Gas
8C Barrage
8D Leech Life
8E Lovely Kiss
8F Sky Attack
90 Transform
91 Bubble
92 Dizzy Punch
93 Spore
94 Flash
95 Psywave
96 Splash
97 Acid Armor
98 Crabhammer
99 Exposion
9A Fury Swipes
9B Bonemerang
9C Rest
9D Rock Slide
9E Hyper Fang
9F Sharpen
A0 Conversion
A1 Tri Attack
A2 Super Fang
A3 Slash
A4 Substitute
A5 Struggle
For the following skill modifying codes, replace XX with number of desired skill
Skill Modifier 1st Position
Skill Modifier 2nd Position
Skill Modifier 3rd Position 01XX1ED0
Skill Modifier 4th Position

Occasional Wrong Note
Slow Beat
Messed Up Music
Beats Music
Jazzy Music
Funny Beat Music
Distorted Music
Weird Beat
Really Weird Music
Funny Fast Beat Music
No Sound
Egyptian Music

Fight Any trainer
01E0D8CF Blackbelt
01E1D8CF Gary
01E2D8CF Prof oak
01E3D8CF Chief
01E4D8CF Scientist
01E5D8CF Giovanni
01E6D8CF Rocket
01E7D8CF Cooltrainer (boy)
01E8D8CF Cooltrainer (girl)
01E9D8CF Bruno
01EAD8CF Brock
01EBD8CF Misty
01ECD8CF Lt.Surge
01EDD8CF Erica
01EED8CF Koga
01EFD8CF Blane
01F0D8CF Sabrina
01F1D8CF Gentleman
01F2D8CF Gary
01F3D8CF Gary
01F4D8CF Lorelei
01F5D8CF Channeler
01F6D8CF Agatha
01F7D8CF Lance
01C9D8CF Youngster
01CAD8CF Bug catcher
01CBD8CF Lass
01CCD8CF Sailor
01CDD8CF Jr.Trainer (boy)
01CED8CF Jr.Trainer (girl)
01CFD8CF Pokemaniac
01D0D8CF Super Nerd
01D2D8CF Biker
01D3D8CF Burgler
01D4D8CF Engineer
01D5D8CF Juggler
01D6D8CF Fisherman
01D7D8CF Swimmer
01D8D8CF Cue ball
01D9D8CF Gambler
01DAD8CF Beauty
01DBD8CF Psychic
01DCD8CF Rocker
01DDD8CF Juggler
01DED8CF Tamer
01DFD8CF Birdkeeper
To be able to fight Gym leaders again: Brock
To be able to fight Gym leaders again: Misty
To be able to fight Gym leaders again: Lt. Surge
To be able to fight Gym leaders again: Erika
To be able to fight Gym leaders again: Sabrina
To be able to fight Gym leaders again: Koga
To be able to fight Gym leaders again: Blaine
To be able to fight Gym leaders again: Giovanni

Put in 01E664DI and press start, then turn the switch off and put a Raichu in the first spot. Then turn the switch on and Raichu should be Pikabud!
Put in :
and Pikachu will know:
ice beam
put Pikachu in 3rd spot
then put in:
now Pikachu knows:
put a Flareon in 4th
then put in:
put a Omastar in 6th
then put in:
Pikaflare: 00917cdf
Pikapod: 0fd876cf
Pikabird: 0d4567cf
Pikadrill: 0f642dcf
Pikablu: 01e764d1
Pikasaur: 01999dcf
Pikablu: put Raichu in 1st and type 01bd8cf
Rainer: put Blastoise in 1st and type 01c164d1
Psybird: put Golduck in first and type 01e164d1
Spooky: put Gengar in first and type 01f164d1
fight a green puppy named Bulbasaur: 0999d8cf
I am sure all of the above are red/blue only.
warning: Any Pikachu codes will turn your yellow version starter Pikachu into a normal Pikachu

