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Campaign Walkthrough Act 1: Ashes Act 2: Nightfall Act 3: Belly of the Beast Act 4: The Long Road Home Act 5: Desperation
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Gears of Wars - Act 2: Nightfall

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Tick Tick Boom
Grist Outpost
Lethal Dusk
Dark Labyrinth
Powder Keg
Burnt Rubber
Last Stand

Tick Tick Boom
Start down the road until you receive a transmission from Anya telling you that the Hammer of Dawn is offline. Continuing along the road you should come to a dead COG soldier to your right. Here you can swap your Hammer of Dawn for the dead soldier's shotgun. You will eventually come to a checkpoint and a fork in the road. For the purpose of following this walkthrough, take the LEFT path. You won't miss anything by taking one path over the other.

dead soldier
Dead Soldier
On the left path: Follow Baird until you reach another checkpoint. Now go through the doorway to your left. As you have probably already figured out, the difference between the two paths is that with left, you will be facing the two Boomers down below, with right you will be up above them. So, if you find things easier up above, take the right path instead.

Assuming that you are down below, things are going to get a little bit tricky here. Boomers are heavily armored enemies and can take a large amount of fire before they go down. Oh, and they're packing Boomshots. Of course there is a couple of ways to defeat them with relative ease. Since you just hit a checkpoint outside of this room, you don't have to be overly cautious here. One straight shot from a Boomshot and you are in pieces, so cover is essential.

You should have Frag Grenades with you. If not, there are some grenades in an alcove on the other side of the room across from the Boomer doorway. With Frag Grenades in hand, get behind the long stone cover just across from the Boomer doorway. Try to blind throw it since, with a Boomshot, the Boomers can get a shot off real quick. To blind throw: With the frag in hand (behind cover while not aiming) tilt the screen up and press pull the Right Trigger to lob the grenade over your shoulder. It may take some practice, but luckily you recently hit a checkpoint.

Once those two have been dealt with, feel free to pick up their Boomshots. Be sure to pick up both of them so you have 8 shots. Go through the Boomer hall, grab the box of ammo if needed, and turn left. Pick up the frags on the other side of the cage and finish off any enemies left in this room. Move through the next two rooms and you will eventually come to a locked doorway. Use the green button to the right of the door to open it. There is another box of ammo to your immediate right. Get behind some cover and kill off the Drones here.

You can also help your buddies by shooting the Drones they are facing on the other side of the fence. There is a sniper in the upper level of the building above, so take him out first. Don't get too close to the masked Drones as they have Lancers and will not be reluctant to saw you in half. Through the doorway to the right, there is a Troika Gunner, so be careful. Use the Boomshot when the gunner is turned the other way, or Frag Grenades, to take him out.

through the fence
Through The Fence
Inside the building, you will meet up with the other members of your squad. Behind the Troika gun emplacement there is a door. Try to kick it in, it is jammed, so Jack will open it for you. Go outside and follow this path until you reach a door in the next area.

COG Tag 13: Face the door and turn left to see a set of stairs leading downwards. There Head down these stairs, hop over the cover and destroy the couch on the left. The tag is underneath this couch.

crimson omen
Crimson Omen
cog tag 13
Cog Tag 13
Head back up the stairs and kick in the door. Through this door another battle will ensue, so immediately take cover. You are facing another Boomer but you should still have some Boomshot ammo left, so use it to take out the Boomer in the distance. Don't get too close and don't stay up out of cover for too long. It may take a few Boomshot hits to kill the Boomer. If you don't have any ammo for the Boomshot left, use Frag Grenades, but for that you will have to get a bit closer. Once the Boomer has been dealt with, you can get closer, just watch for the Gnasher users who will charge at you. Don't leave yourself too exposed because there are Drones in the building to the right as well. There are also two snipers that need to be dealt with in the windows to the right.

Once everything in the immediate vicinity has been killed, you can make your way to the open door to the right of the building where the snipers were. Head up the stairs and step onto the catwalk. You will encounter some Wretches up here, so switch to a weapon that you can use to beat them down. Go through the doorway at the end of the catwalk and you will find yourself back outside.

