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The Basics Controls Active Reload Weapons Enemies
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Gears of Wars - Weapons

The basic pistol that you start off with. You'll begin each multiplayer match with one. Not particularly effective, but good for a quick switch to finish off an enemy instead of reloading.

Essentially a magnum. The Boltok Pistol is more effective than the Snub Pistol that you are initially equipped with. Good for killing Wretches if you shoot from the hip. Not exactly prevalent in the single-player campaign, so hold on to it if you manage to get your hands on.

Standard COG weaponry. The Lancer deals a decent amount of damage at close to medium range. The Lancer also features a chainsaw bayonet. To use the chainsaw bayonet, hold down the B button to start the chainsaw. Get close enough to an enemy and if they don't notice you, they're in pieces.

The Hammerburst fires in short bursts, unlike the Lancer. Not a bad weapon, but given the choice between a Hammerburst and a Lancer, choose the latter.

The shotgun of Gears of War. This weapon is random, very random. You'll notice the randomness much more if you ever hop online and try the multiplayer. Against Locust, this gun is quite powerful at close range, but it will more than likely be dropped in favour of more effective weapons.

To be very effective, you must be pretty close to your target. Gears of War isn't really that type of shooter, but the Gnasher can be a savior in certain situations.

This is an awesome weapon - that's a fact. Once you get your hands on one, NEVER let it go. The Longshot can zoom in, hold the left trigger and press down on the Right Thumbstick. Headshots have never been as satisfying in any shooter as they are in Gears of War.

From afar, you can take a minimal amount of damage from your enemies, while you can still instantly end your targetís life. Some Drones have head armor, and in that case a non-perfect reload shot will only knock off the armor (in Hardcore). With a perfect reload, you can down any Drone with a single body shot.

An explosive weapon that is very easy to use because, while you are aiming it, there is a visible arc that shows the grenadeís trajectory. Instead of simply throwing this grenade, it is attached to a chain and swung and thrown.

Only available in the multiplayer mode. Thrown in the same way as a Frag Grenade, but releases a cloud of smoke upon detonation.

This is a weapon to behold. The Hammer of Dawn can only be used when satellites are available and you are in an area with an open sky. To use this weapon, hold down the Left Trigger to aim and the laser will show you where the beam will strike. You cannot move while the beam is charging or it will cancel. Once it is deployed, however, you are free to move the beam with the Right Thumbstick. This weapon is primarily used in the single player campaign for killing Seeders and Berserkers.

A great weapon to use against noth Drones and Boomers. To use the Torque Bow, hold the Right Trigger to charge the bolt. You can do this while behind cover, you do not need to be aiming. If you press and hold the Left Trigger, a laser guide is visible. You have to hold RT for a long enough time because if you donít, the bolt will simply bounce and not stick. You can't keep the bolt charged forever, either. If you hold down the RT button for too long, the Torque Bow will simply launch the bolt by itself.

All in all, this weapon is not too impressive. First of all, splash damage is practically non-existent. Nothing short of a straight-on shot will be effective. Boomers carry these around, and in my experience they donít work too well against them. Your best bet would be to leave this weapon on the ground. Torque Bow is a much better weapon.

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