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The Basics Controls Active Reload Weapons Enemies
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Gears of Wars - Enemies

These are the Locust that you will encounter most often. They are the standard bipedal enemy present in any shooter. There are different variations of the Drone, and they use a variety of weapons. The most common type of Drone are those that use Hammerbursts/Lancers. There are Gnasher users, easily discernable from the usual due to the fact that they do not wear chest armor. Don't get too close to these. A common variant of Drone are Grenadiers; they use Gnashers most often and occasionally throw Frag Grenades. Some will use Longshots, and there are also Troika Gunners who usually have some sort of head protection to protect against headshots.

The fodder enemy of Gears of War. They’ve essentially been put in the game just to annoy. They use melee attacks to deal damage, and because they move very fast they can be quite hard to hit. Luckily, they are very weak, and in Casual and Hardcore, one melee attack will kill them. The same cannot be said for the explosive variant, the Lambent Wretches; the more annoying of the two types of Wretch. When they die, their corpse explodes, dealing a great deal of damage. After killing a Lambent Wretch, roll backwards, away from the corpse, to avoid the explosion. Fun fact: One explosion from a Wretch will kill you in Insane. Look forward to that if you plan to play on the Insane difficulty level...

Seeders can only be killed by the Hammer of Dawn weapon. Fortunately, at any of the few times that you encounter a Seeder during the campaign, a Hammer of Dawn is always readily available, but it will take more than one hit to kill it. Seeders also deploy Nemacyst, which are flying, exploding enemies.

Slow moving, flying enemy released by Seeders. You can easily shoot Nemacyst out of the sky before they reach you. Really, nothing to worry about.

These guys are deadly. They use Boomshots, and if they manage to clip you, it's over. When you see one, take cover! They usually say "Boom" before they are about to shoot, so if you are aiming at them, duck back behind cover when you hear this.

There are multiple ways to deal with Boomers. One way, the most dangerous, is to attach a Frag Grenade to the Boomer. To do this, get close to the Boomer with a Frag Grenade in hand and press the B button to attach it to him, then quickly roll away to avoid the explosion. The Longshot works well against them, too. Just aim for the head and go for perfect reloads. A few headshots will do the job. The absolute easiest way to kill a Boomer is to use the Torque Bow. They're huge, so hard to miss. One bolt will end it.

The Kyrll come out at night in Sera. Stay in the light. If you step into the darkness at night, the Kryll will devour you.

An upgraded version of the Drone. They usually use Torque Bows so be very careful if there are any Theron Guards around. If you notice that one is aiming a Torque Bow in your direction, get behind a piece of cover and wait until the Theron Guard is forced to shoot the bolt, missing you. This is your chance to kill. One perfect reload Longshot bullet will kill take these guys out, headshot or body shot.

Scary. That about sums up the Berserker. They are a giant, pissed off female version of the Drone. They are blind, but they use scent and sound to track their target. As with Seeders, the Berserkers that you encounter must be killed with a Hammer of Dawn. When they sense that their target is near, they will charge in that direction. Roll out of the way or you will be pummeled.

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