COG Tag 14: Take the stairs down, turn right and go behind the stairs to find the COG Tag.

crimson omen
Crimson Omen
cog tag 14
Cog Tag 14
Follow your squad to the next checkpoint. Yeah, another Boomer. If you still have Boomshot ammo, use it, if not just use Frag Grenades. Afterwards, take the Boomshot ammo and follow the road to another checkpoint.

Hop over the cover and get behind the car. You can use tap the X button to push the car along the road, allowing you to move up along the road while avoiding the Troika fire. When you reach the end of the tract, you will have to deal with the Troika Gunner to your right. Switch cover to the overturned van to the right. There are some Frag Grenades here if you need more. As with the two Boomers, try to blind throw the frag next to the Troika Gunner. Again, it may take a few tries, but luckily you recently hit a checkpoint. Just try and tilt the camera up so it looks like it would land near the gunner if thrown, then pull the Right Trigger to throw the frag.

If it lands too far, tilt the screen a bit lower; too close, a bit higher, etc. There's an Emergence Hole at the back so once the amount of enemies has dwindled a bit, if you can get yourself close enough to it to throw a grenade in, or if you can estimate a shot from a safe distance, go for it. A good spot is the car farthest down the road, but before the cement blocks. Look for the green smoke, then use the arc to guide the frag in.

When the battle is over, continue down the road and take the path in the back. You will eventually come to some stairs. At the top of the stairs look to your right. That's the Stranded settlement.

COG Tag 15: Before proceeding, from the top of the stairs, move straight ahead and look behind the newspaper stands along the sidewalk for the tag.

crimson omen
Crimson Omen
cog tag 15
Cog Tag 15
Inside the settlement, you are forced to a slow walk. Walk the road and listen to the various insults thrown in your direction. After a short cutscene, you will find yourself standing outside of the settlement. At the end of the road, kick in the door near the flaming oil drum. Move through the house until you are outside.

Lethal Dusk
Kick in the door and head outside. Take cover because there are Drones across the street. There are some frags in the area to the left of the stove if you need them. There’s a sniper in the house across the street, so try to aim a frag through the door or window to take him out. There are grenadiers about, too. They use Gnashers and occasionally throw Frag Grenades. When the area is clear, shoot the propane tank across the street next to the sniper house. Head inside and retrieve the Longshot. The Longshot is a very valuable weapon at this point, just be sure to keep the Lancer as well.

Follow Dom down to the tram and get on the anchor. Tap the A button to move the tram along the water. As you will soon learn, at night in Sera, the Kryll come out. You'll see what this entails soon enough, but for right now just concentrate on getting the tram across the water and to the other side. When you reach the end of the tract, this is when you'll receive a nice demonstration of what the Kryll do. The Kryll devour anything that steps into the darkness. Yup, that means that in order to move around, you can only travel through lighted areas. This will make things difficult, but we can always find ways around that.

Now step off the tram and onto the platform. Head up the stairs and proceed under the archway. If you wish, you can switch your Snub for the Boltok Pistol on the ground here. Just press down on the D-pad to switch to the Snub, and then use the X button to pick up the Boltok and drop the Snub. Go through the next archway and witness the tragic deaths of the men at Checkpoint One. To the right there is a tent with all of the ammo that you could ever hope for. It looks dark, but it is safe to go in and get the ammo. If you haven't already done so, PICK UP A LONGSHOT! There is plenty of ammo to fill it, so stock up with everything you need, then proceed into the house to the left of Checkpoint One.

Move through the house and you will find yourself back outside. An Emergence Hole promptly opens up down the street. Remember not to step into the darkness unless you want to be eaten alive. Now is a nice time to try out that Longshot. Take cover behind the car that is outside of the building you were just in. Headshots are instant kills on Drones, so always go for the head. Wait until they pop out from under cover to shoot at you. Now, aren't headshots satisfying? Once those Drones are dead, shoot at the propane tank to the right of the car. Move over to the next car and shoot the propane tank behind the sheet of metal.