Infinite Casino Coins
Have 0:00 On The In-Game Timer
Clear Hall of Fame
Get Missing Fossil
Gary in PokÚmon League
Have All Badges
Low Game Time
Slow Text Speed
Fast Text Speed
Slow Walking Speed
Fast Walking Speed
Pokemon-Image Modifier: Facing right Ash
Pokemon-Image Modifier: Facing forward Ash
Pokemon-Image Modifier: Facing forward running Ash
Pokemon-Image Modifier: Facing forward Ash
Pokemon-Image Modifier: Facing back Ash
Pokemon-Image Modifier: Facing back running Ash
Pokemon-Image Modifier: Facing left Ash
Pokemon-Image Modifier: Facing left running Ash
Pokemon-Image Modifier: Facing left Ash
Pokemon-Image Modifier: Facing left running Ash
Ash can Fly
Buy Masterballs for $0
Rarecandy in 1st position
Infinite Money
Bring SS. Anne Back
Gives you hm06
All 8 badges
Mist stone
If you put in 010007CF then ash will slide instead of walking!
Gameshark can erase your game, if it does, put in this code to get it back: b123d7cf
Wall Jumper
1) Put in 01a47ccf to be able to buy rival's at any store. (you need infinite money to buy rival's. The code for infinite money is 019947d3)
2) To use the code stand next to the fence or rock or whatever you want to jump but face away from it.
3) Then go to item and select rival's.
4) Get out of the item screen (now you and the Pokemon you have with you should be in a row at the top left of the screen).
5) Move towards the wall and then
6) go to pokemon on the start menu.
7) Then get out of it.
8) You should be standing on or on the other side of the thing you were trying to get past.
Caution: if on step 5 the screen messes up then it probably means you were trying to go somewhere that the game had no data on. If you were trying to get into the grass by Pallet, then your game has probably been messed up.
Turn Dodrio into Ash
Put a Dodrio at the top of the list and type in 01e064d1 then check the stats there will be Ash's picture where the Dodrio should be!
Floating Code
Jack and John items
Jack: 01b47ccf
John: 01b07ccf
Used out of battle these will heal pokemon 100%!
Surfing Pikachu
This makes the first pokemon in your roster know surf--just put Pikachu first and he will know surf!

I hope these cheats help, I cant say I have tested them all, but I have tested about 30 and all of them worked on the second try!

I am all of the following: PokÚmon Master, Beyblade Champion, Cheat Expert!

Added by: samaj91
Dec 11th 2003, ID#2242


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10 comments, latest first.
Oct 6th 2015 Guest
The person who posted this mixed up the Item Modifier codes. Here are the actual ones:

Infinite Quantity 1st Position 01631DD3

Item Modifier 1st Position 01XX1ED3

Infinite Quantity 2nd Position 01631FD3

Item Modifier 2nd Position 01XX20D3

Infinite Quantity 3rd Position 016321D3

Item Modifier 3rd Position 01XX22D3

Infinite Quantity 4th Position 016323D3

Item Modifier 4th Position 01XX24D3

Infinite Quantity 5th Position 016325D3

Item Modifier 5th Position 01XX26D3

Infinite Quantity 6th Position 016327D3

Item Modifier 6th Position 01XX28D3

Infinite Quantity 7th Position 016329D3

Item Modifier 7th Position 01XX2AD3

Infinite Quantity 8th Position 01632BD3

Item Modifier 8th Position 01XX2CD3

Infinite Quantity 9th Position 01632DD3

Item Modifier 9th Position 01XX2ED3

Infinite Quantity 10th Position 01632FD3

Item Modifier 10th Position 01XX30D3

Infinite Quantity 11th Position 016331D3

Item Modifier 11th Position 01XX32D3
ID #614527
Dec 31st 2014 Julianbernal
Was f├╝r ein code soll man eingeben f├╝r poke flute
ID #493648
Dec 31st 2014 Guest
Was f├╝r ein code soll man eingeben f├╝r poke flute
ID #493642
Oct 25th 2014 Guest
how do you make the techniques like psybeam permanent?
ID #462875
Mar 10th 2014 Guest
Put codes in before you start the game then turn off before you ssve
ID #362969
Jan 5th 2014 Guest
yeah where do i put these codes in?
ID #339870
Jul 10th 2011 Guest
The item codea did not work for me. It glitched my bag and I was not able to choose any item below the first two. I am using VisualBoyAdvance.
ID #56718
Jun 30th 2011 Guest
the code for the occasionally wrong music is EPIC WIN.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I think I'll go try some more ones. THUMBS UP FOR J00. XD
ID #53593
Apr 29th 2011 Guest
where do i write these codes at
ID #40564
Jan 22nd 2011 Guest
how do these codes work?
I'm trying to get the ultra ball
but it won't work. Can you tell me how this works?
ID #26463
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