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The Basics Controls Active Reload Weapons Enemies
Campaign Walkthrough Act 1: Ashes Act 2: Nightfall Act 3: Belly of the Beast Act 4: The Long Road Home Act 5: Desperation
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Gears of Wars - Controls

A quick overview of the DEFAULT control style...

R Trigger Shoot current weapon/throw grenade.
A button Hold to aim.
L Trigger Reload (Press again for Active Reload).
L Bumper See objectives and squad status/orders.
L Thumbstick Move character around.
R Thumbstick Look. Click to zoom.
A button Evade, Get into/Out of cover, Mantle (climb), Cover slip, Make swat turn, press and hold for Roadie Run.
B button Melee, hold for chainsaw.
X button Use/Interact.
Y button Look at point of interest (Look for the prompt at bottom of screen)
D-pad Up Switch to Frag/Smoke Grenade.
D-pad Down Switch to Snub/Boltok Pistol
D-pad Left Switch to left weapon.
D-pad Right Switch to right weapon.
Click LT + A Perform evasive roll.
Start Pause the game and bring up the pause menu.
Back View multiplayer scoreboard.

This guide is copyright 2007, no part of it may be reproduced without permission.