Propane Tank
COG Tag 16: From the closed Emergence Hole, look to your left for a propane tank underneath the shelter. Shoot it and then roll into the light. The tag is here.

crimson omen
Crimson Omen
cog tag 16
Cog Tag 16
Shoot the propane tank northeast of the closed Emergence Hole. There is a Troika gun emplacement down the road that you will have to deal with. You can use your Longshot to kill the gunner with a headshot, just shoot right between the guard. It might take a couple of shots because the gunner has head armor to protect against headshots. If you want to get closer, shoot the propane tank next to the stove and move behind the stove for cover. Kill the Drones around the Troika and then you can either use the propane tanks along the side of the road to move up, or you can just run it. Go into a Roadie Run and roll across the darkness to make it to the other side. Shoot the propane tank in the doorway of the house on the left side of the road and head inside.

troika gunner
Troika Gunner
A Wretch will break through the door at the end of the first room, so be prepared. Up the stairs, kick in the door and you will be outside once again. Another Emergence Hole will open up. It is kind of difficult to aim a grenade from cover due to the ceiling, so you will just have to kill all of the Drones to close the hole. Thankfully, you have a Longshot with you. You will be bothered by some Wretches creeping up behind you, so you will have to periodically leave cover to beat them down with the Longshot. Just keep an eye on your left when you are reloading or not shooting. Try to get perfect reloads between shots, this way you can kill the Drones wearing head armor with a single shot to the head or with a single body shot.

To quickly close the Emergence Hole, turn left and enter the house there. Follow this path to its end and you will find yourself in small room with a window right next to the hole. There are Frag Grenades in this room, find them and pick them up. Throw one of the Frag Grenades into the hole to seal it up. Jump through the window and remove any Drones in the vicinity.

emergence hole
Emergence Hole
Afterwards, shoot the propane tank in the alley to the right of the closed hole and enter the building through the door to the left. Move through the building, and once you get back outside take cover behind the car. There you will encounter a Troika gun emplacement. If you still have some Longshot ammo you can headshot the gunner. If not, tap the X button to push the car along the street so you can avoid the Troika fire and get closer to the Drones.

When you reach the end of the line with the car, switch from the car to the stone cover to the right of it. You're going to want to blind throw this frag, too. Hopefully you still have some frags with you. Again, it may take a few tries to get the grenade to land near the gunner, but you just recently hit a checkpoint. It's just trial and error until you get it. If it lands too far, tilt the screen a bit lower, too close, a bit higher, etc. Just be careful when you pop out of cover because there’s a Drone on the upper level in a broken window to the right.

You can get some more ammo in the room where the Troika is. Follow the length of the hallway for more ammo and some Frag Grenades. You're going to have to make a run for it through the alleyway to the right. Roadie Run and roll through it until you are in another building. Kick in the door and head outside to face some more Drones. An Emergence Hole will open up on the other side of the park to your left, so if you can manage to get there before it opens up, quickly throw a grenade down to seal it. If you know exactly where it is going to open, make a run for it. Remember, you just hit a checkpoint, so why not make things easier for yourself?

Stand before the hole and pull the trigger to drop the grenade down without aiming. If a Drone or two manages to make it up, just run back through the park, back to Dom's position, and take cover. Don't worry about the Kryll as you are running through the park, just move fast. Once all of the Drones have been dealt with, from the first set of cover in the park, destroy the dresser and shoot the propane tank so you can move safely through the park.

On the other side, in front of the scrap car to the right there is a propane tank. Shoot it and move down the street until you reach the cement block. To the left of this block, there is another propane tank in front of the rubble. You will have to use the spotlight on the building to the right to guide Dom to a light switch so you can travel this street. Head inside the building and make your way to the top level where the spotlight is. Grab the ammo box while you're at it. All you have to do is keep the spotlight on Dom while he makes his way to the switch.

COG Tag 17: When the lights have been activated, move the spotlight over to the dark corner on the left side of your vision. There is a COG Tag there. Get off of the spotlight, exit this building (be careful of those pesky Wretches on your way back down) and grab the COG Tag.

crimson omen
Crimson Omen
cog tag 17
Cog Tag 17
Once the lights are on, join Dom and fight off the Drones in this area. Another Emergence Hole opens up once you hit the next checkpoint. Try to land a grenade inside to seal it up from the first cover. Roadie Run across the patch of darkness. There is a propane tank behind a piece of wood to light up the next patch.

Dark Labyrinth
After a short cutscene, you will find yourself in an interior area. This place is crawling with Wretches, so ready your beat-down weapon. Only move through the lighted rooms.

COG TAG 18: Once you are back outside, turn right and look down to find the COG Tag.

crimson omen
Crimson Omen
cog tag 18
Cog Tag 18
Straight ahead from the doorway, there is a car with a propane tank in the trunk. Shoot the propane tank and then immediately Roadie Run to the car and get in front of it. You'll be pushed down the slope, safe from the Kryll.

Powder Keg
You are now at Chap's Gas Station. There is some Longshot ammo and Frag Grenades inside the gas station, so stock up. To fuel the junker, exit the gas station and use the fuel pump to your right. Press the X button to take hold of the handle, then simply tap the A button to pump the fuel. Of course, your getaway isn't going to be that simple. You're going to have to face an onslaught of Locust before you can escape this area. Get back inside the gas station and start by destroying all of the windows, then head into the back room and once you activate the checkpoint the Drones will approach.

fuel pump
Fuel Pump
Again, perfect reloads are the key to success here. A single headshot will kill the Drones with head armor and a simple body shot will kill everything else in one hit. Kill, get perfect reload, shoot Drone body, repeat. The next wave is a Boomer and some Wretches. The Wretches will make a beeline for you, so be sure to beat them down before they can cause too much damage.

You can take the Boomer out with the Longshot, just make sure to go for headshots. It will take quite a few headshots to bring the Boomer down, however. If you're up to the challenge, before the Boomer gets too close to the station, you can stick a Frag Grenade on him for a quick kill. That, or as he approaches, throw a frag at his feet. To stick a grenade on him, run up to him with a frag in hand and press the B button when you are close enough. Once it is attached, get the hell out of there! Another wave of Drones will follow the Boomer so get back into the gas station and finish killing.

Burnt Rubber
As the old man explains, you can only use the engine or the UV light, they cannot both be in use at the same time. Due to this, you will have to use the X button to switch between the driver's seat and the UV light when the Kryll manifest. The old man will tell you when Kryll are approaching, so just switch to the UV light when he tells you. The path to the exit is very straight forward, so you will not get lost, you just have to follow it, stopping only to kill the Kryll along the way.

uv light
UV Light
Last Stand
Just before the wooden bridge, turn left and duck into the building that you see here. There is an ammo box inside, and you can use the windows as cover while using your Longshot, and you can easily throw grenades into the Emergence Hole that opens up. When the hole opens, aim your grenade into the hole and throw it in to seal it. Kill the remaining Drones and another Emergence Hole will open up in the distance. Use a frag to close this one as well. This time though, you will have to choose a different spot to throw the frag from, somewhere along the wooden platform. Once those Drones are dead, another Emergence Hole will open up to the left of the Troika. There are some frags and Longshot ammo at the end of the wooden walkway, if needed.

vantage point
Vantage Point
After that batch of Drones, a Boomer will appear. You can either use the Troika, the Longshot or throw a frag down to kill him. Now come even more Drones. Take cover and use your Longshot to bring them down. Once they are all dead, things take a turn for the worse. Behind you, an Emergence Hole opens up. Hmm, more Boomers, great. However, you can use the environment to help you out. When the Emergence Hole opens, it shakes loose an oil tank that rolls and stops just above the hole. Shoot the tank and it will begin to leak oil. Underneath the stream of oil are some propane tanks. Shoot the propane tanks, return to cover, and wait for the explosion.

Boomer Emergence Hole


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